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Tuesday, July 16th, 2024

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Simulation Terms

Terms used in the various simming divisions and sims of the Alliance Simulation Group. If you don't already know them, you should review the terms for the simming divisions below before attending the sim.

Star Trek - (Provided by Ex Astris Scientia)

Treknology Encyclopedia A-K
Treknology Encyclopedia L-Z

Babylon Five

Babcom:This is the way we communicate with others on and off the station. On the station, we use "links" that are placed on the back of Station personnel's hands (This includes many Rangers)
Blast Doors:Exterior panels used to shield Babylon5 from attack.
Data Crystals:The most common means of information storage used on Babylon 5.
Defense Grid:This is Babylon 5's built in defense system, comprising of Laser cannons, Guns, Interceptors, Pulse cannons, and two Plasma weapons. Plus several weapons that were donated by the Minbari and Vorlon Governments, to aid in the defense of Babylon Five. It's tracking system is almost completely made from Minabri Technology.
Jumpgate:Huge stationary constructions in space which create jump-points into hyperspace. When a ship enters a jumpgate, the gate registers it's ID code and the ship thus becomes liable to a fee. A jumpgate can be programmed to reject a ship's ID code. Which is why all gates during the Minbari-Earth war were programmed not to transport Minbari ships.
Phased Plaser Gun:A standard Earthforce weapon, PPGs are produced as both rifles and pistols. They are powered by a removeable energy cap and fire super heated gas known as plasma. A PPG can be used to stun or kill, and at full power, can burn a hole right through the body and most objects. Each PPG can be traced through a serial number stamped on it's inner coil. The Coil is made of Morbidium alloy which is harder than diamond, and cannot be removed. Only Earthforce special agents have unnumbered PPGs.
Spacing:Term used to describe execution by exposure to the vaccum of space. The Ombuds can sentence a criminal to spacing for mutany, treason, or murder on board the station or ships.