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Group Rules and Regulations

Alliance Simulation Group for America Online Members
Division Rules and Regulations
Created: January 3, 2000
Last Revised: February 1, 2000

Mission Statement: The goal of the Alliance Simulation Group for America Online Members is to provide both a safe and enjoyable environment to participate in simulations relating to science fiction and other areas of entertainment.


>Article 1: The Group Management and Staff

-Group Commander in Chief (CinC)
The CinC is the leader of the Group and has the final say on the majority of issues affecting the Group. This member works closely with the Deputy Commander in Chief and other Staff Members to make sure the group is running smoothly. It is also the CinC's job to deal with issues that involve other Branches of the ASG.

-Group Deputy Commander in Chief (DCinC)
This experienced person works hand in hand with the CinC in running the Group. Aside from assisting the CinC in day-to-day operations, the DCinC also serves as the Director of Personnel. These duties include but are not limited to keeping the member database, monitoring promotions, and processing membership applications. (Note: This position is filled by an officer that is selected by the CinC.)

-Advisory Council Chairman (ACC)
This key position is also held by a seasoned member of the Branch. The ACC serves as the mediator for the Branch's Staff, better known as the Advisory Council. This person makes sure that all staff discussions remain in good taste and advocates the staff's opinions to the Group CinC and DCinC.

-Advisory Council (AC)
The Advisory Council of the Branch is simply a staff of the Group Members who run sims in the AOL Branch. The input of these people is quite valuable because they are the ones out in the "trenches" dealing with members. The AC may be consulted on matters such as promotions, upcoming events, or other issues relating to the Group.


>Article 2: Advisory Council Privileges

-Staff Website
The AOL Branch has a comprehensive website for its Staff Members. The Members may use this site to gather information about members and current staff activities. Only Advisory Council members may access this website.

-Member Database
The member database is maintained by the Group's DCinC, but is available for all Staff Members to see. The purpose of this database is simply to keep track of all of the Group members.

-Fleet Wide Announcement System (FWA)
The FWA system is simply a giant mailing list Staff Members can be used to send out messages relating to the Group. These messages can include but are not limited to sim reminders, upcoming events, and recent decisions made by the Staff.

-Mailing Lists
Mailing lists are what the staff uses to communicate with one another. Only Advisory Council Members have access to these mailing lists. If a member wishes to contact the Staff they may use the form found at:


*All of the services listed in this article are currently maintained by Rear Admiral Seth Mattinen. Any questions of a technical nature should be directed towards him.

*If a staff member abuses and of the privileges listed in this section, it may result in his or her removal from the Advisory Council.


>Article 3: Managing Sims

The ASG on AOL is actually a Division of a large simulation group spanning across several internet services. However, there are smaller Divisions within the AOL Branch. Each smaller branch is also managed by a Commander in Chief and Deputy Commander in Chief.

-Branch Management
The reason each smaller division of the AOL Branch includes CinC and DCinC is to provide the members with the attention they deserve. Many problems can be handled internally, without bringing in the entire Advisory Council. The positions of Branch CinC and DCinC must be approved by the current Group CinC and DCinC.

-Division Staffs
When a Division of the AOL Branch includes five sims in good standing, the Division CinC has the option of creating a Division Staff. This staff consists of key members of the Division. The purpose of this staff is to work on complex storylines and ways to improve the Division.

-Creating A New Sim
In order to create a new sim in the AOL Branch, there first must be enough people to support it. If there is a strong enough interest, then a person interested in starting a sim may proceed in one of two ways. If a person would like to create a sim in a genre that already exists in the Division, they should contact the person in charge of that Division. For example, if a member has an idea for a new and exciting Star Trek sim, then they would contact the Star Trek Sims Division CinC. However, if a person comes up with an idea that has nothing to do with any of our current sims, they should contact the Miscellaneous Sims Division CinC. The Division CinC that the member contacts will then assess the idea with his or her DCinC and Division Staff if applicable. If the Division Management feels that the member's idea can be made into a sim, the CinC will make a recommendation to the Advisory Council. Once the Council Members have stated their opinions the Branch CinC and DCinC will notify the Division CinC with their decision. The Division CinC will then take the appropriate course of action -- either starting the sim or notifying the member that the idea will not be used at this time. If a member feels that the Division CinC is not properly assessing his or her idea, the member may contact the Group CinC and DCinC and they will look at the situation.


>Article 4: Discipline Violations

-Class 1 Violation
This is an incident in which a simmer causes minor disruptions of a sim. If a simmer commits acts such as: scrolling, using excessive violence, and continually getting off topic the Commanding Officer may ask that person to leave and notify the Advisory Council.

-Class 2 Violation
This is also a violation that also takes place within a sim, but is more extreme than a Class 1 Violation. When a simmer uses excessive profanity, insults the Group or Commanding Officer, and "flips out" Commanding Officer should ask the person to leave and notify the Advisory Council.

-Class 3 Violation
When a simmer takes action against the ASG on AOL as a whole, it is considered a Class 3 Violation. These violations may include sending out inappropriate e-mail to the Group and causing major disruptions at several sims. This is the most serious violation relating directly to activities in the AOL Branch will be dealt with by the Group CinC and DCinC.

-Class 4 Violation
If a simmer part of the AOL Branch extends his or her malicious acts to branches of the ASG found on other internet services it will be considered a Class 4 Violation. While these incidents are rare, they have occurred. These violations will be dealt with immediately by the CinC and DCinC and will most likely result in expulsion from the AOL Branch.


>Article 5: Dealing With Discipline Violations

The flagging system in this Branch of the ASG is simply a warning system. This is to let a member know that he or she is violating the rules of the ASG's AOL Branch. When a member is flagged they may not be promoted, obtain a command position, or serve on a Division Staff until the flag is lifted.

-Class 1 and 2 Violations
These are the smaller of the violations, but can still be considered major problems. As a Commanding Officer notices these problems they may act as they deem fit. However, it is important that they present the Advisory Council with a log of the incident as soon as possible. This will allow the AC to comment on any other incidents they have had with the problem simmer and determine if the simmer needs to be flagged.

-Class 3 and 4 Violations
These are the cardinal sins of simming. When a member commits a violation of this magnitude, they will be mostly likely be suspended or expelled from the Group. In these situations, the CinC and DCinC may consult the AC if needed, but they have full authority to discipline the troublesome member as they deem fit. Once a punishment has been assigned, it is the responsibility of the CinC and DCinC to notify the AC of their actions within 24 hours.


>Article 6: Relations With Other Sim Groups

-"Wars," "Battles," Etc.
The ASG on AOL does not believe in sim group wars. Our purpose is to sim and have fun, not waste time fighting. Attempting to overthrow our Command Staff is next to impossible since the majority of them have been in the Group for two or more years share a high sense of loyalty. If some "attack" is made on the Group then the Group CinC and DCinC will deal with it as they see fit. We have no interesting in fighting, only simming.

For the most part, mergers create confusion among all parties involved. Therefore, at this time the AOL Branch will not participate in any merging activities.

-Public Relations With Other Groups
The AOL Branch has a history of being coined an isolationist group. This is mostly because the way the Group operates is quite different from many simulation groups currently found on America Online. However, we are open to new ideas and more willing to participate in activities with other groups.
If an origination is would like to arrange an event or speak with Staff Members of the Group, they should use the contact form on our website at:


>Article 7: Ranks and Promotions

-Ranks Used
The following ranks are used for sims - each rank is listed with the amount of time it takes to be promoted to that rank.
*Cadet (Cdt) - This rank is the starting point for all new members.
*Ensign (Ens) - Cadets are eligible for this rank after 3 sims on the same ship.
*Lieutenant Junior Grade (Ltj) - 6 weeks as an Ensign.
*Lieutenant (Lt) - 12 weeks as a Lieutenant Junior Grade.
*Lieutenant Commander (LtC) - 17 weeks as a Lieutenant.
*Commander (Cdr) - 25 weeks as a Lieutenant Commander.
*Captain (Cpt) - This rank can only be issued by the CinC of ASG International to a member who currently runs a sim and contributes a great deal to the group.

The ranks above Captain include: Fleet Captain, Commodore, Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Admiral, and Fleet Admiral. However, only the CinC of ASG International is authorized to issue these ranks.

-Promotion List
Twice a month the DCinC will send the AC a list of members who have met the time requirements for promotion to the next rank. The AC will then review the list and individual Commanding Officers may select members who are active in their sim(s) and take the necessary steps to promote them.

-Promotions to Ensign Lieutenant Junior Grade
A commanding officer can make these promotions without asking permission from the AC. The only requirements are that the member has served the appropriate number of weeks, activity participates in the sim, and is not flagged.

-Promotions to Lieutenant and Lieutenant Commander
When Commanding Officers would like to promote a member to a rank higher than Lieutenant Junior Grade, they must first ask permission from the AC. The Commanding Officers should send a simple request to the AC stating the member's name and why he or she should be promoted. The AC may then comment on the member. Areas such as command ability, contributions to the group, and dedication will be considered. This process should not take more than one week.

-Promotions to Commander
Very few members are able to obtain this rank, so it may only be issued by the CinC and DCinC. In order to earn this rank the member must meet all time requirements, be of high moral character, show advanced command capabilities, and demonstrate exceptional interpersonal skills.


>Article 8: Extended Absence/Resignation

-Leave of Absence (LOA)
A member can take a leave of absence from simming in the AOL Branch for medical reasons, military duties, vacations, family issues, or other personal issues that will prevent the member from simming. When a member wishes to take a leave of absence, he or she should send a letter to the DCinC and all of their Commanding Officers stating the date the LOA will begin and the expected date of return.

-Submitting a Resignation
When a member of the ASG wishes to resign from the AOL Branch they may proceed in one of two ways. (These are the only two ways a member can officially leave the branch.)

-Immediate Removal
There is a removal form on our website found at a member may fill out this form and immediately be removed from the AOL Branch. This resignation is final.

-Extended Removal
When a member holding a command position or a higher rank, it is strongly recommended they use the extended removal method. This involves sending in a two-week notice to the CinC before officially leaving the ASG. In this two-week period, the member may complete any remaining work and assist the CinC and DCinC in choosing a suitable replacement. During the two weeks, the member can change their mind and withdraw their resignation by sending a notice to the CinC. Once the two-week period has ended, the member's resignation is final.

-Final Resignation
This means that the member is officially no longer part of the AOL Branch. If they rejoin at a later date, they will start over as a cadet.


>Article 9: Miscellaneous

All sims that take place in the AOL Branch must be of PG-13 nature. No excessive profanity or inappropriate behavior is permitted.

-Chain Mail (Spam)
No AOL Branch member is permitted to send excessive chain mail to fellow members if they do not wish to see it. We do not care about virus warnings, free psychic readings, cute bears, pink hearts, or small children without feet or goats that live in Guam. Do not send it.

-Open Door Policy
If a member of the AOL Branch ever has a problem, question, or complaint they can always talk to the CinC or DCinC. Part of their job is to make the AOL Branch a better place for everyone and member input is the key to improving the Branch.

-Having Fun
The number one goal of the AOL Branch is to have fun. All members should be able to have fun and enjoy themselves.