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Tuesday, July 16th, 2024

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Ranks and Promotions

The ranks and promotion requirements in the Alliance Simulation Group, listed by general ranks and special ranks/posts. Although a minimum time frame is given, promotion requirements are outlined below and are recommended by your commanding officer (The timeframe is for active duty). Cadet to Ensign is a different situation, and is noted below.

Some of our members have a transrank in the group. Their actual rank can be translated to a higher title rank depending on what position they hold in the group. All references to the ASG made in this document are directed at the America Online operations of the Alliance Simulation Group only!

ASG Promotion Requirements

New Cadets are promoted after attending their third consecutive sim on the same ship and have behaved appropriately in the opinion of the commanding officer. In order to earn a promotion after Cadet, you must attend AT LEAST 3 sims a month, you must perform well at the sims, you must be a positive influence on the rest of the crew, you must contribute to the club (By giving ideas for missions, recruiting a few new members, or proposing ideas that will make the ASG a better place for everybody), and maintain good conduct within ASG events.

General ranks used throughout the entire ASG and all divisions.

All new members of the ASG start out as a Cadet when they join (All divisions).
Cadets are promoted to Ensign after they have completed three (3) successful sims on the same ship, and have behaved appropriately in the opinion of the commanding officer of that sim. This promotion is granted by the commanding officer of the sim and does require approval.
Ensigns are eligible for a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade after a minimum of six (6) weeks of active duty in the ASG as an Ensign. Actions, skills and behavior are taken into consideration before being promoted to this rank.
Sim commanding officers can promote up to Lieutenant Junior Grade (Ltj) without permission from the Senior Staff.
Junior Officers (JO's) holding the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade are eligible for a promotion to full Lieutenant after serving a minimum of twelve (12) weeks in the ASG as a Lieutenant (Junior Grade). Conduct of the member, sim performance, participation, and creativity in the group are considered before being promoted.
The ASG Senior Staff must approve all promotions to Lieutenant and above.
Junior Officers (JO's) holding the rank of (Full) Lieutenant are eligible for a promotion to Lieutenant Commander after serving a minimum of seventeen (17) weeks in the ASG as a Lieutenant. This promotion is considered after reviewing the member's record, which stresses the promotion requirements higher and requires approval from the Senior Staff. Sim attendance, behavior, independence in the sims, and command ability (Taking charge in in your department without having to ask the captain) are stressed.
A twenty-five (25) week tour of duty while holding the rank of Lieutenant Commander is required to be elegible for a promotion to full Commander. The promotion requirements of all ranks are stressed even higher, and command experience (XO position, a department head, running a sim, etc.) is required in addition to being able to show command ability. Commanders are only part of the Senior Staff if they command a sim, and this promotion must be approved by the ASG CinC's and the ASG DCinC.
This rank can be transranked up as a title of respect from a lower rank, as deemed appropriate by the Senior Staff.
Very few members make it up this high, and higher, in the ranks.
In order to be eligible for the Captain rank, you must have a command position. This promotion is directly issued only by the ASG CinC's and the ASG DCinC, not the Senior Staff.
This rank can be transranked up as a title of respect from a lower rank, as deemed appropriate by the Senior Staff.

For some more information on ranks and screen names, see Lieutenant Commander Riddler's Homepage.

Special ranks and positions used in the Babylon Five Division.

AmbassidorsIn this role, the player is the voice of their government. Their Government is controlled by the War Council, and requests are made to the Council. If an ambassidor gets angry and says he/she is going to war, they should be careful because their government may not agree. (Then the ambassidor looks real stupid) Once the players get the permission to proceed, they make the events unfold as they wish.
These posts must be applied for through mail before the sim begins. (No Ambassidors have been given access to C&C and will be arrested upon arrival in C&C)
This role is very important, the player is very much like an Ambassidor for the Station. All Ambassidors have been ordered by their government to obey the Politcal Officer (within reason). They take care of Ambassidorial requests, and all communication going to C&C or to the Captain of the Station is handled through the Political Officer. All calls to the captain are routed to the Political Officer before they are even transfered to the captain of the station.
These posts must be applied for through mail before the sim begins.
TelepathsEvery Babylon Five sim is allowed 3 telepaths. No more can be added, as telepaths are rare. Just because a ship can have 3 telepaths, does not mean they need to have 3 telepaths. All telepaths are screened by the War Council, no individual captain may appoint telepaths to his or her ship without first talking to the War Council to which all captains are members of. Telepaths also have ratings. P 12 is the strongest, whereas P 1 is the weakest. Very few telepaths are known to have more than a P 12, and even then only full Minbari have been said to have that talent.
If you are assigned a telepath post on one ship, that is the only sim you are a telepath on. (Example: LtCRazrASG is a telapath on the Station sim, but not on the Far Star.)
RangersRangers are the army of light. They are a mixed group of Humans and Minbari, all of whom have sworn to defend the universe against the Shadows. There is one Ranger who leads the entire group of Rangers, this person is called Ranger One. Rangers take on many types of tasks. They work with Science, Pilots, Security, Engineering, and Command Staff. Each Ranger must be able to think in Minbari before thier training is complete. (No, you don't have to speak Minbari to play the role.) All Rangers are armed with the Minbari Pike, and those on the station and ships of Babylon5 are also armed with PPGs.
Techno-MageThose that study the mysteries of laser circuits, crystals and scanners and use them to achive the effect of magic.

Spells of the Technomages
Technomages use technology in new and different ways. Combine ingenuity with the technological knowledge of the various races and the result is startling. Little is known about what technologies are used and how they are controlled. Be reminded, though, that not all of their powers require technological aid. Knowledge and intelligence give them a great edge. Listed below are some "spells" that have been recorded as being used:

Destroy Technology- A technomage can short out technological items in his/her vicinity. The limits of this spell are unknown.

Matter Reconstitution- A Technomage can produce an item (even organic structures) from apparently nothing. Perhaps it is merely slight of hand.

Project Holo- This can take many forms: From projecting a small image from the palm of the hand to a mirror image of the mage across a room. These images are accompanied by sound projected from their location.

Sense Technology- The technomage can detect devices in his/her vicinity.

Summon Holodemon- Holodemon is a general term for a series of holographic and AI programs at the beck and call of a Technomage. Some are meant to frighten, like Guardian Demons. Some gremlin programs wreak havoc with their mischief. Some consider the Demon AI programs to be the worst. The Holodemon AI program invades a victim's computer system and learns all it can about the victim. Then it proceeds to do everything it can to harass the victim (feeding on files, manipulating the victim's finances, playing the victim's most hated music). This program has caused many victims to come crawling to the technomage who cast it, begging forgiveness.

This post is a hard one to obtain, it takes a special sort of character to pull of a role such as this, without going overboard. This post is available only on the Station sim!

Rank abbreviations

Rank3 letter2 letter
Lt. Junior GradeLtJNameASGLjNameASG
Lt. CommanderLtCNameASGLcNameASG