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Tuesday, July 16th, 2024

Alliance Simulation Group Information

Welcome to the information section! Most of what you'll find here is basically just that: information on our sim group. The email change form, screen name change form, removal form, and other member-related items have been moved to the Membership section.

Rules and Guidelines

Group Rules and Regulations
-The official rules and regulations for the Alliance Simulation Group for America Online members. They are updated and/or clarified when needed.

Ranks and Promotions
-A listing of the ranks used in the ASG, plus all the promotion guidelines and regulations for each one from Cadet to Captain. Inculdes the special ranks used in some divisions.

General Information

ASG Information Packet for AOL members
-The ASG Info Packet contains all the basic information about the Alliance Simulation Group for AOL members that our members and prospective members will need. It's also an excellent reference for existing members.

AOL Mail Controls and ASG Mail
-Are your AOL mail controls blocking ASG mail? There's important information here on which internet domains allow email from so you'll get all the ASG mail!

Simulation Terms
-A list of terms used in the Alliance Simulation Group and the simulations.

Fun Extras and Links

Sound Packages
-Sounds the ASG uses in the various sims avaliable to AOL members, avaliable for download in Mac or PC format. Information on the sounds and links to the archives.