USS Fireball(Under the command Stylings of DK...)

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USS Fireball(Under the command Stylings of DK...)

Post by Dkinght » Sun Nov 03, 2002 9:04 pm

"And they said, 'May god have mercy on the crew of that ship!'" Didn't get the whole thing...but most of's enough to figure out what in God's name is going on..

DeltaOmegaStar: . o O ( can't we deploy the armor? )
Dkinght: Transfer power from the secondary systems to shields...I want 100%
Dkinght: Zero, time to battle zone?
Zero1192: uhh, less than a minute
asgsolr1: Any idea of how many ships are out there?
Dkinght: ::Looks over to the Romulan Commander:: WE'll work out who owes who later
ASG Ang M:::Checks shield status after the power transfer:: we are now at
Dkinght: Good. How many ships are out there Ang?
Dkinght: *hostile
ASG Ang M: 2, one Romulan and one Klingon
DeltaOmegaStar: *Looks out the window... . o O ( Poor Geroge... he might get
hurt... )
Dkinght: ::Looks to Solr...this is getting don't get to
see romulans and Klingons working together
Zero1192: 2 against 1? do you think the shields will hold?
OnlineHost: asgsolr1 has left the room.
Dkinght: ACTION: The Klingon Ship breaks off and engages Fireball
ASG Ang M: ::holds onto console as Fireball shakes:: That was the Klingon
Dkinght: Of course they will...this is a Soverign class ship after all...
Dkinght: ::Rocks in his seat::Damage report!
DeltaOmegaStar: *Watches as the Klingon ship arroaches... "Perrrrty*
Dkinght: Zero, evasive manuvers!
ASG Ang M: Shields are holding, just minor damage
Zero1192: ::tries to move the ship in random directions::
OnlineHost: AnimeLuv1983 has entered the room.
Dkinght: Return fire...
ASG Ang M: With pleasure ::fires phasers at the Klingon ships shield
DeltaOmegaStar: *Rumages through closet in Security office... and finds
Smartones Battered up Risk game, and starts to repair it *
Dkinght: ACTION: Minor damage to the shields
ASG Ang M: {S taps} Delta please make sure their are guards in all important
OnlineHost: asgsolr1 has entered the room.
DeltaOmegaStar: *Looks up... "Voices... " Then goes off to do what
it says because it sounded important... *
Dkinght: <Serenity = Medical>
AnimeLuv1983: :: in sickbay ::
Dkinght: ACTION: The klingons begin punching a hole into the stardrive
AnimeLuv1983: << anyone else medical? >>
ASG Ang M: sir, we have a problem
Dkinght: <<Not at the moment>>
Dkinght: I'd say that's an understatement Ang...
ASG Ang M: The Klingons are punching a hole in our stardrive shields
Dkinght: +Taps+Security to the Stardrive section!
Dkinght: Try and reinforce them Ang
DeltaOmegaStar: *Notices the klingons puching a hole in the stardrive
shields.... then sites to site transports there... *
AnimeLuv1983: :: prepares supplies and work on some of the injured
AnimeLuv1983: ::
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ASG Ang M: ::continues phaser fire on the Klingon ship::
Dkinght: <<Delta...that's a no no. Use normal means to get to the
Dkinght: Ang...take out their transporters! We don't want them getting over
DeltaOmegaStar: *Noties the dent in the Wall... and takes a mathmatical
approach... when ever the Klingon punches the wall... at the same time, I am
puching the exact same spot, Hurting the klingon hands... *
Zero1192: <>
OnlineHost: asgsolr1 has entered the room.
ASG Ang M: I will try
ASG Ang M: ::Changes phaser fire to power generators::
AnimeLuv1983: *Tap* I need more nurses down here
Zero1192: ::continues taking evasive manuvers while trying to allow the
weapons to hit the enemy ship::
Dkinght: ACTION: A Boarding Party transports into the stardrive section
ofthe ship
ASG Lake: ::standing by in full combat gear::
OnlineHost: Hunter2299 has entered the room.
ASG Ang M: We have visitors
Dkinght: <<Hunter = Security>>
Dkinght: +Taps+Intruder Alert, Stardrive!
Hunter2299: <>
DeltaOmegaStar: *Sites to Site Transports in the Stardrice Section,
Observing the Klingons, not allowing them to see me*
Zero1192: <<badly>>
asgsolr1: RS> goes after teh Klingon ship transporting boarding parties
Dkinght: <<'re gonna be some klingons...
Zero1192: <<lol>>
asgsolr1: ::double checks phaser settings::
ASG Lake: :::Running with his team to the star drive::::
ASG Ang M: Sir, the Romulans have decided to join the Klingons
Dkinght: I want everyone armed
AnimeLuv1983: :: continues to work as fast and neatly as she can because she
can not stand messes ::
DeltaOmegaStar: *After observing them, Takes a Strageticlly located postion,
and opens fire on the klingons punching the wall*
Zero1192: this is a rare sight
asgsolr1: RC> ::looks over his weapon as well::
Dkinght: Send out a general distress signal Ang
DeltaOmegaStar: . o O ( I have 3 Bobs! )
ASG Ang M: Sir, I recommend forcefields around the bridge
asgsolr1: RS> :::targets Klingon ships engines::
Hunter2299: <<I'm actually in a very unsimming mood and ill>>
ASG Ang M: Aye sir
ASG Ang M: ::sends out general distress signal::
ASG Lake: :::Enters the infiltrated area, and hears phaser fire...the
firefight is moving to him faster than he's moving toward it::
ASG Ang M: ::checks setting on phaser::
Dkinght: I'll do you one better ang....Computer, Lock down the bridge.
Authorization Karnov 115 echo
Dkinght: [Bridge Secure]
AnimeLuv1983: :: more and more injured are being sent to her and she does
not know have room for all them ::
DeltaOmegaStar: . o O ( They locked me out! :'()
ASG Lake: ::drops to knee and waits....fires on the first Klingon and the
fight is on::
Dkinght: <<Ok...sim if you'd like Hunter>>
asgsolr1: Captain maybe we should lock down sickbay as well?
OnlineHost: Hunter2299 has left the room.
asgsolr1: injured patients can make for hostages
Dkinght: ACTION: Romulans join in on the fight with Lake
Dkinght: Do it Solr.
ASG Ang M: Not for the Kligons
ASG Lake: (Taps) Re-enforcements to the star drive access!!
asgsolr1: ::turns back to console and seals sickbay::
AnimeLuv1983: * COM * - Bridge- What is going on?
Dkinght: ACTION: Extra security teams begin to make their way to the
ASG Lake: Your'e kidding me...::takes out a Romulan moving to his left::
Theyr'e flanking us. Hit the Romulans to our left! ::talking to his team::
AnimeLuv1983: *COM* -Bridge- Why were we just locked?
asgsolr1: RS> goes after nearest Klingon ship, firing disruptors and
Dkinght: +Serenity+We've been boarded
DeltaOmegaStar: * Contiunes to Fire upon the Kllingons, untill they are all
in there spitural Place, then goes and helps Solr*
Dkinght: Ang...bring the KWW online
AnimeLuv1983: :: thinks :: oh great now how am i going to get more supplies?
asgsolr1: RC> Captain, anything I can do?
ASG Ang M: ::checks status of KWW:: Sir, it's ready to go
ASG Lake: :::Slides a sonic grenade across the floor into the mess, and his
suit takes a hit::
Dkinght: Solr...send amessage to the klingon and romulan commander...if they
don't stand down we'll blow them out of space
asgsolr1: Aye sir ::sends out message:: Sending now
Dkinght: ::Looks to the RC::HOw's your ship?
AnimeLuv1983: *COM* -Bridge- I need more supplies.
DeltaOmegaStar: *Walks behind the Klingon Commander of the Boarding Party...
Grabs him, and tells the others to stand down, or he dies, then the rest of
asgsolr1: RC> It's holding its own against teh Klingons now
ASG Lake: ::The sonic grenade drives the Klingon's insane...but not the
Romulans..who continue to move from one safe cover to the next getting
Dkinght: <<::Delta's Action has been removed from the log...there will beno
god moding in this sim::>>
ASG Lake: :::Orders his team to attack the Klingon's....they rush, losing a
few men to the bewildered but still somewhat capable Klingon boarding party::
Dkinght: ::Looks to the RC::Have it draw the Klingons away
AnimeLuv1983: :: things start getting really hectic in the sickbay ::
asgsolr1: RC> Captain I just remembered I came on board with a small away
asgsolr1: RC> Have you seen them?
AnimeLuv1983: << what is RC >>
Dkinght: Ang, target the Romulan ship...prepare to fire with everything we
Zero1192: <<Romulan Commander...right?>>
Dkinght: <<Romulan Commander>>
Dkinght: No..I haven't...
ASG Ang M: Aye sir, including the KWW
asgsolr1: RC> Well if we know where htye are they can help your security
ASG Ang M: ::targets the hostile Romulan ship::
Dkinght: Send them to the stardrive...Lake can use all the help he can
asgsolr1: RC> ::sends message to his away team and instructs them to help
the crew::
Zero1192: ::turns around:: do you have any communication systems that will
aloow you to contact them?
asgsolr1: RC> already done
Zero1192: never mind
Dkinght: Solr...send them the last warning
Dkinght: Good.
ASG Lake: (Taps) Bridge. We have the star drive secure now, but we are
pinned down!
Dkinght: +Lake+ Help is on the way
asgsolr1: Aye sir ::taps buttons:: Sending
DeltaOmegaStar: *Sites to sites transports... Returns to Cargo bay... and
Repairs damaged exoskelton... *
ASG Lake: ::Stands and drops a hostile...but takes a hit. His suit disrupts
the energy flow...but he is knocked out::
Dkinght: ACTION: The romulans fire on the bridge of Fireball...shields are
OnlineHost: asgsolr1 has left the room.
ASG Ang M: ::holds onto console::
Dkinght: ::Rocks in his seat::
ASG Ang M: ::checks shield status:: Forward shields are holding
Dkinght: I do believe that was their still have target?
ASG Ang M: Yes sir
ASG Ang M: Do you want me to fire the KWW, sir
Dkinght: Do what you do best to remove it from my space
OnlineHost: asgsolr1 has entered the room.
DeltaOmegaStar: *Goes to Where Lake was knocked out, and removes him from
battle, and engaging any hostilaties that he encounters*
ASG Ang M: ::fires a spread of torpedos::
Dkinght: ACTION: Romulans beam just outside of sickbay and begin to attempt
asgsolr1: RA> ::starts to defend sickbay::
ASG Ang M: ::Continues a remodulating phaser blast::
Dkinght: Fire the KWW when you're ready Ang
DeltaOmegaStar: . o O ( oh wow... I am gonna enocounter romulans...
ASG Ang M: Aye sir
AnimeLuv1983: ::: hears it and moving the patients out of sight and dection
ASG Ang M: ::press the fire button on the KWW::
asgsolr1: RS> ::turns starboard and sets sights on a Romulan vessel::
Zero1192: <<RA? RS?>>
asgsolr1: <<Romulan Ship, and Away team>>
Zero1192: <<o>>
Dkinght: ACTION: The Romulan Ship is hit in the engine core and blown away
by the KWW....the shockwave rocks the ship
DeltaOmegaStar: *Weee!*
AnimeLuv1983: :: gets them all away and starts packing some things ::
Zero1192: ::almost gets knocked down::
ASG Lake: :::starts coughing and cursing hysterically::
ASG Lake: Am I dead!!?
Dkinght: ::Tumbles out of his seat
Dkinght: ::
Dkinght: Ang! Report?!
ASG Ang M: ::holds onto console, trying to keep standing::
DeltaOmegaStar: *Shakes Lake &quot;Shut up... were going to sickbay&quot;...
lets go... Sir...&quot;
asgsolr1: RA> Manages to fend off the Romulan Advance
ASG Ang M: The hostile Romulan ship has been destroyed, but...
Zero1192: but...?
Dkinght: ACTION: The Romulans at Sickbay start to get through...little by
ASG Ang M: the KWW depleted our power reserves some
Dkinght: I hate buts...
ASG Lake: I'm alive....good.
Dkinght: How much?
ASG Lake: Where are the hostiles?
ASG Lake: awwww man..
DeltaOmegaStar: * Turns to Lake... &quot;Sickbay&quot; Then goes off in a
faster pace...*
ASG Ang M: I can keep shields and life support up
Dkinght: ACTION: Lake is surrounded by Klingons
DeltaOmegaStar: . o O ( bye lake*
ASG Ang M: We are down 60%
asgsolr1: RA> ::keeps firing at the Romulan advance in front of sickbay::
DeltaOmegaStar: *Turns around, to wait for Lake... Noticing he hasn't come
yet... goes and looks for him*
Dkinght: ^0?!
Dkinght: *60?!
AnimeLuv1983: OH DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ASG Ang M: Power reserves
Zero1192: are we down 60 or down to 60?
ASG Ang M: down 60%
ASG Lake: ::hands in the air:: Better shoot me...ugly beasts...
asgsolr1: RS> comes to a defensive stance around Fireball
Dkinght: ACTION: The USS Trenton comes into sensor range, 10 Mins away
ASG Ang M: at 40%, but I thought the other way sounded better
Zero1192: ...
Zero1192: well, they're both the same to me
Dkinght: Neither sounds good to me...
Dkinght: Transfer as much of the power from secondary systems as you can
asgsolr1: Sir, the USS Trenton is 10 min out
DeltaOmegaStar: . o O ( you can turn off my regernatoin chamber.. that will
free up some power*
Zero1192: we have to survive for 10 more minutes??
asgsolr1: Yes Zero
Dkinght: Good! Inform Captain Preston we need security teams and medical
teams standing by
asgsolr1: and it's nice to see you have such an optimistic opinion
asgsolr1: Aye sir
AnimeLuv1983: << UGH! >>
ASG Lake: :::Grabs the rifle of the nearest klingon, taking it away..and
kicking out his knee. Spins..fires one shot...and is knocked down from
asgsolr1: ::sends message to Trenton::
Zero1192: umm, what does optimistic mean?
Dkinght: ACTION: Trenton Replies. Assistance will be standing by
ASG Ang M: Do we really need life support?
Zero1192: I need vocab support
Dkinght: ::Looks to Ang:: You do like to breath right?
asgsolr1: They'll be standing by with help Captain
DeltaOmegaStar: *site to site transports on the bridge... &quot;is Lake
here? &quot; Looks around... nope...&quot; Transports away*
Dkinght: Good...
ASG Ang M: Just checking
ASG Lake: that it? Can't shoot a human up close? ::stands up, throwing his head into the chin of the klingon but is hit in the head byanother..::
ASG Ang M: ::continues shutting down nonessentials::
Dkinght: ACTION: One of the klingons knocks Lake out
ASG Lake: sonofa...::drops to knees...falls forward:: *thud*
DeltaOmegaStar: *Beams to see lake knocked out... chuckles, then taking a
defensive stance, opens fire on the klingons*
asgsolr1: RA> ::moves from sickbay to Lake's position::
AnimeLuv1983: :: runs out the back when all the patients are safe goes out
the back way ::
Dkinght: ~~~Pause Sim~~~
Dkinght: ~~No Chat Mode~~

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