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Colonel Iron

04th & 05th MS Teams

Post by Colonel Iron » Sat Aug 31, 2002 7:35 pm

ASG Iron: The following symbols are to be used as stated:
ASG Iron: :: :: is for movement
ASG Iron: (( )) is for telepathy
ASG Iron: << >> is for out of sim conversation
ASG Iron: ACTION is to be used only by the CO and Resident Evil Doer
ASG Iron: 04th & 05th MS Teams
ASG Iron: _____Roster_____
ASG Iron: Commanding Officer: Scott Iron
ASG Iron: Rank: Colonel
ASG Iron: 04th MS Team CO: Marcus Hunter
ASG Iron: Rank: Captain
ASG Iron: 05th MS Team CO: Damien Knight
ASG Iron: Rank: Major
ASG Iron: ---------------------------------------------------
ASG Iron: 04th MS Team
ASG Iron: Major Jaffo Jaffonovich
ASG Iron: CWO Etok
ASG Iron: Captain War
ASG Iron: ---------------------------------------------------
ASG Iron: 05th MS Team
ASG Iron: Major Lake Ash
ASG Iron: Lieutenant (Second) Zero Wan
ASG Iron: Lieutenant (First) Locutus Kazharii
ASG Iron: If I have missed anyone please say "Aye"
Hunter2299: Owe my Eye!
Dkinght: *Ow
ASG Iron: Hehehe
ASG Iron: Welcome to Torrington, Australia. Until the end of the war,
ASG Iron: this will be your new home. The other soldiers on the base
ASG Iron: are now your family and you should treat them as such.
ASG Iron: Since Australia is controled mostly by Zeon forces, we will be
ASG Iron: hard pressed with attacks and sometimes might be short on
ASG Iron: supplies. Torrington is only seven miles from the frontlines of
ASG Iron: battle, so don't go off in the middle of the night by yourself.
ASG Iron: You never know if you'll bump into a platoon of Zaku's.
ASG Iron: After arriving, all personel will report to the briefing room for
ASG Iron: introductions. You will then be given time to get to know each-
ASG Iron: other and settle into your quarters. Enjoy yourselves as you
ASG Iron: may not get the time for a long while.
Hunter2299: @
Dkinght: @
Exar Kun666: @
LtWarASG: @
Hunter2299: ::Prods Zero::
ASG Iron: Questions, Comments, Krispy Kremes?
Dkinght: ::Tazers Zero::
Zero1192: (I'm slow at reading!)
Dkinght: I'll have a Krispy Kreme...they are the best
ASG Iron: ::thwaps Dk:: No you will not have a Krispy Kreme. If there are no other questions...
Exar Kun666: <<Iron do we get a coffee machine>>
ASG Iron: <<Of course. I'm not cruel.>>
ASG Iron: ___BEGIN SIM___
Dkinght: <<just unusual...>>
LtWarASG: <<Being a captain, can I tell the luetenants what to do? or doI have my ranks mest up... >>
Dkinght: ::Steps off the transport and takes a deep breath:: Nice to be back on earth
LtWarASG: <<wait, i have it right, but nevermind >>
ASG Iron: <<You can tell them what to do, but don't get cocky or anything>>
Hunter2299: ::Continues drinking his tea:: Krispy Creme the only place where I've ever heard a staff person ask if it was possible to put water in a cup while looking confused
Zero1192: ::Yawns::
OnlineHost: Hunter2299 has left the room.
Dkinght: <<But I get to tell you what to do Hunter....>>
OnlineHost: Hunter2299 has entered the room.
ASG Iron: Mechanic> ::waves to a few others to unload Dk's MS::
Dkinght: ::Walks over the tarmac, returning salutes as he walks towards the Hanger Bay::
ASG Iron: ::looks out of his office window and sips his coffee::
Exar Kun666: ::heads over to the hanger::
Dkinght: ::Walks over to the Tech Chief:: Are you in charge of MS Repair and Maintanance?
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LtWarASG: <<By the way, my charicters 1st name would be Devin>>
ASG Iron: <<Righto>>
OnlineHost: Hunter2299 has entered the room.
ASG Iron: TC> Yes sir.
Hunter2299: ::Sits in his chair at the head of the briefing room drinking his tea::
Dkinght: Good...make sure my suit is ready for ground combat. I'll be taking my team out for a training run when they arrive
Zero1192: ::Thinks Hunter must be getting tired entering the room and then leaving again and drinking tea in between
Zero1192: ::*
ASG Iron: ::puts down his coffee and buttons up his shirt::
ASG Iron: TC> Yes sir. It'll be ready.
Exar Kun666: ::goes and takes a look to see the MS::
LtWarASG: ::Watching my MS being moved into its hanger, along with its equiptment:: Ahh yes earth ::Takes a deep breath:: Kinda smells funky though
Dkinght: ::Nods::Thank you Chief...as you were..
Log Entry: Torrington Base [Members - 6] 8/31/02 05:15 PM
ASG Iron: ::enters the briefing room and looks at Hunter:: Afternoon Captain.
OnlineHost: Smartone56441070 has entered the room.
Smartone56441070: im late
Hunter2299: ::Puts down his Tea Glass and stands up straightening his uniform::
ASG Iron: <<Need a post Smart?>>
Dkinght: ::Salutes the chief and walks to the briefing room::
Zero1192: I guess smart people isn't always on time...
Hunter2299: Afternoon Colonel
Exar Kun666: :remebers he had to go soewhere and walks to the briefing room::
Dkinght: ::Enters the Briefing room seeing two people::Greetings guys
LtWarASG: Well.... ::And with a sigh, he starts walking twords the cammand building:: To the Breifing room i go....
ASG Iron: Afternoon Major. Welcome to Torrington
Smartone56441070: <<yes and no zero>>
Dkinght: ::Sees a Colonel Pip on Iron's Collar and stands at attention::Thank you Sir.
Hunter2299: ::Sighs and sits down again going back to his Tea::
Exar Kun666: ::enters the briefing room::
Dkinght: I'm looking forward to earthside duty sir...
ASG Iron: <<Ok Smart, how about you be one of our mechanics?>>
Zero1192: ::Pokes his head into the room::
ASG Iron: Glad to hear that.
Smartone56441070: <<fine with me>>
ASG Iron: <<Okies, report to the briefing room then>>
Exar Kun666: ::tries to take a seat without anyone knowing::
Smartone56441070: ::goes to the briefing room:: lots of fighting means lots of work
Hunter2299: ::Pulls a small device and a tool kit out of his pocket and begins working on it::
LtWarASG: ::Walks into the breifing room with an odd look on my face, kinda just looking around::
Dkinght: ::Looks over at Hunter:: What is that Captain?
Smartone56441070: ::enters room and whispers:: i always did like earth
Hunter2299: ::Looks up:: Nice of you to join us war
ASG Iron: ::looks around the room::
Smartone56441070: ::waves back::
Hunter2299: ::Looks at DK:: Trade Secretand I'd appreciate it if you just called me Hunter ::Goes back to work::
LtWarASG: ::Glances at hunter:: Nice of you to pull me off my colony, guarding things just wasn't my style
Dkinght: Alright Hunter...you can call me Damian...
OnlineHost: Falcon7974 has entered the room.
Falcon7974: zachs back
Falcon7974: we start yet
Smartone56441070: so war, you like making work for people like me?
ASG Iron: <<Ah Zach. I do not believe I wrote down your post.>>
Smartone56441070: <<yeah>>
Falcon7974: <<gundam pliot>>
Dkinght: Not likeing Space Duty Captain?
ASG Iron: <<Yes, but what MS was it?>>
Exar Kun666: ::puts his feet up and starts to relax himself::
Falcon7974: <<team 5>>
Falcon7974: <<it was a custom sniper class
Falcon7974: <<can i have the misson>>
ASG Iron: <<Hrm...oh yes. The ugle black one.>>
LtWarASG: Actualy I prefered the colonies, the air was cleaner
Hunter2299: ::Reassembles the device and stows it and the tools away::
ASG Iron: <<You have mail Zach>>
LtWarASG: And, I'll keep you busy Smart
Dkinght: ::Nods::I agree. ::Extends a hand:: Major Damian Knight...
Falcon7974: ::he is in the hangar working on his gundam:
Smartone56441070: well, i dont know whether thats a blessing or a curse
ASG Iron: Are we missing anyone?
Hunter2299: Clean is not everything it's cracked up to be
Falcon7974: ::enters the breifing room:: sorry im late
Zero1192: someone is always late
LtWarASG: ::Shakes Damians hand:: Captain Devin Warlight, nice to meet you
Dkinght: I think we're all here Major
Smartone56441070: <<yes, i wasnt last>>yes, i wasnt last
Falcon7974: ::takes a seat:
Zero1192: heh
Dkinght: I just got in from Luna...hell of a fight there...
OnlineHost: Orinvaldeja has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Orinvaldeja has left the room.
Zero1192: ...
Hunter2299: ::Stands up and mumbles:: Superiority of air...
ASG Iron: OK then, if that is everyone...::walks to the front of the room:: Attennnntion!
Smartone56441070: what was wrong with just keeping it moon, instead of changing it to luna?::mutters::
Dkinght: ::Stands at attention::
Falcon7974: ::looks at iron::
Smartone56441070: @@
Zero1192: ::yawns::
Smartone56441070: <<ill brb>>
LtWarASG: ::Takes a seat, paying attention::
Falcon7974: @@
Dkinght: You heard the Colonel! Attention on Deck!
Exar Kun666: ::falls off of his chair and gets back up and stand to attention::
LtWarASG: ::NEvermind, goes to attention::
ASG Iron: Welcome to Torrington Base. For those of you who don't know me, I am Colonel Scott Iron. From now until told otherwise by myself or a higher authority, I am your Commanding Officer.
ASG Iron: When I say attention, I expect everyone to go to attention. When I stand, I expect everyone to stand. That is just formal military courtesy.
OnlineHost: LtJ Orin ASG has entered the room.
Zero1192: ::raises his hand::
ASG Iron: Lieutenant, did I say you could ask a question?
Hunter2299: ::Smiles::
Zero1192: no sir, that's why I'm raising my hand....
ASG Iron: Then put down that arm!
Dkinght: ::Rolls his eyes::
Zero1192: ::puts down that arm::
ASG Iron: ::looks at Dk:: Is there a problem Major?
Log Entry: Torrington Base [Members - 9] 8/31/02 05:30 PM
Dkinght: Sir! No Sir....just not used to the lack of respect for the CO, Sir!
ASG Iron: I bet.
LtWarASG: ::Thinking to myself..."Damn these pilots, no respect"...forces down a smile::
ASG Iron: ::pulls out his chair and sits down::
Zero1192: ::frowns::
Hunter2299: ::sits back down::
Dkinght: ::Waits to be told to sit down::
ASG Iron: Listen guys, when I sit down, you can sit down.
ASG Iron: So sit!
Zero1192: But sir, you only said when you stand, we stand
LtWarASG: ::Takes my seat back::
Exar Kun666: ::sits down::
Dkinght: ::Sits::
Zero1192: ::sits down::
Hunter2299: ::Pulls out the device and finishes his work on it:: Here's the wall projector Colonel
Falcon7974: ::takes a seat::
ASG Iron: ::takes the projector:: Thankyou Captain.
ASG Iron: ::presses a button on the projector and the room darkens; presses another button and a projection of Australia appears::
Dkinght: ::Sees the map....as well as the hole where Sydney used to be...::
ASG Iron: This, as you know, is Australia. ::presses another button and watches the map zoom to the immediate vicinity:: This is our base.
LtWarASG: ::Looking at the map of Astralia, just like everybody else is ::
Falcon7974: ::leans back in his chair::
Dkinght: ::Begins to get a little angry at the sight::
Exar Kun666: ::takes glance looks at the map::
ASG Iron: ::taps the same button and watches marks appear on the map:: The marks in blue are Federation bases and outposts. The Green are known Zeon bases and Outposts. The white are cities and towns.
Falcon7974: ::looks at the map::
ASG Iron: This is the area which we are going to take back.
ASG Iron: I believe that was simple enough.
Hunter2299: ::Relaxes in his chair::
ASG Iron: I would now like to introduce the CO's. Major Damian Knight and Captain Marcus Hunter. Would you two please stand so we know who you are?
Dkinght: ::Stands::
Smartone56441070: ::catching up::
Hunter2299: ::Stands up::
Hunter2299: I am Captain Marcus Hunter, Commander of the 04th MS Team, I would appreciate all of my team members calling me hunter and not saluteing me because I don't want to be taken out by a sniper
Smartone56441070: ::waves::hi hunter
Falcon7974: hey hunter
Smartone56441070: whats your problem?
LtWarASG: ::Looks at the two now standing, and then at my commander and thinks..."what about inside?"...:::
ASG Iron: ::slams his fist on the table:: Quiet!
Falcon7974: ::stops""
Exar Kun666: ::tries not to smaile::
Smartone56441070: ::shuts up and sits down finally::
ASG Iron: Ok Major, it's your turn to say a word or two.
Hunter2299: I expect nothing from my team that I don't from myself, that means I expect Miracles. Knight your up
Dkinght: I'm Major Damian Knight. I'm in command of the 5th Team. I expect my Team to do their best.....and play hard. 5th team will be the best...hands down.
Smartone56441070: <<"a word or two">>
Dkinght: ::Turns to the Colonel::I'm done, Sir...
ASG Iron: ::nods::These two are your mommy, daddy, therapist, and teacher all rolled into one. Give them the same respect you'd give me, or I'll give you something to think about.
ASG Iron: Is that clear?
OnlineHost: Zero1192 has left the room.
Falcon7974: yes sir
LtWarASG: Yes Sir
Smartone56441070: ::mutters under breath::jeez are they strict. they better lighten up soon
Smartone56441070: yes sir
Exar Kun666: aye sir
ASG Iron: Good.
ASG Iron: I just want to let you all know I'm not always like this. You'll get to know when to be respectful, and when to ask questions.
ASG Iron: ::stands::
Smartone56441070: ::stands up::
LtWarASG: ::Stands up...::
Falcon7974: ::stands::
Dkinght: ::Stands at attention::
Exar Kun666: ::stands::
Hunter2299: ::Stands up::
Log Entry: Torrington Base [Members - 8] 8/31/02 05:45 PM
Smartone56441070: <<come one orin>>
ASG Iron: ::salutes::
Dkinght: ::Returns Salute::
LtWarASG: ::Salutes back::
Falcon7974: ::the commander returns the salute::
Hunter2299: ::Returns Salute::
LtJ Orin ASG: ::stands and salutes::
Smartone56441070: ::salutes::<<orin isnt really here, is he?>>
Smartone56441070: <<NM>>
LtJ Orin ASG: <<sorry, pc giving me trouble>>
Exar Kun666: ::looks around and salutes::
ASG Iron: Alright everyone. Dismissed
Falcon7974: yes sir
Smartone56441070: ::relaxes::
OnlineHost: Zero1192 has entered the room.
ASG Iron: ::hits a button on the projector and brings the lights back up::
Dkinght: 5th Team to the Hanger Bay...
Exar Kun666: ::heads to the hanger bay::
LtJ Orin ASG: <<which team am i on?>>
Dkinght: ::Walks out of the Briefing room and into the hanger::
LtWarASG: ::Streches arms out, then heads twords iron with the hopes of sneeking in a question::
Zero1192: ::walks to the hangar::
Hunter2299: ::Stands to rest:: 04th Team I want you all to get settld in and make sure your gear and MSs are stowed andready for your use
ASG Iron: ::looks at War and smiles:: I take it you need to ask me something Captain?
Falcon7974: got it
Dkinght: ::Walks to where 5th Team's MS are and turns::
LtWarASG: Actual, yes Sir, I do. I was wondering if you had any rules about using captuered zeon Equiptment?
Falcon7974: ::to hunter::how bads the zeon presnce sir
Dkinght: ::Waits for his team to get to him::
Hunter2299: Well Zach we are outgunned out numbered and almost out of territory
Falcon7974: ah
Exar Kun666: ::gets to where Knight is::
Zero1192: ::stands behind Exar::
Hunter2299: and it's not sir it's Hunter
ASG Iron: No actually. As long as your MS can use it.
Falcon7974: now i know why my old co sent me here
Hunter2299: Vendetta Perhaps?
Smartone56441070: ::wonders over to bay to look over ms::
LtWarASG: ANd then, what about using base resources on mobile suit modifications...
Dkinght: Gentlemen...welcome to Torrington...Since this is my first Earthside command,I expect a little help every once in a while...
Smartone56441070: ::hears war and walks over::did i hear a job?
Dkinght: Suit up and prepare to move out...
Falcon7974: ::sighs:: ehiter that or she wanted my sinipe gone
ASG Iron: That is questionable.
Exar Kun666: ::walks to get prepared mumbling:: he'll get help when i see the enemy
ASG Iron: I'd have to see what sort of modifications, and even then it might not be doable
Dkinght: ::Goes and and gets his flight suit and changes::
LtWarASG: ::glances at smart:: Don't you touch my baby without my permission...::back to Iron:: Thank you, I'll be sure to get permission before I do anything
ASG Iron: Very good Captain. Now go get settled in.
Dkinght: ::Walks back to the briefing room::
Hunter2299: Alright Zach go get settled in, I want my team fresh if we are going to hit combat
Smartone56441070: i wasnt, i just like upgrading and playing with things
Falcon7974: got it cheif..s5tuff is in my ms
Dkinght: <<Zero...you around>>
Zero1192: <<ya>>
LtWarASG: ::Turns back to smart:: You bes' not play with my suit, if anybodies going to brake it, I will
Dkinght: ::Salutes Iron::Hello Colonel
Hunter2299: Well Iron a little Strong on the military pomp don't you think?
Smartone56441070: ::is beginning to get annoyed::and then i will fix it and make it better
Falcon7974: ::he heads for the 4th ms team batrracks::
ASG Iron: ::salutes:: Yes Major, what can I do for you?
Dkinght: <<Get yourself suited up and get ready to move out>>
Exar Kun666: ::finishes preperations and goes to see his MS before heading back to the briefing room::
Dkinght: Sir...I'll be taking my team out on a short patrol....just to get used to the gravity
Zero1192: <<sorry>> ::changes into suit and walks back::
ASG Iron: Very good. Don't stay out too long
Dkinght: Yes sir. ::Turns and sees his team...::Get to your suits...we're on patrol
ASG Iron: ::turns to Hunter:: Strong was what I was going for Marcus. The first impression is the best impression.
LtWarASG: Well thats what you joined for right, to fix things when we pilots brake them?
Exar Kun666: ::sees his MS and smiles::
Hunter2299: True but maybe that was a little too strong for a bunch of Green at the Gills MS Pilots that may not come back
Dkinght: ::Walks back into the hanger and looks at his suit::Back into the fray....let's get busy...
Dkinght: ::Steps onto the elevator and waits as he is brought to the cockpit::
LtWarASG: ::Heres hunter, can't help but slid over their:: Green at the gills....
Smartone56441070: yes, but i dont like overly worried pilots
Smartone56441070: complaining about me fixing there suits
ASG Iron: Maybe. You like Whiskey Captain?
Hunter2299: Of course
Dkinght: ::Sits in his cockpit and begins to power up his MS::
Dkinght: <<5th Team use #>>
ASG Iron: ::looks at War:: And you Captain?
Falcon7974: ::lays down in the bed marked for him and places his gear in the locker::
Zero1192: #::gets his MS ready::
Dkinght: #::Brings up his radar and radio::5th Team...report in
Hunter2299: Your being invited to a drink war, I suggest you loosen up and take it
Exar Kun666: #::gets into his MS and starts it up::
LtWarASG: Well I'm not the drinking type, but you got any oragne juice?
LtWarASG: *orange
Log Entry: Torrington Base [Members - 9] 8/31/02 06:00 PM
ASG Iron: ::shakes his head:: Nope. Now lets go have ourselves a drink.
ASG Iron: ::leads the way to his office::

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