WHO ARE YOU? .. your chance to showoff

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WHO ARE YOU? .. your chance to showoff

Post by asgneon » Mon Nov 25, 2002 12:52 pm

Question: Who are you?

As a Retired Admiral, I find myself cut off from what I once took part in on a day by day basis. I once knew each and every member which rallied in the hundreds! ....

Now the question is can you tell me who you are?

Describe yourself, your race, your organizational affliation, your hobbies, your favorite uniform, your secret bedtime stories, your special abilities, your favorite book... whatever you feel necessary and I'd prefer as much detail as possible - but obviously I've provided no details of who I am yet you know me now... the absence of details does not mean you can not describe to me who you are...

I have each and every conversation (give a take a few bytes lost) and e-mail since the formation of the Alliance Simulation Group in 1994 that I've held. Amongst them, too are bios and details of officers which will be included in a database ... from the cadets of yesterday, to today ... and onto tomorrow.

Do you want another reason why you should start talking about yourself?

Do it for a greater purpose. Not only desribe yourself to me but tell me what it is that makes you unique. I've seen a decade of imaginary and realistic characters and sadly enough I've seen very little imagination lately. I find it unfortunate that I can predict the next new character of the next cadet... A personal challenge to you to try to entrall my imagination.

And if satsifying my imagination is not enough for you, I welcome you to join in a great legacy. What you write and who you describe will be remembered by at least this Retired Admiral and included in a soon-to-be public website describing everything from what favorite caffeinated drink Admirals liked a decade ago and what drinks they prefer now... to self-help guides on how to become a leader and stay one... to a website featuring a great dynamic database consisiting of a decade of Alliance Simulation Group simmers and who they were. (Mulitple personalities/characters was a popular trend and is encouraged in your postings).

So... you gonna tell me? Huh?

Admiral Darren S. Neon, retired
Alliance Simulation Group

Plasma ASG
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Re: WHO ARE YOU? .. your chance to showoff

Post by Plasma ASG » Tue Nov 26, 2002 12:56 am

Who am I? You know my name, I'm your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Seriously, though, as you ask a complicated question, I will attempt to appease your thirst for knowledge with an equally complicated response. Though you might stranger before you, do not fear as I am merely a traveller from a distant land. My once proud uniform jacket is a few years previous to your own, thread bare and worn around my head as a scarf to protect myself from the winds of change. But please, do not take offense to how I wear my uniform, as I have been on a long journey, and despite it's condition, I still appreciate it's meaning and value. It would be easy to leave it at that, but I promised you a more in-depth answer, so I do not wish to let you down. As you might not find it so easy to define yourself, so to do I.

For you see, a part of who I am also depends quite literally on what day of the week it is. I can range anywhere from a half-elven bard in a band of sun-beaten and weary travelers lost in an unknown desert, to a man who was so unable to deal with a family betrayal that he tapped into previously unknown abilities and transformed his molecular structure to that of crystal, simply to avoid the touch of another human. Not only that, but I'm also known to be my own clone and walk around as a person composed of darker crystal, but perhaps a lighter soul? You could say that I'm a man of many facets, bad pun intended of course.

While I have been many other things; uncertain CEO of a futuristic megacorporation in the year 2099, geek turned cybornetic monstrosity amongst the world's greatest heroes, a teenager with extra-ordinary abilities but cursed to be unsure of his feelings and his role in life, an equally cursed alternate reality version of that unfortunate adolescent, a vampire in the near future with a tan and the ability to wield fire, and even a simple-minded Predacon laborer turned Maximal far flung from Cybertron who had to take on the beast form of a bear to survive, I am best known where I am from for another persona completely.

Initially, I started out as the aforementioned man who found himself trapped in crystal, but now, I am a man who goes by an out of date nickname. Having thought his sister killed by vampires, a young man with the gift to create blades composed of sunlight fought a vendetta against them by becoming a contract killer of the undead. After a while, he found that all of the killing he had done, had left him detached from the rest of humanity and sought the priesthood to purge himself. Before he could even have any of the weight lifted from his soul, he found himself a target of another assassin and was forced to flee his sanctuary for fear of the others there. Unbeknownst to him, he wouldn't be able to run from his attempted killer forever, and eventually found himself face to face with her, his previously thought dead sister. Now, however, she was a minion of the dark who had also made a career of eliminating vampires, though her employers were other vampire clans. Realizing they could not bring themselves to kill one another, they went their seperate ways with the knowledge that the other was relatively safe.

Life after contract killing was difficult to get accustomed to, but fortunately, the man in our story was soon hired as a bodyguard to a CEO of a large corporation. Unfortunately however, the man soon found his role as bodyguard being morphed into his most difficult job ever, as he was placed in charge of a team of other people who also owned abilities beyond those of normal humans. As the purpose of this team was mostly for providing good publicity for the corporation, the new leader of the group has had a problematic time dealing with his position as leader. Because not only does he have to accustom himself to thinking beyond just himself, he also has to worry about the clashing personalities of those he has lead and make sure the team looks good in doing their duty of saving the day.

My utmost apologies if this has not been what you were looking for, but I think it would be interesting to learn all the intricacies of people, and look forward to discovering new things about the rest of you. I hope you have enjoyed my reply, as I am hoping to enjoy your replies shortly. Now, though, it is late, and I must be off to bed as I am unfortunately scheduled to work.

Good Day and Good Reading,

Captain Plasma, Wanderer from the Land of IRC

-- Also Known As --

Crusade, Sunlight Fueled Leader of X-Force
Cryz, the Crystallic Mutant
Obsidian, the Clone of the Crystal Paperweight
Thirion, the Half-Elven Bard Looking For A Good Story
Crave, Mood Swing Prone Teen With Hard to Control Superpowers
Surge, Post-Apocalypse Reality Crave With Control of His Powers
Siege, Deceased Techno-Savant Turned Cyborgnetic Avenger
Cross, Pyrokinetic Near Future Vampire Son of a Vampire Hitwoman
Kron, Alien Stranded On Earth In Need of a Better Translator
Dozer, Simple-Minded Predacon Worker Turned Maximal Hero


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Post by ASGAnne » Thu Dec 05, 2002 1:48 pm

Plasma... that's quite the story. ::gulps:: How can we out do that?


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Post by ASGAnne » Thu Dec 05, 2002 1:54 pm

Hey Neon... you know me. I'm Ann... I've been around for awhile. Last time I saw you was when Sailor moon was popular :o .. well nuff said.

Anyways, as you know I've been with the ASG for a long time, 3-4 years now I think? I'm currently doing the NewsFlash... which is badly in need of some articles if anyone has something to contribute.

I don't have a favorite bedtime story that I'm going to share all the details with you, but it does involve princesses and knights and riding off into the sunset together. As most of you know, I'm blonde and blue eyed so this probably has something to do with the sweetness of this bedtime story.

In other news, I'm sorry more people didn't respond to you. I'm looking forward to a history page for the ASG. It will be very cool.


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Post by Treggar » Thu Dec 05, 2002 6:41 pm

I'm getting around to responding but I'm slow and lazy.

Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

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