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Meeting Log

Post by ASGSolr1 » Fri Mar 21, 2003 9:20 am

ASG Ang M: Solr and I are working on inviting members that we see online, it
would be great if everyone could do that
ASG Ang M: Yes it has Mike
Hunter2299: You have missed chip and Plasma
Plasma ASG: They have? ::looks around:: ..I'll invite Plasma, then
CdrMikeASG: Feels like old times.
Hunter2299: Ah I missed you in here
Hunter2299: Though Chip is still missing
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Hunter2299: Not that I am too certain he would join us
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CdrMikeASG: Kind of a tense atmosphere, eh?
Plasma ASG: No, old times would be if Rage and Deb showed up.. ::scratches
his head:: That is his wife's name, isn't it? And Pop and Kestra, too
ASG Ang M: Is everyone ready to get started?
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ASG Ang M: If you see members pop on your buddy list please invite them
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CdrMikeASG: If only I could find Rid or Jaff.
ASG Ang M: There are some people here I don't recognize
Sheeba1313: ::grabs a chair::
ASG Vicky: Jaffo is still around
Plasma ASG: I would like to apologize for Dragon not being here. She's
currently in transit back to college from spring break.
LtCIronASG: ::waves::
CdrMikeASG: :::Hands a Josta bottle next to the entrance, then tugs on his
uniform shirt:::
ASG Ang M: I have a quick question are the people I don't recognize IRC
King The Lou III: I'm Lou, from IRC. Nice to meet you.
Plasma ASG: I can answer that.. ..dangit.. stupid font..
Dkinght: Hi Lou
King The Lou III: probably.
LtCIronASG: Heya Lou
CdrMikeASG: C, now really, you should be better prepared.
ASG Ang M: Hi Lou
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Falcon7974: ::sits::
UFboi: Hmm, this is a barrowed screen name :( I'm better known as Iceman of
Plasma ASG: King the Lou, UFboi, PhaearaP, Sheeba, divine, and Mike are with
IRC.. they're Lou, Iceman, Mary (DCinC of XW), Sheeba, Styxie and Mike
LtCIronASG: ::sits down in a comfy chair::
asgsolr1: hi Chip
CdrMikeASG: C, they all know me.
Dkinght: Hey Chip
Hunter2299: I am all of the sudden struck by how much I miss simming again
ASG Ang M: Thank you
ASG Chip: Hi there.
Sheeba1313: ::bows:: Hi ^^
LtCIronASG: Heya Chipper.
CdrMikeASG: :::Drops down into his ancient, stolen CO's chair::: Hey Chippo.
Long time, no see.
ASG Ang M: Thank you all for coming, I don't remember the last time we had
this many in a sim room
Hunter2299: Long time no see Chip, but good to see you no les
ASG Chip: Same to all of you.
LtCIronASG: Nice to meet all of you guys, and glad your here...infact, I'm
glad I'm here!:-D
King The Lou III: afk food time.
CdrMikeASG: Iron, did you park the mobile suit outside?
ASG Ang M: If everyone is ready I would like to call this meeting to order
divinedis0rder: *waves shyly*
UFboi: we can all chip in and have a keg party! :-D
LtCIronASG: Yeah. The valet said he'd park it, but I think he took it for a
Hunter2299: ::Sighs:: There is no Valet Iron
Dkinght: That's why I leave my suit at home Iron
ASG Ang M: Let's start talking about the future of the ASG
ASG Ang M: Who here would like to see the ASG continue
Plasma ASG: ..::eyes dart around.. ..raises his hand.. ..then lowers it in a
smacking motion towards his font:: I do
LtCIronASG: ::raises his hand:: I would most definitaly
Falcon7974: id like too cuase it gives me somethign to look foward too
Renneknovar: ::Raises hand:: Me too.
Hunter2299: Who doesn't?
Sheeba1313: And me!
LtCIronASG: ::whispers to Hunter:: I used your suit tonight. Sorry...
CdrMikeASG: :::Raises his hand::: I started my simming here, I'd like to see
others enjoy the same.
Plasma ASG: ::raises his hand again, this time with a placard:: I bid 10
credits for the future of the ASG on AOL.
Dkinght: ::Raises a placecard::30 Credits
ASG Ang M: What are we going to do to keep the ASG running
asgsolr1: I have a question
ASG Ang M: By that I mean increase simmers attandence
PhaeraP: Ooops. Sorry guys, had children to get ready for bed. I'm Rogue
from IRC. The DCinC over that division. :)
ASG Ang M: Yes Solr
asgsolr1: if we werent' having a meeting tonight and Fireball was simming
asgsolr1: how many of you would be here right now?
Dkinght: I would
ASG Ang M: I would
Falcon7974: ::raises hand;:
asgsolr1: that's 4 including me
asgsolr1: point made
Dkinght: Even though I'm not running her anymore I would make it a point to
be here
Hunter2299: There is a decrease in interest in simming, mostly due to the
dieing Star Trek, Star Wars, and other major franchises. Other groups claim a
continued influx of new active member though most are simply holding their
Falcon7974: well attdince was the reson i quit avenger
Falcon7974: not to mention the jedi thing
ASG Ang M: How do we getting attandence up
ASG Ang M: We have tried running new sims, but there was like almost 0
ASG Ang M: Other then in a Stargate sim
Hunter2299: Reliable runs of sims and sims that have wide appeal at this
asgsolr1: well for a sim to run reliably we need attendance
LtCIronASG: Hard to say. Getting recruits to stick around is hard. The
first time I did the Gundam sim, I had 20 people slated to show, and only 5
did. The second time around, I got half the reponses, and only two people
showed up.
Sheeba1313: Say, can I ask something?..
Hunter2299: Which can only occur if the secondconditon is met Solr
asgsolr1: sure Sheeba
ASG Ang M: I have the same problem w/ Lexis, people say they will come and
LtCIronASG: As a sim CO, I find that when members don't show, I feel
discouraged and don't want to show either.
Sheeba1313: Sounds like you guys have tried sims based on different things..
but have they all been sci-fi? Have you tried anything with other genres?
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Falcon7974: if i may solr
asgsolr1: sure
Plasma ASG: ::slips on a pair of shades and sits down at a desk, templing
his fingers calmly:: They had a pretty successful Fantasy sim going on their
UFboi: like fantasy...LotR is building interest in that genere :)
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Hunter2299: We briefly had a fantasy based Logboard sim, it died.
asgsolr1: Why did it die Hunter?
PhaeraP: We've got something akin to that..though it's not exactly IRC
CdrMikeASG: :::Stands next to C's desk, wearing a great uniform and with
white hair:::
ASG Ang M: Part of the problem is also finding people to run sims
Falcon7974: well we tried counter terrorism
Falcon7974: we even tried horror
Hunter2299: Lack of attendance, lack of updates, and the dissapearance of
it's creator Solr or do you not remember that?
Sheeba1313: I've been running a sort-of horror sim on IRC lately ^^; Can't
say the turnout is excellent, but it runs
asgsolr1: Hunter I remember
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asgsolr1: but not everyone knows that
Reny N 66: Horror? :)
Falcon7974: yeah think white wolf
divinedis0rder: I'm working on a loosey based DnD fantasy sim. But not with
all the dice rolling.
Hunter2299: Zach did someone else run a horror Sim or are you just reffering
to the one I was engineering but then lost the time for?
Plasma ASG: ::lightly taps his index fingers against his lips, thinking then
clears his throat:: Have you considered asking those who claim to have
ASG Ang M: I am not familiar w/ Lord of the Rings, but maybe a sim like that
divinedis0rder: Sheeba's running a Vampire the Masqurade sim.
Reny N 66: yeah i know :P im in it
Falcon7974: why not a call of chultu sim
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Plasma ASG: Or perhaps asking us on IRC? We're more than willing to help,
and we don't want to impose or enforce ourselves onto any of you.
Reny N 66: i was just talking out of turn :\
Sheeba1313: Well, more WoD than VtM per se, but mostly so ^^v
LtCIronASG: Well, we were thinking of a police genre in a brainstorming
thread, but that fell through. Perhaps we can renue the idea...
asgsolr1: Plasma anyone on IRC is welcome to come to our sims
UFboi: we used to have X-Files on IRC, thats police and scifi
LtCIronASG: We did have a Vamp by Freek if I remember correctly.
It was good for a few months, then died...
ASG Ang M: Coming up w/ sims isn't our only problem, it's also finding
someone to run the sims
Dkinght: I heard X-Files is widely popular on IRC
PhaeraP: Teehee..We haven't had an X-Files sim god knows how long.
Falcon7974: well it was sort of a hunter vs vamp sim
Plasma ASG: X-Files was popular, once. But that was mostly a sim where
people killed random aliens.
UFboi: was, it no longer is there
Falcon7974: did you ever have men in black
LtCIronASG: Indeed. Having CO's is a must; and they need to be qualified to
do it as well.
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Sheeba1313: What do you consider 'qualified'?
ASG Ang M: Right now having qualified simmers want to run sims is almost
impossible to find
LtCIronASG: We can't just have someone who is the rank of Commander running
a sim because of their rank. They should be a respected member of the
division who has earned that right...
PhaeraP: You don't have any folks who're interested in leading a sim of
their choice, provided there's an interest, and continually running it on a
regular basis?
Reny N 66: having been around long enough so someone can vouge for their
asgsolr1: Qualified is someone who has been with the group for a while
asgsolr1: regular attendance
Hunter2299: A person who can right out a story line adapt rapidly to the
actions of the Bit players in the freeform environment and is not
Reny N 66: If your a Commander, you sure as hell had better be respected
Plasma ASG: No, that's being able to remember when to show up -_-
Zero1192: but someone who has been in the group for 3 years doesn't
neccesarily mean they have leadership
Hunter2299: *Write
Plasma ASG: That doesn't mean a person's qualified to run a sim.
ASG Ang M: Phaera, we give people the option to run their own sim and I only
received interest from 2 people
asgsolr1: No Zero your right
PhaeraP: Understandable. But, not everyone's going to be an excellent
leader because they're been around for so many years.
LtCIronASG: True Solr, but they should be a good Mod as well.
asgsolr1: but they have the option first
PhaeraP: Sounds like a lack of motivation, then. :)
ASG Ang M: That brings up a good point
ASG Ang M: Motivation seems to be one of our biggest enemies
PhaeraP: We've never had a lack of it in our division..It just..*shrugs*
loses simmers' interest at some point or another
Zero1192: I'm not surprised....COs not getting simmers, simmers not getting
Hunter2299: Motivation was never a problem for me, Time was and still is. I
am actually here on borrowed time as it is
PhaeraP: You've got to find a middle ground though.
LtCIronASG: Yes. People just aren't motivated enough to come and
participate, so what do we do to remotivate them
Zero1192: new activities?
King The Lou III: give them something that interests them
ASG Ang M: Hopefully, this meeting is a start
UFboi: a change of pace with perhaps fresh sim options
PhaeraP: It's hard to believe there aren't folks among you with ideas for a
sim that could possibly motivate them into trying to run it on a regular
basis, no offnese or anything.
PhaeraP: offense too - Just have them come to your higher ups and discuss
their ideas.
Zero1192: i don't think sims aren't the problem. the people are....
Zero1192: uhh, *are
Sheeba1313: Seems to me like making sure that sims have interesting
storylines ought to work pretty well on its own
LtCIronASG: Perhaps we should be having some sims that only operate for a
small period of time, or until a set storyline is finished. People might
find that enjoyable...
ASG Ang M: We try to get them to do that, but it doesn't work
Dkinght:'s motivation and resources...I think we need to pool the
remaining resources of AOL and IRC to try and get interest back
asgsolr1: You would think so Sheeba
ASG Ang M: I would like to see a Stargate Sim run, but we need a CO
Dkinght: There are a lot of good ideas between both groups
Plasma ASG: Well, what do you have to offer your simmers other than sims?
PhaeraP: I agree, Sheebs.
King The Lou III: exactly, knight.
asgsolr1: Nothing at this point Plasma
asgsolr1: but isn't the point of us to offer sims?
Plasma ASG: No, it isn't.
asgsolr1: we're called a sim group
Reny N 66: well, a problem thats always been pretty big with both IRC and
AOL if i remember correctly, is people going once, signing up, the CO filling
up a roster spot, and then the simmer never showing up again.... doesn't help
the cause
asgsolr1: that's what we do
LtCIronASG: One thing we need is Advertising. Not like all-out popup ads,
but a banner on a site here or there...
Reny N 66: but its always been like that
Plasma ASG: The key word is GROUP, not SIM.
ASG Ang M: Perhaps, we should consider opening the Holodeck back up
asgsolr1: How many people have AOL Ang?
Plasma ASG: If you keep your simmers around beyond just the sims, then it
shouldnt' matter if some of the sims aren't running.
asgsolr1: most of our sims run because our simmers have AIM
ASG Ang M: We could do it in a room like this
Zero1192: i agree with plasma. just because we're a sim group doesn't mean
we can provide fun activites other than sims
LtCIronASG: Agreed Plasma.
Reny N 66: IRC has #alliance acting as a permanent chat room, while we run
our sims in other rooms, it helps a lot, keeping people interested
Hunter2299: Iron, Treg and I took that up a long time ago. Also entered the
Group into every search engine around
Plasma ASG: Right on the nose, Ren.
Sheeba1313: Aye, aye! Just going to sims isn't fun unless you know who
you're simming with
LtCIronASG: Yeah, I remember that. The only people in the chat at all times
were myself, you, treg, and Games.
PhaeraP: It's just a lot of fun for us to sit in #alliance and chat about it how our day went, or playing games, or just..a myriad of
asgsolr1: I admit it was a little more fun when we had the Holodeck
UFboi: it gives us a greater sense of community
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Reny N 66: ::grins:: Myriad indeed ^_^
LtCIronASG: Well, we could nag Seth into putting a chat on the AOL
Plasma ASG: Well, in all honesty, you aren't really based on something
that's specifically for chatting.
King The Lou III: lol
PhaeraP: *nods*
Plasma ASG: Chatting is only a small portion of what goes on on AOL, so a
lot of your simmers aren't going to feel like they should get involved and be
LtCIronASG: We should probably get a more interesting website
layout....something our members will check everyday out of sheer impulse to
see if there is something new...
LtCIronASG: I find that when I know theres going to be an update on a site,
I check it almost daily like clockwork.
Falcon7974: why not bring back the newsletter
asgsolr1: Anyone to run it Falcon?
Falcon7974: good point
LtCIronASG: That too. But Anne was doing that, and since people have lost
interest, so has she...
LtCIronASG: I'd do it if I had the help...
PhaeraP: You could also consider just a message board, but I don't know. I
don't have much experience with AOL, heh heh.
Reny N 66: i dont even know how many people even visit the IRC official
website, i dont htink its been updated in a while... I think each
division(genre) having a seperate website is the best bet for attracting new
Dkinght: That's not the right way to think Solr
CdrMikeASG: With the FSF, we have a wide variety of things that the simmers
can do outside of the sims. Such as the online messageboard, where we
discuss different topics and even run sims.
ASG Ang M: We have a logboard
asgsolr1: It's practical Dk
asgsolr1: unless you were volunteering?
Dkinght: Practical my ass....Have you asked anyone if they want to?
LtCIronASG: Yes, but our logboard is just a logboard. Nothing special about
asgsolr1: And as far as teh website Seth does enough work for us
asgsolr1: asking him to do more isn't fair
ASG Ang M: I think we need to work at increasing our loyalty of current
Plasma ASG: Your website sucks. I have respect for Seth and his skills as a
web designer, but he has no knowledge whatsoever about advertising.
Sheeba1313: Heh.. try getting more than one person to do a website?
Hunter2299: The FSF also has it's training division complete with a
newsletter including articles on Techs and sim ettiuette. I actually wrote a
few of them myself.
Dkinght: And have we asked the IRC group for their schedules....and vise
asgsolr1: Hey you know I love the criticism of AOL by IRC
ASG Ang M: That is an interesting idea Hunter
asgsolr1: well I have 1 question when was the last time any of you were
around here?
asgsolr1: maybe supported our side of the group?
King The Lou III: when was the last time you came around us?
asgsolr1: made it be the ASG like we're suppoesd to be a unified sim group?
Dkinght: Solr...stop acting like a spoiled brat for a second!
PhaeraP: To be blunt, that's a two faced dagger
Plasma ASG: heh heh.. when was the last time you wanted us around?
CalihanV: I was never actually invited to be around
CdrMikeASG: The FSF also has works to advertise outside of the group, going
to other groups and advertising and even accepting new sims within it's own
Dkinght: God Damn it..I can't stand the babyish attitudes in here...
ASG Ang M: Ok everyone we are getting off the topic
Hunter2299: Been a while for me Lou. Mostly because I've lost my nack for
asgsolr1: You have to be invited?
asgsolr1: we have sims
asgsolr1: we have a website
asgsolr1: show up and sim
LtCIronASG: I came to the #Alliance chata month or two ago, but no one
really talked to me. So I lost interst again...
asgsolr1: we don't need to know wehre you're from if you don't want us to
PhaeraP: As do we. :)
Dkinght: SOLR! SHUT UP!!!!
asgsolr1: No Dk
Dkinght: No one wants to hear you belly ache
Dkinght: it's immature
asgsolr1: take it to an IM
UFboi: this animosity does not help matters
Zero1192: no it does not
ASG Ang M: Ok everyone
Sheeba1313: Speaking for myself, I can't ever develop a intrest in anything
I don't really hear about. Just having sims and a website for this isn't
going to pull me in.
Hunter2299: Agreed.
Zero1192: you can't force people to come to sims
ASG Ang M: The topic is what can we do to save the ASG
PhaeraP: *nods*
Zero1192: you need to provide them something so that they woudl WANT to come
Falcon7974: thats the main problem we have is infighting
LtCIronASG: I believe that the IRC and AOL Divisions need to work closely to
save this group, and presenting a subject that is irrelevant at this time
will not help.
ASG Ang M: Reopening the holideck is a great idea
ASG Ang M: Iron great idea
PhaeraP: *nods*
ASG Ang M: Who hear would be willing to run a sim?
Zero1192: .....not good at it enough :\
LtCIronASG: I'm always willing. Just say the word.
CdrMikeASG: Already tried and failed.
Hunter2299: I would be if I could find time in my schedule again Ang
Plasma ASG: Oh yes, because that's the first time that's EVER been brought
up _ Now if we could just follow through on it and not be so damned
xenophobic and insular.
UFboi: if we're going to work together, why are we splitting our forces?
wouldn't it make sense to maintain a single collectiveness instead of keeping
us apart?
ASG Ang M: Great Iron
Sheeba1313: ..Tried and failed? Maybe that's part of the problem. Try again!
LtCIronASG: Alright. I propose we get someone on the AOL AC to be a liason
to the IRC division, and visa-versa.
Reny N 66: look, for one thing i know i have no problem being in one extra
chat room... My AIM is always open such as my IRC client is always open,
whether im home, or at the computer or not, its on, if im not there, itll
just idle
Hunter2299: I'm probably going to be shot at on this, but AOL has long since
tossed the Star Fleet Academy, and Boot Camp
CdrMikeASG: Sheeb, I'd rather not go into my commanding history, especially
no in front of present company.
Plasma ASG: Mike, shut it.
Dkinght: I agree with Hunter...we need to go back to the academy
PhaeraP: Let's be civil, folks.
CdrMikeASG: Aye aye, sir.
Hunter2299: One very good way we used to draw on people was from those areas
LtCIronASG: Hunter is right.
LtCIronASG: I did quite well in getting people to look at the ASG there.
Hunter2299: Perhaps we could convince AOL to let us pick up where they left
LtCIronASG: Hrm...might be difficult to do, but we could try.
PhaeraP: You guys are certainly welcome to check into our IRC sims, and even
hang out in alliance, if you'd like. All I ask is that you be civil, the
same as we ask of any person here anyways.
Dkinght: Maybe we could do a joint IRC/AOL academy
ASG Ang M: Hunter what do you mean by that?
Hunter2299: Demonstration Sims and intros to simming in this way that puts
us on the AOL Map would bring us great exposure and probably greater success
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ASG Ang M: That is a good
Falcon7974: you mean like get a aol made confronce room
ASG Ang M: See if you can get back onto the gaming boards
LtCIronASG: I like Dk's idea. It would be good to pool our resources like
Dkinght: Thank you Iron
Dkinght: We need to work together on this...we're both in the same
boat...why not unify the effort
ASG Ang M: We used to use an AOL conference room
Reny N 66: look, even though academies can cause people to dislike the
group, it works out better in the longrun... there is a MUCH less abundancy
of newbies running around causing grief for everyone... Academies NEED to
Hunter2299: Yes Zach an official knocked into place Room with sims scheduled
in official AOL posting just like they used to be.
OnlineHost: ASG Vicky has left the room.
Falcon7974: why not find a way to get one resrbed
ASG Ang M: That is defiantly something to follow up on
Hunter2299: The Bootcamp and academy no longer exist in the way they once
ASG Ang M: I am putting it in my notes
LtCIronASG: Yes. But most of all, we need to have a better administration
around here. Some people to make the new recruit feel welcome.
Falcon7974: expanidng on dks idea why not make the 3 cadet sims acamady sims
Falcon7974: where you sim in an acadmy room
PhaeraP: Lemme ask you AOL branch guys a question, just out of curiosity. :)
Dkinght: We need an overall Academy Commandant and a deputy IRC Commandant
and one of AOL
PhaeraP: Do you guys get a lot of recruits?
asgsolr1: not anymore
asgsolr1: we used to
Reny N 66: i remember IRC used to have a structure including Public
relations and stuff, but we havent had anyone in charge of those subdivision
things in a while.... im not sure where im going with this so im going to
asgsolr1: but then again we used to require recruiting
asgsolr1: it went into promotions
Hunter2299: Not particularly despite the effort I and others have put into
Dkinght: Guys....
Zero1192: In a different group I'm in, they put people into 'fleets' with a
CO, XO, and people below that. newbies are assigned a 'tutor', and when that
idea was done, many recruits stayed
asgsolr1: and also when sims didn't sim they were required to recruit
asgsolr1: which is something I wanted to re-instate
asgsolr1: but nothings really started ot happen with it yet
Dkinght: My thought is that if we get the academy structured and organized
the recruits will start coming in
Plasma ASG: Ren, we used to.. that was a part of International. Then Pop
came into power and essentially wiped out anything we had to link the two
ASG Ang M: We talked about a buddy system at one time
Reny N 66: We need to convince Neon to restart International :) neon was
asgsolr1: Yeah and that failed too Ang
Hunter2299: I wonder how one contacts AOL to revive an old sim tradition
like that
PhaeraP: Could you expand on that a little, Ang?
asgsolr1: I'd like to bring it back though
LtCIronASG: Well, lets talk to Neon then. He just might.
ASG Ang M: We had a buddy for the new simmers, some to help them out
asgsolr1: try aol help?
Plasma ASG: We don't need Neon to start up International.
Hunter2299: aolHelp's motto is ask and you shall not recieve, but I shall
PhaeraP: Ahh..
LtCIronASG: Well, lets take the initiative and get it going again. I'd
gladly work with members of the IRC divison to get this done.
Plasma ASG: I'll run a sim.
Dkinght: And I'll help organize a training program for new simmers for both
Kyle Rayner Ion: Actually, I'd like to point out that it'd be more likely to
get new members by actually doing a lot more recruiting and just kinda trying
to get more random people interested, than just refurbishing Acad.
Plasma ASG: We need somebody to work on Public Relations and Recruiting.
OnlineHost: The Game ASG has entered the room.
Hunter2299: As usual AOL's help is little more than a guide I could get a
monkey to write. there is no information on how to contact anyone of any
importance in AOL's hierarchy
ASG Ang M: That is a good point Plasma
Sheeba1313: Heh.. I have an idea or two on the recruiting end
Plasma ASG: And as I said, we don't need Neon to restart International.
::gestures to Kyle Rayner Ion:: That's Voltage, he was made 1/3 DCinC of
International before Pop dissolved it.
LtCIronASG: All ears Sheeba..
Kyle Rayner Ion: *Waves* Heya.
Dkinght: What's up Voltage?
OnlineHost: ASG Vicky has entered the room.
Reny N 66: ive run Recruiting and advertising before, i tried but i didnt
seem to do much to help, whoever does it next hopefully has better luck
LtCIronASG: Nice to meet ya Voltage.
ASG Ang M: Perhaps, we could have a joint effort with the recruiting and
Dkinght: I agree Ang..
ASG Ang M: Have volunteers from both groups working together
ASG Ang M: See how that goes, and then go from there
Kyle Rayner Ion: *nods* Recruiting and advertising seems to really be one of
the biggest many people as possible on that, could bring in a much
larger new memberbase.
Sheeba1313: Well, it might sound a little obscure.. but it occurs to me that
getting ad space up takes money to do, especially on the good roleplaying
sites people go to often. We could try selling merchandise to pay for banner
LtCIronASG: Here's how I see it: 1)We need to re-establish International,
2) We need to get liasons from IRC and AOL to communicate with each-other, 3)
We should focus on recruiting and adverts as much as possible.
ASG Ang M: Plasma and Solr what do you too think
Falcon7974: brb
Dkinght: I totally agree with Iron
divinedis0rder: I'd volenteer, but I'm hardly a people person. :/
LtCIronASG: Yes. Not a bad idea. I might have a site for us to look at for
getting Mass Produces items.
Reny N 66: unless someone is willing to go around chatrooms whether it be
aol or different irc networks, R&A is all going to be pretty much in the
hands of when Google, yahoo, and other search engines want to put our url's
up, which then-
Plasma ASG: Merchandising can be pretty tricky, in all honesty. Part of the
tiny writing says this' non-profit. If we take a profit then we could
possibly get hit for copyright violations.
Sheeba1313: Though it also occurs to me that we'd need something a little
more interesting than shirts with ASG logos, but that can be worked out later
Reny N 66: would require an attractive website on both parts
divinedis0rder: No offense, but what would we sell? T-shirts with logos?
Hunter2299: I'd Volunteer as a Liaison so I can at least continue in some
active roll in the group
PhaeraP: It'd certainly be nice to have an up to date website. :)
Dkinght: Or a joint attractive website
Sheeba1313: ..Plushies!!
King The Lou III: lol
LtCIronASG: Hehe!
CalihanV: character plushies?
PhaeraP: *snickers*
Sheeba1313: ^-^
divinedis0rder: *giggles*
ASG Chip: I'd like to be made into an action figure.
Reny N 66: I want a sheebo and styxie plushie :)
divinedis0rder: Maybe a cute little masoct or something for ASG?
CdrMikeASG: A Chip action figure? Better than a GI Joe!
LtCIronASG: I'd support Hunter if he made that decision.
Hunter2299: Unfortunately we sim in heavily copyrighted Genres. the only one
we could call our own is one that has been on the back burner in the think
tank for ages
ASG Vicky: :::shakes head at Chip:::
ASG Ang M: Does IRC currently have a Newsletter
PhaeraP: Nope.
LtCIronASG: What sim is that Hunter?
LtCIronASG: Gah! I have it! A Macross sim! Why didn't this hit me before?!
Hunter2299: It's one of the old SDD Projects.
Hunter2299: I think Games and Treg finally put some more flesh on it's bones
ASG Ang M: I have a proposal that I have put together from what everyone is
ASG Ang M: I think we should do three things together, and see how that goes
before we jump into International
ASG Ang M: The first is a joint Newsletter
Zero1192: that could work.....a newsletter division
ASG Ang M: Second a joint team working on Advertising and Recruiting
PhaeraP: I've got to get things back into shape with Dragon's help soon.
She and I have both had a pretty busy schedule, I think.
Plasma ASG: No, IRC doesn't. IRC would like to have one, though.. as it
would like to have a FWA. But of course, IRC won't get one.
ASG Ang M: Third Simming at each others sims
Reny N 66: i think it would be real cool if we tried to get sponsored by
like... Lucasarts or something... as farfetched as that is, heh... I know has a sim group or whatever, but doesnt
LtCIronASG: I like that Ang. I'm all for it.
Zero1192: what about the academy?
ASG Ang M: The academy is putting the buggy before the wagon
ASG Ang M: We don't have anyone to currently put into an academy sim
Dkinght: is it really Ang?
ASG Ang M: Yes it is, plus who will run it
OnlineHost: CdrMikeASG has left the room.
OnlineHost: CdrMikeASG has entered the room.
Dkinght: it goes right along with recruiting
ASG Ang M: I am tired
asgsolr1: I agree Ang
PhaeraP: Hehe
LtCIronASG: Hrmm...another good point.
PhaeraP: It sounds pretty good. But as to whom specifically would work on
it, would be the question
Zero1192: i think instead of an 'academy' there should be like....a tutor.
Someone who is active to talk with that person and be a first friend in ASG
ASG Ang M: We will have enough problems getting people to do the newsletter,
attend sims, and recruit
Dkinght: I would be happy to put together some type of academy for ASG
asgsolr1: well I think that would be decided on by the commanding bodies on
both sides
Reny N 66: well, while on the topic of joint stuff, would that mean that
we would coordinate sims as to not coincide with each other?
asgsolr1: that would be a good idea Reny
Dkinght: As long as there is someone from IRC who wants to work on it
ASG Ang M: Wonderful idea Reny
Reny N 66: that way attendance for both sides could be at its maximum
LtCIronASG: Ok, so now we need the liasons. I know Hunter somewhat
volunteered to work with IRC, but who from IRC will work with AOL?
OnlineHost: Hunter2299 has left the room.
OnlineHost: Plasma ASG has left the room.
OnlineHost: Hunter2299 has entered the room.
King The Lou III: work like howso?
Hunter2299: Some days
OnlineHost: Plasma ASG has entered the room.
LtCIronASG: Coordinate sim schedules, meetings, ideas, etc.
Plasma ASG: AHH! ::smacks Mike:: did that get through?
asgsolr1: The ASG Council for aol has a string
PhaeraP: I wish I had he tim..but I don't right now. We'd have to be
thinking on it, I guess.
asgsolr1: so couldn't we create an e-mail string for AOL and IRC to handle
something like that?
Sheeba1313: I could be a liason. If no one objects, that is..
ASG Ang M: That is a great idea Solr
LtCIronASG: I have no objections.
asgsolr1: merging both Command Groups?
King The Lou III: I object, Sheebs.
Plasma ASG: whoo! I can see the text again and it's moving! yay! ::dances..
then stops mid-step as to not piss off the AOL demons too much::
Dkinght: We could always ask seth if he could set that up
ASG Ang M: Let's cut out the middle mand
Sheeba1313: >_>;
divinedis0rder: It's all yours Kinny. I've got no time to do it.
King The Lou III: j/k *hugs sheebs*
PhaeraP: That'd be good. At least so we can have the proper communication
channels there.
divinedis0rder: *bops Lou*
UFboi: I don't trust kender!
Reny N 66: i trust the pretty little sheebiekins whole heartedly ^_^
Sheeba1313: ::sticks her tounge out at Ice:: Nyaa!
divinedis0rder: I've hardly have enough time to plot one of the budding
fantasy sims we're working on.
Reny N 66: and I veto you ICE!
divinedis0rder: You wouldn't, Ice. :p
King The Lou III: Anyway.. how many sims do you currently have running?
asgsolr1: Fireball and Lexis
asgsolr1: both Star Trek
King The Lou III: times?
Kyle Rayner Ion: I trust Kender...with everything except my wallet. *Takes
his wallet back from Sheebs' purse* =)
asgsolr1: Fireball is 10pm EST
asgsolr1: Sunday
LtCIronASG: Alright then. A joint Council e-mail thread. The JAC e-mail
thread....::plots ideas.
LtCIronASG: ::
Sheeba1313: ::innocently:: How'd that get there?
asgsolr1: and Lexis is Sat same time
OnlineHost: CdrMikeASG has left the room.
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OnlineHost: CdrMikeASG has entered the room.
UFboi: i need to go cook, it was nice chatting with you all
CdrMikeASG: Testing....
CdrMikeASG: Ah, better.
PhaeraP: Bye Icey
OnlineHost: GenBlair has left the room.
Reny N 66: Lexis and AoA clash with one another, but Fireballs time we
have no sims
UFboi: 1...2...3
Hunter2299: With you as well
UFboi: cyas :)
OnlineHost: UFboi has left the room.
ASG Ang M: We can figure something out w/ that when we get the e-mail string
OnlineHost: Falcon7974 has left the room.
ASG Ang M: Reny are you the CO of AoA
Reny N 66: no, Dragon is
Plasma ASG: I'd be willing to run a sim. I know Volt might be interested in
the Stargate sim if you get it going
asgsolr1: well I would say Ang and Dragon talk
asgsolr1: and try to figure something out
divinedis0rder: Nor is 10 pm on wensedays. *looks guilty*
ASG Ang M: Works for me Solr
Reny N 66: Im starting a Star Wars sim, for whomever might be interested,
i guess avenger disbanded, so any of your former members of that might be
CdrMikeASG: I've been considering an idea for a sim. Although, it would
be...interesting to say the least.
Hunter2299: Speak up Mike
Reny N 66: Matrix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reny N 66: ::highfives Mike::
CdrMikeASG: :::Returns the highfive:::
asgsolr1: yeah Reny Avenger did disband
King The Lou III: ..i feel left out\
LtCIronASG: Well, I'm gonna develop a Macross (Robotech for all of you
un-cultured people;-)) sim.
LtCIronASG: I would need help though...anyone willing?
CdrMikeASG: Macross? :::Drops to a bow before Iron, bowing repeatedly:::
I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!
Hunter2299: As always I'll offer what help I can to anyone who asks for it
Plasma ASG: Okay.. here we go.. Ultimate X-Men runs at 10 eastern on
mondays, X-Force at 10 eastern Tues, X-Men 8 est Weds, AoA 10 est Sat, Nor 10
est Weds..
Plasma ASG: And there're a couple sims inbetween that're unsure of when
they'll run
LtCIronASG: I keep forgetting that Mike is Old School Anime fan...
divinedis0rder: Anyhow... uhm.. Nor is a generic DnD sim. It's not based on
any popular fantasy world. Iceman's Mederian is a message board thing.
King The Lou III: man I love Ultimate X-Men.
asgsolr1: Plasma if you e-mail me the times of the sims
King The Lou III: it's the best sim.
CdrMikeASG: Old school, new school. It's anime, I'll jump at it.
asgsolr1: I'll send them each week in FWA
asgsolr1: to the group
Reny N 66: lol
Kyle Rayner Ion: Lou:Stop that. heh heh heh.
LtCIronASG: So, does this mean I have your help Mike?
King The Lou III: stop what?
Sheeba1313: My River of Blood sim's on Thursdays, mostly. Doesn't have a set
time though.
Reny N 66: its the best sim cause it has the best member! BONG!
ASG Ang M: It also be nice to have instructions for our group members to
attending IRC sims
Kyle Rayner Ion: You've got a big enough head as is. heh heh. ;)
King The Lou III: I love Ultimate X-Men, I can't help it if that is the best
sim ever.
ASG Ang M: Where to download the software and that
asgsolr1: yes I agree Ang
CdrMikeASG: You have my help, I assure you. Plus, that of another of our
numbers...provided I can get a hold of her sooner than later.
King The Lou III: you guys can just stop in and watch.
OnlineHost: ASG Vicky has left the room.
LtCIronASG: Terrific. E-mail me when you can. I'll start gathering data and
Reny N 66: the irc website has links for the download sites, its kinda
confusing once you download and start it up though
Reny N 66: and none of us have access to our website :-\
Plasma ASG:, Download mIRC on the left when you get ti
downloaded, new connection, then /server then try and join

Hunter2299: I've got you covered on Data Iron, as always
LtCIronASG: Heh. Thanks Hunter.
Plasma ASG: Eh, Nak's the only one with access to the ASG-IRC site to edit
CdrMikeASG: Need info for Macross? I know a few websites.
Plasma ASG: which's rather stupid .
LtCIronASG: ::starts making a list for what I need:: Valkyrie specs, SDF-1
CdrMikeASG: Ever heard of the VF-4?
LtCIronASG: You betcha.
LtCIronASG: God bless MAHQ
CdrMikeASG: YF-19?
LtCIronASG: Yup
Dkinght: Hey...can I get links to those Macross sites
Hunter2299: Try this Iron.
CdrMikeASG: GU-11?
LtCIronASG: Yup!
ASG Ang M: I have no clue what you guys are talking about
Reny N 66: me neither Ang
Plasma ASG: Macross stuff
Reny N 66: i can do the whole Sci-Fi thing, but anime bedazzles me
Plasma ASG: Think you guys could take it to private IM?
Hunter2299: I have uite a few more. Most of which go into painful detail,
but that is a good start Iron
LtCIronASG: Ah, Hunter. Perhaps I should tell you. MAHQ has all of that
stuff, AND is updating it constantly...
LtCIronASG: Sure.
Reny N 66: ok
ASG Ang M: If everyone agrees I think we should work on putting together
teams to work on a newsletter and recruiting/advertising
Reny N 66: so we have a lot of budding ideas going here
Reny N 66: we should take some action to make sure things take place
though instead of just talk and no action like it always ended up being in
the past
CdrMikeASG: We're looking at what might be a new chapter in ASG history. Or
at least a rather interesting end to one.
ASG Ang M: I think the buddy ideas would probably best work w/in individual
ASG Ang M: Also, we can see about getting a e-mail chain with both groups
Plasma ASG: ..::pushes Mike into a garbage chute:: Have we actually decided
on how/if we'll restart International?
Plasma ASG: The last thing I saw was whatever was said before I said IRC has
no FWAs and won't get one.. I was going to post a followup when the chat died
Plasma ASG: And as somebody who used to be one of you, I'd really like to
see the ASG AOL continue. i mean.. hell, it's where I started out. I've run
sims here. ..And killed convos here
King The Lou III: go C! *highfives him*
CdrMikeASG: Convo killing is a fine art. There are many masters here.
King The Lou III: I win!
Reny N 66: heh
Plasma ASG: ::clasps his hands behind his back, a podium appearing in front
of him:: Because when it comes down to it, we're all ASGers, each and every
one of us.
ASG Ang M: Exactly
CdrMikeASG: Dear God, he has a point!
Plasma ASG: Whether we be AOL or IRC.. we still want to see the ASG as a
whole continue on into greater glory. So we must swallow our pride and our
prejudices and dare to look forward to a new future.
LtCIronASG: ::takes out a lighter and sways back and forth::
ASG Ang M: I think this is a good place to wrap it up
Plasma ASG: Today, we celebrate our independance day! ..sorry, got caught up
in the moment, there..
ASG Ang M: lol
Sheeba1313: Whoo! ::throws thorny flowers:: ^^
CdrMikeASG: Iron, watch the sound insulation!
Dkinght: ::Applauds Plasma::
LtCIronASG: Ack!
ASG Ang M: Sometime this week we'll send out a FWA going over the meeting
LtCIronASG: ::claps:: Bravo
ASG Ang M: Also, one advertising IRC sim schedule and how to get involved
CdrMikeASG: Quick, somebody get a fire extinguisher! :::Goes back to
Kyle Rayner Ion: It'd be a good idea to have a follow up meeting sometime
LtCIronASG: And there will be an e-mail thread incorporating the IRC and AOL
ACs soon, I hope?
ASG Ang M: It's in my notes
LtCIronASG: Alright.
Sheeba1313: And I'd like whoever's going to be the liason on your end to
message me so we can exchange e-mails and stuff. ^^
ASG Ang M: If we have an e-mail string, then we won't need liasons
LtCIronASG: ::pushes Hunter towards Sheeba:: Here he is.
Plasma ASG: _ ..I missed something, who let the Kender be the liason?
Sheeba1313: ..Hey!
CdrMikeASG: We kinda did it while you were non-existant.
ASG Ang M: I thought we choice a joint e-mail over a liason
LtCIronASG: Did we? Now I'm lost...
Sheeba1313: I think having liasons would be good anyway, as a back-up
measure of sorts, no?
PhaeraP: I'd rather do it that way myself.
ASG Ang M: No liasons
CdrMikeASG: All in favor of no liasons?
PhaeraP: Less channels to go through to get things approved and what not.
ASG Ang M: We are going to have enough problems getting people involved in a
newsletter and recruiting
ASG Ang M: Let alone simming
Reny N 66: how do i sign up for these things, i want to be informed of
stuff when it happens, i want to see this group succeed, i dont want the last
5 years of my life to have been a complete waste :-\
Hunter2299: Look whatever you folks want to do is fine by me. when the topic
was up I volunteered that's all
OnlineHost: CalihanV has left the room.
ASG Ang M: After we put all of these ideas together in a written form then
we will start putting together volunteers
LtCIronASG: Alright then. I'm content with that.
ASG Ang M: But remember if you volunteer, then you have to actually be
ASG Ang M: Thank you everyone for coming from both sides
CdrMikeASG: Always good to be back with the ol' gang again. I'm getting
misty...:::Wipes a tear from his eye:::
Dkinght: Good to have you back Mike ::Extends a hand::
King The Lou III: ::fwaps Mike:: suck it up, soldier
CdrMikeASG: :::Shakes the hand::: Do I have to return the uniform now?
Hunter2299: Stop that you'll short out the Antimatter Reaction controls
again Mike! ;-)
Dkinght: No
LtCIronASG: ::pats Mike on the back:: Good to be working with you again
Mike. I hope to here from you soon inb e-mial or IM...
PhaeraP: *sweatdrops*
CdrMikeASG: I'll get in touch with ya, Iron. I'll also pass along the news
to a good friend in IRC. She's...kinda been scarce lately.
Hunter2299: I'll see if I can get the Council of sages together on this
project Iron
King The Lou III: ooh.. Sages
King The Lou III: do we have to awaken them like Zelda?
LtCIronASG: Terrific. I'll speak to the Masters about letting us borrow
their ship.
Reny N 66: lol
Reny N 66: Lou you and your zelda :)
Hunter2299: Well actually yes since one is a college student
LtCIronASG: Then we'll jump to Tirol and party with the Invid!
ASG Chip: Thanks for letting me watch. You kids have fun attempting to make
this work.
King The Lou III: Zelda 0wnz
LtCIronASG: See ya Chip!
King The Lou III: I might be thinking of bringing back the Zelda sim.. heh
Hunter2299: LAter Chip
CdrMikeASG: Until next time, Chip.
ASG Chip: Take care.
OnlineHost: ASG Chip has left the room.
King The Lou III: lata
Reny N 66: holy shit! i remember i was the goron!
Reny N 66: that sim was cool as hell, i totally forgot about it
OnlineHost: CdrMikeASG has left the room.
LtCIronASG: ::remembers the Minmei shower scene and drools:: .....
ASG Ang M: I am off everyone night
OnlineHost: ASG Ang M has left the room.
OnlineHost: Dkinght has left the room.
LtCIronASG: ::slaps himself:: Well, I gotta be off too. Catch ya'll later!
Sheeba1313: ::lurk lurk lurk::
LtCIronASG: And nice to see you IRC people again!
King The Lou III: soo..

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