Survey - How can we make the sims more interesting for you.

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Survey - How can we make the sims more interesting for you.

Post by ASGAnne » Sat Sep 14, 2002 6:20 am

Tell us what you think. ~Ann

* Sim's are plenty interesting as it is. can't think of any way.
* You cant really control this but... don't cancel them as much.
* Its fine as it is.
* It's not a matter of interest for me... it's a matter of work and when I can wrestle AOL from my Mom's clutches.
* Better sim plots.
* Some of them can be a little slow.
* More character development, especially encouraging new simmers to do this.

(1) CHARACTERS: From what I've seen, ASG members tend to play the same characters from one sim to the next... with minor personality alterations here and there as the setting demands. I'd like to see players encouraged to create separate, developed characters for each sim. Each should have a background... hopes, dreams, loves, fears... possibly even career goals. And they should not have names which are adjectives. Even if they use the same SN, each character should be an individual.
(2) MORE POSTS: Players should also be encouraged to post stories and such concerning their characters outside of the sims. This deepens the character development and makes the entire game feel more "real" to all involved.
(3) SKILLS: This is a more radical change... but hear me out. In each setting, there are... perhaps 12+ different "skills" that each player can possess. In Star Trek, for instance, you might have "phaser" or such. In each skill, you can possess up to... say... 20 ranks. When you first join the sim, you get perhaps 5 points altogether to distribute. During the course of your career, your CO awards you with more points to distribute as desired. Note that no dice or anything are involved, of course. The skill levels simply allow you to accurately estimate how good your character is at doing something.

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