Babylon 5 Station Sim 5/10/02

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Babylon 5 Station Sim 5/10/02

Post by ASGVicky » Fri May 10, 2002 7:25 pm

ASGVicky: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MISSION LOG~~~~~~~~~~~~
ASGVicky: 020510
ASGVicky: Security is in the process of interrogating Games for a possible connection to the
ASGVicky: bombings on Babylon 5. Security will continue to check out this but it is likely
ASGVicky: that they will not be able to connect Games to anything that happened. The fire team
ASGVicky: on the station have indicated that the whole fire bombed area burned too hot for
ASGVicky: the incindiary device to have survived for identification.
ASGVicky: Captain Howe is meeting with Ambassador Solr to discuss a detail of Mimbari to
ASGVicky: be stationed on Babylon 5. The President of the Alliance has assured Captain Howe
ASGVicky: that there will be tight security on the Station since he is planning a meeting of
ASGVicky: the Alliance Worlds on the Station within the next couple of months.
ASGVicky: Please press @ when you are done reading.
Zero1192: @
The Game ASG: @
Jade ASG: @
LtCdrZachASG: @
Orinvaldejajedi: @
LtCTreggar: @
ASGVicky: ___//____// START SIM \\___\\___ __//____//_ START SIM _\\___\\___
LtCdrZachASG: now games lets have a chat shall we
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LtCTreggar: ::puts on a blue beret with green speckles::
The Game ASG: a chat about what
LtCdrZachASG: like you havenyt heard
LtCTreggar: ::heads down to the docking station::
ASGVicky: ACTION: C&C is notified that the new Assistant to the Mimbari Ambassador is arriving anytime
Zero1192: <<Wait wait, what is Jade's post?>>
The Game ASG: haven't heard what
LtCdrZachASG: the explison in crew quarters
LtCdrZachASG: inonncent people died int that attack
ASGVicky: *taps* Treggar are you set to meet the new Assistant to Ambassador Solr. I believe her name is JadeASG.
The Game ASG: yeah some had to be good to not get caught but then this is B5 and security is never here when you need them
LtCdrZachASG: well im with you now arent i
Jade ASG: ::arrives on B5::
The Game ASG: are you
LtCTreggar: *taps* on my way
Orinvaldejajedi: ::walks toward his quarters::
LtCdrZachASG: and if theres one thing i hate its terroirists...and thier acomplices
ASGVicky: *taps* Please give her the VIP tour. Ambassador Solr is angry enough with all the explosions on the Station.....
The Game ASG: i quite agree with you but what has this got to do with me
LtCTreggar: ::steps into the docking area and starts looking about::
LtCdrZachASG: well you are and arms dealer
The Game ASG: yeah and your point
Orinvaldejajedi: ::enters his quarters:: whats there to do
Zero1192: You're a good source of bomb food
The Game ASG: true anything else
ASGVicky: ACTION: Treggar spots a rather attractive young Mimbari woman looking a bit lost
LtCdrZachASG: not to mention illegal weapons
The Game ASG: i'd hardly call them illegal
Jade ASG: excuse me sir i'm Jade, Ambassador Solr's assistant
Jade ASG: i'm looking for Captain Howe
LtCTreggar: Not a problem.
Zero1192: Well illegal or not, your stock may be the supply kit for that explosion
LtCdrZachASG: you relize that most of your stock is banned by the earth allince
LtCTreggar: I'm Treggar, the intel officer
The Game ASG: really and what has this got to do with me in the brig
LtCdrZachASG: we just want some info
Jade ASG: nice to meet you, the Ambassador isnt happy with what is going on here
LtCdrZachASG: for instance who came into your shop looking for firebomb material
LtCTreggar: I'm not to partial to it either
LtCTreggar: We've got someone chasing down a few leads even as we speak.
The Game ASG: ok so you take my weapons, shut down my shop, put me in the brig and now you expect me to give you info do you think i was born stupid
ASGVicky: :::walks down the Zocalo slowly looking into all of the shops; stopping in front of Orin's and looks in the windows::::
Jade ASG: any arrests?
LtCTreggar: ::points towards a lift:: C&amp;C is that way.
Zero1192: Stupid has nothing to do with this
Jade ASG: right behind you
LtCTreggar: *taps* Captain, our new arrival wants to speak with you.
LtCTreggar: ::heads in the direction of the lift:: Have you ever been on B5 before?
The Game ASG: well you don't get it do you after what you have done to me you expect me to give you lot infomation
Orinvaldejajedi: ::grabs his shop inventory list:: here we go ::heads out of his quarters to his shop::
ASGVicky: *taps* I have set aside some time to meet with her this afternoon:::
LtCdrZachASG: we can give it all back
Zero1192: What!?!?
The Game ASG: and then arrest me for selling illegal weapons
Jade ASG: first time, i just got the position as the Ambassador's assistant
LtCdrZachASG: well tell us what we want and ill pull some strings to allow you a permit or two
LtCdrZachASG: i am head of security after all
LtCTreggar: It appears we have a little time before the captain will be free. Shall we find your quarters?
Jade ASG: sure
Zero1192: Ugh. ::Looks away as he knows he can't argue::
The Game ASG: i want all my weapons and my shop and anything else you've confiscated from me plus a permit with authorization to sell them
LtCdrZachASG: ill see what i can do
Orinvaldejajedi: ::walks onto the shop level and towards his shop::
The Game ASG: for as long as i own a shop on the station
LtCdrZachASG: but i want you to live up to your end of the bargian now
The Game ASG: sure
LtCdrZachASG: im listening
LtCTreggar: ::enters the lift and heads for the ambassadorial wing::
Jade ASG: just curious Treggar but, what race do the suspects belong to?
ASGVicky: :::tries the door on the shop and then seeing it isn't open begins to walk away::::
The Game ASG: no one bought the weaponry from me i know i sell some pretty nasty stuff but not that nasty to do the station in but there has been rumours flying around
Orinvaldejajedi: ::unlocks his shop and enters::
LtCdrZachASG: like
LtCTreggar: So far the only thing we have is a human shop owner
The Game ASG: well i hear that a Centuri did it the others say that someone called Kamahl did it but i don't beleive what they say
LtCdrZachASG: anything else
ASGVicky: :::turns and heads back to the lift and then notices that Orin's shop is now open: enters::::
Orinvaldejajedi: ::without looking at his door:: can i help you
The Game ASG: well i think the person could have been here all along and someone hired him or her to do the bombing since they would have known the station back to front in detail
ASGVicky: Yes you can. I
Orinvaldejajedi: ::looks up:: sorry Captain, but business has been slow and i didnt expect you here
ASGVicky: am Captain Howe and I don't believe I have ever officially spoken to the owner of this shop before.
The Game ASG: plus there wouldn't need to be an escape route to be planned they could get paid and go back to doing what they usually would do untill they get hired again and again
Orinvaldejajedi: that would be me
LtCdrZachASG: i see
The Game ASG: so i came up with a new theory
Jade ASG: this is a nice area, where was the most recent bombing at
ASGVicky: kind of thought so. I see your shop sells all sorts of items from alien weaponry to souvenirs
LtCTreggar: I think it was some where near blue sector
Orinvaldejajedi: not too lucky with weapons i sell more souvenirs than anything
LtCTreggar: ::leaving the lift he starts heading down the hall looking at the passing doors::
ASGVicky: I was wondering if you had ever heard any rumors about your shop neighbor, Mr. Games?
Jade ASG: ::still following Treggar::
LtCdrZachASG: and
The Game ASG: i think someone who used to be a terrorist and then turned and have gone mercenary or bounty hunter could well have done it
Orinvaldejajedi: i heard something about him and the bombings of the station
LtCdrZachASG: ah yes
Zero1192: ...
ASGVicky: anything in particular?
LtCTreggar: The ambassadorial wing has been rather quiet lately. Probably a good thing after a few of the things that have happened around here.
LtCdrZachASG: well imn going to let you go ok
ASGVicky: ACTION: A small explosion rocks the lift disabling the lift and sending it plunging to Down Below
Orinvaldejajedi: not exact, but i did help Zach arrest a Centauri who was trying to buy bombs from me and i dont sell bombs
LtCdrZachASG: ::places a hand on his back placeing a small tracer under the skin:: your a free man
ASGVicky: so perhaps Mr. Games sells bombs...
The Game ASG: thats what everyone says
Orinvaldejajedi: not likely he sells mostly guns, nothing like that
Zero1192: I can't believe you let him go.....
LtCTreggar: ::steadies himself from the rocking:: I'm going to kill someone.
The Game ASG: ::heads back to his shop::
Jade ASG: good, my first trip here and already an explosion
ASGVicky: Alright well it has been a pleasure Mr. Orin. I need to head off. Thanks for the information. If you hear anything please contact me.
LtCTreggar: Good?
Orinvaldejajedi: i will thank you for the visit Captain
The Game ASG: ::goes to the door of his shop::
Jade ASG: good, a sarcastic comment Treggar
LtCTreggar: ::finds the door he's looking for:: This should be the place. ::opens the door::
LtCdrZachASG: i did yes but a placed a tracker on him
ASGVicky: :::picks up a message from C&C about an explosion in the lift shaft::: I need to hurry. Another little present I fear
Zero1192: Wow. Smart
The Game ASG: ::looks at his door:: looks open i wonder who's been in here
The Game ASG: ::opens the door carefully::
ASGVicky: :::checks on the damage reports from the engineers on the scene::: only 3 dead this time. Damn this has to stop....
ASGVicky: Can we trace the device material this time?
LtCdrZachASG: ::heads back into his offcie activeating th bug on game::
LtCdrZachASG: thank treggar for the idea
Jade ASG: nice quarters, but i think we should meet with the captain
The Game ASG: ::gets in the shop:: phew now then lets see what they have been up to
ASGVicky: :::hands the reports back and tells the security detail to report back to Zach if they find anything:::: I'm heading to C&C. I have an appointment to keep
LtCdrZachASG: officer> aye ma'am
LtCTreggar: ::hands Jade a small pad with the directions to the quarters:: I'll drop you by C&amp;C and then I've got to find out about this new explosion.
Jade ASG: ok, well lets go
LtCdrZachASG: *bcom* hey treggar that new tracer works like a charm
LtCTreggar: ::heads for C&amp;C::
The Game ASG: ::lifts up the floor panels:: well they didn't get these military weapons thats a good thing the Centuri would not be to happy if they found out
Orinvaldejajedi: ::exits his shop locking it and enter Games shop:: Welcome back
The Game ASG: hey Orin come andhave a look at these
Orinvaldejajedi: whoa nice hardware
The Game ASG: lets strip these floor and the back rooms wall panels off::
ASGVicky: :::Sits down in the office and shakes head wondering how to get control of the information that seems to be missing:::
LtCdrZachASG: ::looks at zero:: so whats your tehory
LtCTreggar: ::enters C&amp;C leading Jade::
Zero1192: Well.......
Orinvaldejajedi: you sure if they raid your shop again Zach will throw you back in the brig
The Game ASG: ::goes and takes off the majority of the panels:: well i don't know but i know one thing i am back in buisness
Zero1192: Actually, I'll have to agree with Game......terrorists......that have changed
The Game ASG: get the weapons and put them on the shelves Orin
ASGVicky: :::gets up and straightens uniform before going to the door of the office and inviting the new Assistant to the Mimbari Ambassador in:::
Orinvaldejajedi: ok ::grabs the weapons and heads for the shelf Games is pointing at::
LtCdrZachASG: well i dont turst him one bit
Zero1192: ? Why not?
LtCdrZachASG: but hes all we got lead wise
Zero1192: It sounds reasonable....
LtCdrZachASG: dta zero
The Game ASG: ::starts the putting the weapons on the shelves::now then where is it ::pulls off another 3 panels::
LtCTreggar: ::knocks on the door to the captains office::
ASGVicky: :::steps out::: Treggar this is Jade I presume?
LtCdrZachASG: those three letters may save your life
LtCTreggar: Absolutely, and she knows what sarcasm is so there should be nothing wrong.
Zero1192: What's dta.....?
The Game ASG: ::puts most of the weapons on the shelves and places the panels back::
Jade ASG: Hello Captain Howe
LtCdrZachASG: dont turst anybody
ASGVicky: thank you for seeing her safely here. I have something for you to do though Treggar.
Zero1192: i can't trust you
LtCTreggar: Why am I not surprised.
Zero1192: I'm just kidding sir
Zero1192: So you're saying that that was just a made up story?
ASGVicky: Hello Jade I am happy you are here. Ambassador Solr went to Epsilon 3 and asked me to greet you. He is conversing with Draal.
LtCdrZachASG: who knows
The Game ASG: ::gets the front of the shops panels back to the way they were:: now to go to the back room
Zero1192: Hmmm. Then we have nothing else to believe...
Orinvaldejajedi: well i'll talk to you later i have something to take care of ::exits the shop::
ASGVicky: Treggar, security has found some device pieces. I am sure you can analyze them
LtCdrZachASG: if it is a lie the guy sis probaly a hellva poker player
LtCTreggar: Shouldn't be to hard. I'll get on it.
The Game ASG: ::sorts out the back room and gets every weapon out and puts the panels back to the way they were::
ASGVicky: :::nods then turns to Jade::: I have prepared tea. Would you care for some?
Jade ASG: yes please
The Game ASG: ::goes back behind the counter::
ASGVicky: Ambassador Solr was quite pleased that they were sending an Assistant and he was adament that I meet you right away. However, I asked him to see Draal as soon as he could to see if Draal could shed some light on the bombings for us
ASGVicky: I told him I would entertain you for a bit.
LtCTreggar: ::heads down to security::
Jade ASG: i was wondering has all of the shop owners been questioned
ASGVicky: I believe that Security is working on that. I know that I have talked to several myself.
ASGVicky: I will be fully updated in about an hour
Jade ASG: maybe it isnt a shopkeeper, but someone close to one of the shopkeepers
ASGVicky: ACTION: A small package with mysterious markings is brought into Security by an old man who explains that a veiled woman gave her the package to deliver for 5 credits.
The Game ASG: ::starts to mess around with a mini scanner device::
ASGVicky: right now it is possible that it is anyone on this Station. We have 5 groups all claiming responsibility. I personally don't think any of them did it. They aren't known for their hostile nature
LtCdrZachASG: we got a problem
The Game ASG: where is orin these days he dissapers alot
LtCdrZachASG: *bcom* bomb squad security office on the double
Zero1192: What is it?
LtCdrZachASG: we should get out of here
LtCTreggar: ::enters security::
LtCdrZachASG: were the next target
LtCdrZachASG: treggar leave very slowy
ASGVicky: ************Pause Sim **********

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