Babylon 5 Station - the Beginning 12/6/02

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Babylon 5 Station - the Beginning 12/6/02

Post by ASGVicky » Fri Dec 06, 2002 7:17 pm

ASGVicky: ~~~~~~~No Chat Mode~~~~~~
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ASGVicky: are we simming with only 5?
asgsolr1: yeah, why not?
asgsolr1: Those of us who are interested are here
ASGVicky: It is the third shift so it can be sparse
ASGVicky: ~~~C&C Third Shift Staff~~~
ASGVicky: CO ---- ASGVicky
ASGVicky: Staff Assistant --- LtOrinASG
ASGVicky: .
ASGVicky: ~~~Security Third Shift~~~~
ASGVicky: Assist Chief ---- CdrZachASG
ASGVicky: Security -------
ASGVicky: .
ASGVicky: ~~~Fighter Squadron~~~
ASGVicky: Flight Leader Alpha ---- DKinght
ASGVicky: .
ASGVicky: ~~~Medical Third Shift~~~
ASGVicky: Chief ---- ASGAngM
ASGVicky: .
ASGVicky: ~~~Engineering Third Shift~~~
ASGVicky: Chief ----
ASGVicky: .
ASGVicky: ~~~Others~~~
ASGVicky: Vorlon Ambassador ---- Hunter2299
ASGVicky: TechnoMage ---- GamesASG
ASGVicky: If you do not have a post please say "aye" now.
OnlineHost: “Hunter2299” has entered the room.
ASGVicky: Okay the macro missed the XO-ASGSolr
ASGVicky: No chat mode is for the Commanding Officer. No chatting or typing should be going on when this is announced.
ASGVicky: .
ASGVicky: ::: ::: Are for actions
ASGVicky: {{{ }}} Telepathic speaking [used only by telepaths]
ASGVicky: ACTION: For the Commanding Officer. These statements will direct the sim.
ASGVicky: << >> Out of sim talk when NECESSARY
ASGVicky: ~~~~~Commander's Log - Third Shift~~~~~
ASGVicky: Well, the personnel from Earth Force have begun arriving on the Station.  The skeleton crews
ASGVicky: from the three shifts have begun to flesh up.  Sometimes it's
ASGVicky: lonely in those corridors as I walk along looking into empty areas.  Sometimes I see shadows moving.  
ASGVicky: I don't know how this is all going to work I've never known this many aliens to inhabit
ASGVicky: one place at any one time. Professional that is what
ASGVicky: we have to be.  The President gave
ASGVicky: us a mission and damned if we're not going to do it.
ASGVicky: Babylon 5 will succeed.   Sinclair and Garibaldi did a pop
ASGVicky: inspection on the third shift last
ASGVicky: night and he said we were doing great.  
ASGVicky: Guess we're going to have to see how this all shakes out. Well, back to work.  It looks like two new
ASGVicky: transports are arriving and from the roster it should be carrying some of the new engineers and physicians for this shift.  
ASGVicky: :::raises a cup of coffee to the viewing window::: Welcome to Babylon 5.
ASGVicky: .
ASGVicky: End Log
ASGVicky: ~~~~~ Begin Sim ~~~~~~
ASGVicky: Orin check with Solr and see if the doctor and all are on this transport
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Cdrzachasg2: ::walks into his office half asleep::
Lt Orin ASG: On it right now ::heads off looking for Solr::
ASGVicky: If you can't find him get to the transport and see if Dr. Angela M is onboard
ASGVicky: :::yells over shoulder:::
Lt Orin ASG: ok, i think i saw him in his office
Cdrzachasg2: ::mumbles:: coffe
ASG Ang M: ::wonders if she shut off the coffeemaker before she left Earth::
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Lt Orin ASG: ::walks upto Solr's office, knocking:: Solr, sir?
ASG Ang M: ::mutters:: All my supplies better be there
asgsolr1: Yes Orin
ASGVicky: :::notes that the shadow of the wandering Vorlon on the screen showing the corridor nearest the Alien sector:::
ASGVicky: He's up mighty late.
Lt Orin ASG: the captain wants to know if Dr. Angela M is on this next transport
ASGVicky: ::mutters:::
asgsolr1: Don't worry Orin, I'm on my way to C&amp;C now
Cdrzachasg2: ::sips his coffee and sits::
Lt Orin ASG: ok, i'll let the captain know
ASGVicky: Zach *bcom* we have a wandering Vorlon in the main corridor... might want to check on him...
ASG Ang M: ::looks around the transport at all the weary passengers::
Lt Orin ASG: ::walks out of Solr's office to a com console:: +Captain+
asgsolr1: ::gets up and walks into the corridor, looking around:::
ASGVicky: Yes Orin?
asgsolr1: ::enters C&amp;C::
asgsolr1: Vicky, here's the crew manifest of the incoming transports
Lt Orin ASG: Solr should be on his way up there now
Cdrzachasg2: *bcom* yes ma;am ::he stands and leaves holding his ppg::
Hunter2299: ::Walks slowly through Blue Sector::
ASGVicky: Orin get to the transport arrival area and escort the Doctor to medlab
Lt Orin ASG: Captain *bcom*: on my way
OnlineHost: “Jade ASG” has entered the room.
ASGVicky: Good man....
ASGVicky: Thanks for the manifest Solr...
ASG Ang M: ::looks out window::
asgsolr1: Your welcome
asgsolr1: have I missed anything?
ASGVicky: this place is slowly growing.
Jade ASG: &lt;&lt;where am i needed?&gt;
asgsolr1: of course it is
Hunter2299: ::Wanders seemingly without Aim through the Zoccalo::
asgsolr1: wait until the entire population arrives
Lt Orin ASG: ::enters the arrival area::
ASGVicky: It's so quiet here at night.
Cdrzachasg2: *bcom* where is the suspcet vicky
ASGVicky: *bcom* No suspect Zach. The Vorlon is an Ambassador. See if he needs anything
Hunter2299: ::Tilts the helmet of his encounter suit in a way that almost seems to make it smile::
ASGVicky: <<Jade how about doing some security tonight?>>
asgsolr1: I like it at night
Jade ASG: &lt;&lt;sounds good&gt;&gt;
asgsolr1: Just think we don't have to deal with all the incidents we read about
ASG Ang M: ::looks out window::
Jade ASG: ::enters Secuirty:: Zach?
ASGVicky: :::nods::: check out the Ambassador though. I hope we don't have to deal with him wandering around a lot
Lt Orin ASG: *bcom* Captain, its a quiet here, a little too quiet
Cdrzachasg2: ::looks at jade as he is ready to leave:: yes
ASG Ang M: ::Sees the B5 station coming into view::
Jade ASG: anything to do?
ASGVicky: You know I heard the Centauri Ambassador had to be led out of one of the drinking establishments last night
Cdrzachasg2: *bcom* where is he
Hunter2299: ::Continues his meandering course silently through the station to the Gardens::
ASGVicky: *bcom* entering the Gardens now....
ASG Ang M: ::astonished by how large the station looks::
asgsolr1: What a shock, he's a Centauri
asgsolr1: ::shrugs::
ASGVicky: Orin, the transport should dock in 2 minutes
Lt Orin ASG: *bcom* I see it now
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Hunter2299: ::Stands Silently at the Zen Rock Garden::
Cdrzachasg2: lets go jade ::heads for the gradebs::
AnimeLuv1983: << i am learning a lot of things you can do without the use of your mouse >>
Jade ASG: ::follows Zach::
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Lt Orin ASG: *bcom* What does the Doctor look like Captain?
auburn65eagle: hey
ASGVicky: :::ACTION::: A loud piping of music is heard blaring from the far side of the Garden area...
ASG Ang M: ::feels the transport slowing as it enters into the station::
AnimeLuv1983: << can i still sim with you guys? >>
ASGVicky: Orin, from the manifest the doctor will be easy to recognize. She will be the only female
ASGVicky: <<but of course>>
Hunter2299: ::Listens intently to the music::
Lt Orin ASG: *bcom* ::laughing:: shouldnt be that hard then huh
ASGVicky: Looks like five dockworkers and the Doctor
ASG Ang M: ::stands up as soon as the seat belt light goes off::
Lt Orin ASG: ::watches the ship docking:: Where's the doctor?
AnimeLuv1983: << post? >>
ASG Ang M: ::slings two bags over shoulders::
ASG Ang M: ::exits the transporter before anyone else::
Lt Orin ASG: ::notices the doctor, stunned:: uh Hi, Doctor M?
ASG Ang M: ::puts out hand:: hello, and you are
ASGVicky: <<Serenity - med tech?>>
Hunter2299: ::Drifts deeper into the gardens::
Lt Orin ASG: Orin, Captain's Assistant, this way ::leads Ang out of the dock::
asgsolr1: Has most of the crew arrived?
ASG Ang M: thanks you
ASG Ang M: Have my supplies arrived?
ASGVicky: ACTION: Several shouts are heard from the Garden and then breaking glass followed by running feet
Lt Orin ASG: i'm sure they have, i'll check with the captain
Lt Orin ASG: ::pulls out his handheld com:: *bcom* Captain, i'm with the doctor, she is inquiring about her supplies
ASGVicky: *bcom* looks like they all arrived yesterday
ASG Ang M: Thank you
asgsolr1: *bcom* Zach, report of disturbance in the Zen Garden
auburn65eagle: &gt;
ASG Ang M: What do you think of this station Orin?
Cdrzachasg2: ::enters the zen garden:: {Sbcom} way ahead of you
ASGVicky: ACTION: One man runs past the Vorlon and bumps into him
Lt Orin ASG: i've only been here a few days, but its good right now
Cdrzachasg2: ::draws his ppg moving slowy::
Hunter2299: ::Tilts his helmet and Quietly watches the unfolding scene::
Jade ASG: ::looks around:: I....I..uhm...can't find mine Zach
Cdrzachasg2: ::hands her his extra::
Lt Orin ASG: i'm guessing you would like to get settled, before heading to the med lab
Jade ASG: thanks
Cdrzachasg2: welcome
ASG Ang M: Actually, I will probably spend most my time in med lab so let's go there
AnimeLuv1983: << sorry >>
ASGVicky: :::moves over to look at the other screen:::
Lt Orin ASG: ok, this way, but i hope you dont spend ALL your time there, anytime you like, the captain or i can show you most of the station
AnimeLuv1983: << what is happening >>
Cdrzachasg2: ::starts moving slowy carefully::
ASGVicky: Flip you for who makes rounds. You or I, Solr?
ASG Ang M: I would appreciate that
asgsolr1: How about you?
Hunter2299: ::Follows behind his eratwhile assailant slowly::
asgsolr1: I just want to enjoy my cup of coffee
Lt Orin ASG: just a few more meters this way ::points down a hallway::
ASGVicky: I've already had half a pot
asgsolr1: I haven't had any
ASGVicky: I'll see you in a few.
AnimeLuv1983: :: in medbay ::
ASG Ang M: As anyone been to the planet below?
Jade ASG: ::looks at Zach, then ahead of them:: i'll go this way
Cdrzachasg2: ok be carful
asgsolr1: ::nods and raises the cup to his mouth::
ASGVicky: :::checks ppg as exits C&C:::
Lt Orin ASG: i haven't not sure about the rest of the crew, i try to know as little as possible to keep from getting blamed for something
AnimeLuv1983: << ok nevermind >>
asgsolr1: ::turns his view from the window to space back to the consoles::
ASG Ang M: I try to know everything
Lt Orin ASG: i actually left where i'm from for that reason
ASG Ang M: Where are you from?
Hunter2299: ::Walks Slowly past Jade his Dark encounter soot Glistening with it's single eye glowing fainntly green::
Lt Orin ASG: North American continent is where i think my parents are from but i grew up on an island in Europe
ASG Ang M: I grew up on Earth too
Jade ASG: ::looks around:: what was that, Zach, somethings over here?
Lt Orin ASG: really, what part?
AnimeLuv1983: :: waits for the new doctor ::
ASG Ang M: Mostly in the capital, but just about everywhere
Cdrzachasg2: where
ASGVicky: :::walks down the corridor toward medlab checking doors and smiling at the few who were out:::
Lt Orin ASG: ::stops at the medlab door:: never been there bet its nice, well, where here
Hunter2299: ::Dissapears back into the garden::
ASG Ang M: Has any of my staff arrived?
Lt Orin ASG: Captain?, Doctor Angela M; Doctor, the Captain
ASG Ang M: Captain
ASGVicky: Well, I thought I should arrive about the same time. Welcome to Third Shift B5
ASG Ang M: Thank you ma'am
Lt Orin ASG: not to exciting on third is it Captain?
ASGVicky: I hope Orin was helpful. So far so good on excitement
Lt Orin ASG: I tried to, i think i starting rambling
ASGVicky: I believe Serenity is on duty now and has been holding down the fort for you
ASG Ang M: Very good
Hunter2299: ::Walks slowly Past Zach::
ASGVicky: ACTION: Scream is heard from deep within some trees near the Vorlon
ASG Ang M: ::opens the medlab doors::
AnimeLuv1983: :: gets things in order ::
Lt Orin ASG: Captain, you think i should be the doctor's first patient?
ASGVicky: as you can see the medlab is brand spanking new
Cdrzachasg2: ::heres the scream and runs over::
ASG Ang M: Very nice
ASGVicky: Are you sick Orin or what?
Lt Orin ASG: i think i need to be checked, i had trouble sleeping last night
ASGVicky: ACTION: Zach falls over a body
AnimeLuv1983: hello ma'am
Hunter2299: ::Stands silently over Zach's now prone form::
ASG Ang M: You must be Serenity, it is very nice to meet you
AnimeLuv1983: yes ma'am
ASGVicky: :::chuckles::: from what I hear Orin, half of the female staff here would like to sing you to sleep.... get checked out then
AnimeLuv1983: nice to meet you also ma'am
asgsolr1: *bcom* Zach?
ASG Ang M: Orin, when was the last night you got a good nights sleep
Lt Orin ASG: ::looks back:: What, me?, the women back home didnt like me?
Lt Orin ASG: 3 weeks ago
AnimeLuv1983: :: chuckles ::
ASG Ang M: How long have you been on the station?
Hunter2299: ::Tilts his helmet as the iris on the porthole contracts and then expands::
Lt Orin ASG: how long has it been Captain?
AnimeLuv1983: << who is ang talking to? >>
asgsolr1: *bcom* Zach? status?
Cdrzachasg2: *bcom* somethigns wrong solr
ASG Ang M: <<Sorry I was referring to Orin>>
AnimeLuv1983: << oh nm >>
Jade ASG: ::heads after the mysterious figure::
ASG Ang M: Serenity do we have all of our supplies?
Cdrzachasg2: ::looks at th body:: we need medical in here
AnimeLuv1983: yes ma'am
AnimeLuv1983: the last of the supplies came today
Cdrzachasg2: *bcom* ang we need medcial in the zen gardens and bring a body bag
ASG Ang M: Terrific
Hunter2299: ::Makes a soft musical sound with accompanying lightson his Translator::
asgsolr1: *bcom* Zach, what's wrong?
ASG Ang M: ::shakes head::
Cdrzachasg2: *bcom* dead body
ASG Ang M: ::drops both bag on shoulder::
Jade ASG: I've heard this song before
asgsolr1: *bcom* how?
ASG Ang M: *bcom* We are on our way
asgsolr1: do you have an identity?
Cdrzachasg2: *bcom* i dotn know
Cdrzachasg2: what is it jade
asgsolr1: *Bcom* Vicky, dead body in Zen Garden
Lt Orin ASG: <<where is the captain?>>
Jade ASG: ::she becomes &quot;hypnotized&quot; by the music::
ASG Ang M: Serenity, please help me find the body bags and medkit
ASGVicky: *bcom* on my way... if you will excuse me
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Cdrzachasg2: ::puts on some gloves and serches::
ASG Ang M: Of course Captain
AnimeLuv1983: yes ma'am
Cdrzachasg2: cant i just have one day without a murder
ASGVicky: Status Solr....
OnlineHost: “auburn65eagle” has entered the room.
Hunter2299: ::Stands quitely overlooking the scene::
asgsolr1: I don't know Anything
asgsolr1: All I know is Zach said there was a dead body
ASG Ang M: ::Let's hed to the Zen gardens:: I hope you know the way
Hunter2299: ::In a flurry of musical tones and lights from the Translator:: Can you?
ASGVicky: :::enters the Zen Gardens and heads for the noise:::
Jade ASG: ::looks around for the music:: Where did it go?
Cdrzachasg2: i dont know
Cdrzachasg2: i wish
AnimeLuv1983: yes ma'am i do
ASG Ang M: Terrific, let's get there
Lt Orin ASG: ::leaves for C&C::
ASGVicky: :::stops at the music and notes the Ambassador Milari is dancing but no body:::
AnimeLuv1983: yes ma'am
ASG Ang M: ::walks w/ Serenity to the Zen Gardens::
AnimeLuv1983: :: heads for the zen gardens ::
Hunter2299: ::Another Flurry of light and sound:: Wish?
ASGVicky: :::turns and heads off toward the other end:::
Cdrzachasg2: seems every time i wake up someone dies
Jade ASG: ::looks around confused:: Zach, what, wish, huh?
Hunter2299: ::Begins slowly moveing off::
AnimeLuv1983: << enters the gardens >>
ASG Ang M: ::walks into the Zen Gardens w/ Serenity::
ASGVicky: :::walks up behind Zach::: as long as it isn't me dying... what is going on and how did he die?
AnimeLuv1983: :: walks to where all the comotion is ::
ASG Ang M: ::looks down::
Cdrzachasg2: not sure caotian
Jade ASG: ::jumps at the sudden appearance of the Captain:: oh my goodness, Captain, you startled me
Cdrzachasg2: *captian
ASG Ang M: ::puts on gloves::
Cdrzachasg2: ::holsters his ppg:: all i heard was a scream
ASGVicky: :::looks at the Vorlon and bows::: good day sir
ASGVicky: I'm sort of known for showing up behind people quietly
ASG Ang M: Do you know anything about this person?
Lt Orin ASG: ::enters C&C:: nobody here, better check on any transmissions for Solr or the Captain
Cdrzachasg2: no
asgsolr1: Orin I'm here
ASG Ang M: ::looks at the bodies head::
asgsolr1: Open your eyes
AnimeLuv1983: << brb i am going to try and fix something on my computer >>
Lt Orin ASG: sorry, i'm still thinking about something the Captain said to me
Hunter2299: ::Another Flurry of light and sound this time towards Vicky:: There is a Truth here
ASG Ang M: ::feels the neck::
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Hunter2299: ::Continues to move away towards Grey Setor::
asgsolr1: And that would be what?
ASG Ang M: That is probably our cause of death
Lt Orin ASG: that she heard half of the female staff here would like to sing me to sleep
ASG Ang M: ::shakes head:: I will have to do an autopsy
asgsolr1: What does that mean?
ASGVicky: :::looks at the Vorlon and sighs::: I hear they talk in cryptics
Lt Orin ASG: either it was a bad joke, or the Captain was hinting at something
Cdrzachasg2: guy does kinda freak me out
ASGVicky: ~~~~~~~~~~End Sim~~~~~~~~
ASG Ang M: There is no evidence of trauma

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