Infinite Darkness

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Infinite Darkness

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Description:When the inhabitants of Earth first launched into the outer reaches of the "known" galaxy they were fairly united. The idea that humans weren't the only ones traveling through this space brought people together to work for further survival. The outcome of the Prospect missions greatly changed that mentality.
Knowledge that expansive alien civilizations had been wiped out spread fear and panic into the population. People were revolting all over the place, greedy politicians expanded their power by playing to the public and several created their own factions within the newly established world government, military leaders were fighting both the people and the politicians, and through it all new found alien technology was being smuggled onto the planet.
Finally things came to a head and before any more fighting could destroy the planet, the separate factions left. A mass exodus of ships suddenly burst free of the Earth loaded with all the people and technology that would fit. The fleets diverged on separate paths and plunged into space.
Earth was no longer the last haven of humanity, it was an entrenched symbol of the "old life", but with 3 planets under direct control at the start of it all Earth held the majority of power both militaristic and political.
As the years went by mini-empires began to form. Thousands of planets that were now inhabited by the fleeing humans regained their feet and began expanding their own territories. More alien technology was found, technology that would both help and hurt the human race.
Each self-proclaimed nation began searching longer and harder for more discoveries. Squabbles arose between various planets colliding over the same work sites. The infighting again grew to war status and humans once again attacked humans. Massive warships were constructed to do battle amongst the stars but as each planetary power realized its own limitations to wage war amongst so many, alliances were soon created. Planets were gobbled up in the growing empires until nearly all of them were members of some larger nation, but none of these larger factions got along with the others.
Today there are four major powers: HomeForce, which is dedicated to defending Earth and all of its protectorates; Freeborns, a group declaring themselves above the petty squabbles of other governments; Keckevan Empire, a power bent on controlling everything; and the Massonists, a group intent on reclaiming the home world at all costs.
Extras not added to website yet

Real Time Simming: This is for technology so it stops rapid growth of it, should the sim be based on gettiing some alien technology, depending on what technology they want (i.e organic, temporal etc) depends on how long it takes before research.

example: The crew get a beam cannnon from an alien planet, it's an unusual technology. it might take them 2 months to research if the captain has 5 people in the science department of the roster. After the 2 months the weapon is available to use on board the ship.

Note: Only me and Treggar decide how long it takes, they can sim getting the tech but it'll take some time to research it. I don't want to keep updating the website every week adding technology so this will control it.
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