Brand New Fireball!.....DK Manuver introduced!

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Brand New Fireball!.....DK Manuver introduced!

Post by Dkinght » Sun Nov 17, 2002 8:48 pm

Dkinght: =/\= Begin Sim=/\=
The Game ASG: ::taps away in engineering happily::
Zero1192: ::yawns
Zero1192: ::
DeltaOmegaStar: *Watches as all of hsi borg implants drop to the floor
"Bye bye" Then goes and reports to security, then acesses the
Science Station*
ASG Lake: :::below decks, running a probe into the weapons systems::
Dkinght: ACTION: The Defiant Class Ship USS Trenton appears on the
sensors....5 mins away
ASG Lake: :::turns and runs to the nearest lift to go back to the bridge::
Zero1192: ::twirls around in his chair::
Dkinght: ACTION: Fireball and The Romulan ship are getting overwhelmed by
the stronger romulan Vessels
The Game ASG: ::me wanders if he should simulate a warp core reaction::
<<dinnae worry, i'll have the bautie in one peice>>
ASG Lake: :::bursts back onto the bridge and takes over for the ensign that
had taken the tactical:::
DeltaOmegaStar: <<Maybe you should worry about keeping the shields up,
before you play with the core>>
asgsolr1: Trenton 5 minutes out sir
Dkinght: Zero! Evasive Manuver Beta 1
The Game ASG: <<we cannae do it, we hav nea p'wer>>
Dkinght: Solr...make sure they are apprised of the situation
asgsolr1: already done sir
Dkinght: Lake, how are the shields?
DeltaOmegaStar: <<We were using the KWW last sim>>
Zero1192: wha? I'm helm? ::takes evasive manuvers::
The Game ASG: <<who;s in engineering me or you>>
ASG Lake: 61%, dropping faster. Theyr'e weapons are adapting to our
Dkinght: <<What do you mean?>>
asgsolr1: How are they adopting to our shielding?
asgsolr1: They aren't borg ships
The Game ASG: &lt;&lt;what on earth is the KWW>>
Dkinght: Yes...good question...I was about to ask that myself...
DeltaOmegaStar: &lt;&lt;Kreager Wave Weapon &gt;&gt;
asgsolr1: <<it's a weapon designed by ASG R&D>>
The Game ASG: ::does somme cleaining of the technical stuff::
Dkinght: <<It's a fun little toy'd like it>>
DeltaOmegaStar: . o O ( Must be a new type of RS.. ) *Taps keys in using the
sensors to scan the RS *
ASG Lake: They must be getting some kind of feed back from the energy
Dkinght: +Taps+Games...I need power to shields 30 seconds ago
The Game ASG: ::gets the feather duster out:: hmm don't think that'll work,
wander what it's doing in here anyway
ASG Lake: I'm trying to effectively do the same thing. Launching a probe
into their shields now....I'll be able to adjust my :::ship rocks::
The Game ASG: +DK+ aye cap'n
Dkinght: ::Looks to the Romulan Commander::How's your ship doing?
The Game ASG: ::re-directs power to shields::
ASG Lake: :::fires the probe::
DeltaOmegaStar: *Walks into Eng* &quot;Ahhs thats were I left it! *Takes the
Feather Duster, and returns to Security*
asgsolr1: I've let the Trenton know about the adaptation ability
asgsolr1: RC> we definitely could use a little help
Dkinght: <<Why are you looking for a feather duster in the middle of a
Dkinght: ::Nods:: And we'll get it.
The Game ASG: &lt;&lt;i wasn't here last week, and as you say this is a
battle so anything could happen>>
asgsolr1: RC> I believe shields are down 50% and rear disruptors are down
Dkinght: the KWW still hot and ready?
ASG Lake: ::The probe drives into the shields...surviving just long enough
to send information back to the Fireball:: Aye Captain. I think I have their
flag ship picked out..
Dkinght: Target a secondary ship...
ASG Lake: Captain...
Dkinght: Solr. Modulate the shield frequency
ASG Lake: I...
Dkinght: Just do it Lake!
Dkinght: I have an idea
The Game ASG: ::starts re routing power to give efficiency to all essential
asgsolr1: I'll see if I can Captain. Engineering isn't exactly my specialty
Dkinght: Take a best guess...
DeltaOmegaStar: +Taps+Bridge, &quot;Sir, I have been studing the specs of
the KWW, and after this shot, we won't be able to use it, since it will be in
a cool down, but we will still have power to it, We can divert the power to
shields and wepoans
ASG Lake: Aye Captain...:::drops the hammer and watches the KWW surge into a
flanking Romulan vessel::
asgsolr1: ::Tries shield modulation::
Dkinght: Zero...head straight for the lead vessel
asgsolr1: I think I might have it
Zero1192: gah, what???
Dkinght: Do it!
ASG Lake: ::hears Delta's message right after firing::: Is he serious?
Dkinght: More than likely...
Zero1192: er, yes sir ::moves ship towards lead craft::
DeltaOmegaStar: . o O ( :-D )
asgsolr1: RS> ::continues firing into one of the secondary ships::
Dkinght: Lake...arm all torpedo launchers and phaser banks at that lead on my signal...
DeltaOmegaStar: +Taps+ It will increase substantialy the damage and
protection to those systems
Dkinght: ACTION: FIreball and the lead Romulan ship begin a dangerous game
of chicken
Dkinght: ::Hands solr a PADD:: Transmit this coordinates to the Trenton
ASG Lake: :::His console whirs...a couple of ammunition warnings go off and
he flips them to silent::
asgsolr1: Yes sir
asgsolr1: ::sends transmission to Trenton::
asgsolr1: Message sent
Dkinght: ACTION: The Gap between fireball and the Romulan ship shrinks
ASG Lake: :::I have him targeted....I can fire on your command::
Dkinght: Good. +taps+ All hands...brace for collision
asgsolr1: What?
asgsolr1: are you serious?
Zero1192: ...
Dkinght: Stand by Lake
asgsolr1: Captain!
The Game ASG: WHAT!!!! ::grabs onto the closest thing::
DeltaOmegaStar: *Sighs... then grabs ahold of console*
ASG Lake: :::Another warning pops up referring to range of destruction:::
standing bye...
The Game ASG: ::the closest thing is not fixed to the ground so he runs
round freaking out::
ASG Lake: :::flips warning silent::
Dkinght: ACTION: The Romulan ship veers off at the last the
same time the trenton comes out from behind Fireball and fires on the
ROmulan's engines
Dkinght: Lake! Now!
ASG Lake: :::fires and a massive salvo pours from the rear phaser banks::
ASG Lake: Torpedos away!
Dkinght: Zero! Down 5 degrees
ASG Lake: 1 is a hit...2 is a hit...3, 4, 5 hits....Wer'e right in the kill
Zero1192: aye aye, sir ::pilots the ship down 5 degrees::
Dkinght: ACTION: Fireball fires on the romulan ship blanketing the underside
with weapons fire
DeltaOmegaStar: *Notices that the KWW is now charging*
Dkinght: ACTION: Fireball dives away from the RS as the ship is engulfed in
asgsolr1: RS> ::cloaks and moves around to a new ship::
Dkinght: Alert all vessels to clear the area
ASG Lake: (Taps) console is not receiving input on the KWW.
Is it charging?
Dkinght: +taps+Belay that...transfer the KWW energy to shields and engines..
The Game ASG: +Lake+ nope, i can't afford to use the power for it to be used
without lowering shields
DeltaOmegaStar: . o O ( >:o grr... )
Dkinght: Lake, lock weapons on the 3rd romulan ship. Solr, request a
surrender from them
asgsolr1: Yes sir
asgsolr1: ::sends out request::
asgsolr1: Message away
Dkinght: Zero, bring us into a clear shooting position. Request the Trenton
does the same
asgsolr1: RS> :::de-cloacks and opens fire on nearest ship:::
ASG Lake: :::Locks main phaser banks on the 3rd vessel. But leaves the
torpedo bays open for re-alignment::
Dkinght: ACTION: Romulan ship just sits in space
ASG Lake: Captain. I know you have a plan. But if there are more cloaked
vessels. Wer'e in a lot of trouble with no KWW.
asgsolr1: Captain Lake is right
asgsolr1: we are 3 vessels, we don't know how many they are
The Game ASG: &lt;&lt;course we're not, this is the Scotty Clone in
engineering. anything can be done>>
Dkinght: ::Nods:: Go to Yellow Alert....Zero resume course for Starbase 74.
Maximum warp
Zero1192: Sheesh, you change orders too much ::sets course::
asgsolr1: Yellow Alert?
asgsolr1: Zero no complaining, yes sir or no sir will do
Dkinght: Yes...yellow alert...
ASG Lake: It'll sooth the crew a bit.
Dkinght: Exactly Lake
Dkinght: Engage when ready Zero
Zero1192: engaging ::hits the console::
Dkinght: Ask Captain Garrity if he will acompany us to 74, Solr
asgsolr1: Yes sir
asgsolr1: ::hits buttons::
asgsolr1: Just awaiting his reply
ASG Lake: (Taps) Engineering, I think Iv'e lost my feed to the KWW system.
I am not even sure I'll be able to fire from here if we re-charge it. Just
thought you should know.
The Game ASG: +Lake+ ok
Dkinght: ACTION: The Trenton agrees and forms up on Fireball.
Dkinght: Lake, I want active sensors.
asgsolr1: RC> Captain?
Dkinght: ::Looks the the RC:: Yes, COmmander?
asgsolr1: RC> Shall we accompany you?
ASG Lake: :::Sensors pulse in every direction. Digging through each layer
of space::
Dkinght: ::Nods::Inded...I thought your ship would be with us anyways
Dkinght: *indeed
Dkinght: ACTION: Starbase 74 is 10 Mins away
asgsolr1: RS> ::cloaked, follows the Fireball::
ASG Lake: Oh great....
Dkinght: ::Looks to Lake::You know I don't like it when you say that
ASG Lake: Last report from Starbase 74....they were upgrading and re-fitting
their weapons grid...
Dkinght: ....That's not good...
ASG Lake: They may not be much know how those things tend to take
longer than they should.
asgsolr1: I don't like the sound of that
Dkinght: Inform Admiral Roberts of what's going on...then send out a call
for any federation ship in the area to converge on 74...
The Game ASG: &lt;&lt;i do>>
asgsolr1: but if the Starbase is being repaired wouldn't they have patrols
Dkinght: she's the nearest starbase to the Neutral Zone
Dkinght: Nothing heavy enough Solr...
The Game ASG: &lt;&lt;get the klingon, while you're at it>>
The Game ASG: &lt;&lt; or dominion>>
Dkinght: <no dominion this time...maybe in the future...but not this time>
ASG Lake: I need to regain fire control for the KWW>
The Game ASG: &lt;&lt;not fair, they could beam through shieds>>
asgsolr1: I've informed the Admiral
Dkinght: ACTION: The KWW breaks down
asgsolr1: he's sending out orders to the fleet now Captain
DeltaOmegaStar: *Watches as all that raw EPS power is slowly wasted*
DeltaOmegaStar: +Bridge+ Permission to transfer all power from the KWW to
other Important systems?
The Game ASG: &lt;&lt;dinnae worry DOS, it's not that bad we can't have the
fireball with infinite power>>
Dkinght: ACTION: Incoming message from Admiral Robert
ASG Lake: &lt;Admiral Roberts> Fireball, I need a sit-rep from you ASAP.
What's going on out there?
Dkinght: +Taps+Granted...make sure most of that gets into the engines...I
don't want Starbase 74 unguarded
The Game ASG: &lt;&lt;fireballs been in mush worse situations, it's become a
hobby for the fireball crew>>
Dkinght: <>
Zero1192: <<that's your reason? :
Zero1192: *>>
Dkinght: ::Stands:: Admiral....we have reason to believe there is a major
Coup in the Romulan and Klingon Governments...
asgsolr1: <<enough, we can chat later sim now>>
The Game ASG: &lt;&lt;it'll do for now>>
DeltaOmegaStar: *Transfers 75% of the power to the Enginges, and 10% to the
shields, and 15% to reserves*
ASG Lake: (Taps) Engineering...can somebody down there please tell me what's
going on...
Zero1192: ::stands quietly in the corner::
The Game ASG: ::Re-routes all power fron non essential systems to all
essential systems::
ASG Lake: &lt;Admiral Roberts> Your'e caught in the middle of two civil
Dkinght: The romluans and klingons have been attacking constantly...but
we've had help. ::Points to the RC::
The Game ASG: +Lake+ well this place is sort of in a mess, i'm tryiing to
clean up problems
DeltaOmegaStar: *Looks out of the Security office, standing in front of his
Science Station, with Controls of various systems around him &quot;So lonly
in security*
The Game ASG: &lt;&lt;DOS are you in engineering or security>>
Dkinght: No sir...they think we've been attacking bases inside their
Dkinght: So they attacked the first federation ship they saw...namely us
DeltaOmegaStar: &lt;&lt;Use Delta, and I am in Security, with a Sci station,
with various other stations around me&gt;&gt;
Dkinght: Thanks to the Trenton and our Romulan Comrade here, we're safe and
enroute to Starbase 74
The Game ASG: &lt;&lt;i like DOS, if you're science then shouldn't you be on
the bridge at your post>>
ASG Lake: &lt;Admiral Roberts> Very well. My thanks to you::to the
Romulan::. Captain, yo uand the Trenton protect star base 74. The Lexis is
on it's way. We will contact both governments.
Dkinght: <<He's security Games...>>
DeltaOmegaStar: &lt;&lt; To bad, use Delta, and no, I am Security, and I
have a Science stsation&gt;&gt;
The Game ASG: &lt;&lt;then why is he diverting power, to me thats science as
Dkinght: Understood, sir. We're enroute...our eta is 25 mins..
The Game ASG: ::starts to clear up problems all over the ship::
asgsolr1: <<guys I thought I said cut the out of sim chat>
DeltaOmegaStar: *Closes out link from Eng, and connects to the Lcars... *
hmm... Ping Pong! *starts to play*
The Game ASG: ::gets security teams to sort problems out, depressure's the
cargo bays giving more power::
The Game ASG: engineering teams*
OnlineHost: AnimeLuv1983 has entered the room.
The Game ASG: ::cuts power fom the holodecks and diverts them to engines::
ASG Lake: &lt;Admiral Roberts> Very well. I will contact you again soon.
Your standing orders are to fire on any ship that does not identify as
friendlies. Admiral Roberts out. ::ends::
Dkinght: +Taps+Red Alert! All hands to battle stations...Security teams
begin running boarding drills!
Dkinght: +taps+ Games...I need all the power you can muster mister
ASG Lake: ::Blinks:: That's a serious order sir. It almost sounds like Star
Fleet has already come to a conclusion on this matter...
The Game ASG: ::diverts warp power through to shields::
Dkinght: I agree Lake...
Dkinght: Let's just hope it doesn't turn into a 3 way war...
DeltaOmegaStar: *Puts ping Pong on pause, *Sets up Holo Training programs,
only to find out power is cut, +ENG+ Can I have power for Boarding Drills?
asgsolr1: They haven't had enough time to make an informed decision
asgsolr1: I think they're just looking to protect the fleet
asgsolr1: After the immediate threat is gone the orders may change
Dkinght: Well...either way we've got a fight on our hands...
The Game ASG: ::starts running over non essential decks of ships, gets crew
moved to ler floors and takes power from the middle floors of the ship
including atmosphere::
The Game ASG: lower*
asgsolr1: Do we know if there are any ships at the Starbase?
Zero1192: are we supposed to take that as a good thing or a bad thing
ASG Lake: True. That makes sense, because a broken fleet wouldn't be much
good to them if they decided to go to war.
DeltaOmegaStar: +Bridge+ Can I have power for Holo Traing Programs?
ASG Lake: ::looks at Zero:: A good thing I guess...if we win.
Dkinght: From what I understand we're looking at a couple of Excelcior
Classes and a Steamrunner
asgsolr1: This close the neutral zone and that's it?
asgsolr1: very limited protection
Dkinght: < can't remove life support from decks>>
DeltaOmegaStar: . o O ( Steamrunner... *Access Lcars for info on
The Game ASG: &lt;&lt;why not>>
Dkinght: Well they weren't expecting any attacks...
asgsolr1: Yeah but I would have figured at least one heavy gun
DeltaOmegaStar: &lt;&lt; They might have a KWW&gt;&gt;
Dkinght: << can't and I said so :-P>>
The Game ASG: &lt;&lt;i doubt it>>
Dkinght: <<They don't>>
asgsolr1: You know maybe a Galaxy or even Ambassador class starship
Dkinght: +Taps+ Engineering, I need the KWW up and running again Pronto
DeltaOmegaStar: &lt;&lt;They might, Since it can be fitted, its not only
just for us &gt;&gt;
Dkinght: The Admirals Flag is a Galaxy last I checked...
DeltaOmegaStar: *Goes back to Security, and contuines to play ping pong,
then connects to smartones station, beating up on him*
ASG Lake: Zero I think you should program some of your evasives to my
console. So I can set up some defensive screens to them.
Dkinght: Good idea...
The Game ASG: +Bridge+ fine but i'll be taking just about everything offline
apart from essentials to do that
asgsolr1: Is the Admiral staying htere?
Dkinght: The admiral is remaining on the station...
Dkinght: he doesn't fear much of a threat...
The Game ASG: ::diverts alot of power to the KWW::
DeltaOmegaStar: &lt;&lt;KWW Replicating Properties: All components of this
system may be replicated, except for the Kreager saturated Trilithium crystal
(TR~K81). 2 Ea TR~K81's are issued to all systems using this device &gt;&gt;
asgsolr1: That's not wise but at least if his ship is there
The Game ASG: &lt;&lt; it still needs power from us to fire it>>
asgsolr1: it's a pretty nice weapon
Dkinght: Let's get ready for a fight's gonna get ugly...
The Game ASG: &lt;&lt;and at the moment i'm trying to get it>>
Dkinght: =/\=Pause Sim=/\=

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