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~*Waves to all his fellow trekkie fans*~

Post by Disman » Wed Sep 10, 2003 1:10 pm

Hey everyone. I was wondering how many active members you all have in the Startrek Genre?

I used to RP with ASG a long time ago when I first had aol. (When I say long time ago I mean like 5 years or more) I remember when ASGSeth was a captain. :P (Weren't you a playing a betazoid? I can barely remember) My old name was ltjgTeenKarate. I wish I could remember everyone I rped with. You all were very good.

I'm trying to make a comeback in the Startrek SIMS but between school and RL it is hard. So, I hope that ASG has been prospering well. Hopefully maybe I will see some of you on the bridge someday!


Disman aka LtjgTeenkarate

Van Helton
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ASG simming

Post by Treggar » Tue Sep 16, 2003 9:59 am

The ASG actually isn't doing anything. Things have died out within the last year; a lot of due to that real life thing, but if you dig deep enough and don't mind getting a little dirty, you'll find there's still a type of amoeba that continues to crawl about.

Treggar Detchan
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