Starting up(Bios)

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Starting up(Bios)

Post by Dkinght » Tue May 28, 2002 9:07 pm

At this point, we're going to attempt to start up again. Bios should be posted here. The boards are excellent for character development. It is also a good way to advance the plot quickly. I hope that anyone who wants in will post a bio...I'll also be sending out an FWA with a link to the boards.

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Post by StarrChild » Mon Jun 03, 2002 8:42 am

I'm new here. But I'd like to be in this. How should I post a bio?
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Post by Lake » Mon Jun 03, 2002 11:06 am

Name: Tony Cuza
Weight: 172
Hair: light brown
eyes: hazel
birthplace: Earth, city of Chicago
Age: 23
Star fleet rank: Marine Captain
History: Tony's parents travelled much with him on earth until he was in his mid teens. When his parents were very young they had made a list of all the places they wished to see, and it was their dream. When he reached the age of 16 they began travelling space, and Tony loved it. Despite of the travelling, he and his sister were well schooled, as theyr'e parents were very educated, and were excellent teachers. The problem was, even with the skill and instinct that Tony had aquired for technologies and science, he was not accepted for positions because he lacked the normal schooling. So he signed up for the academy, and was allowed entrance after high test scores. He worked his way up, and was given the rank of Marine Captain after transferring to the newly formed Star Fleet marines.
Personality: Tony was surprisingly suited for security and tactical type work. He also developed as a leader. Combining patience with hard line expectations of those under his care. He is not the most accurate shot, or the most gritty close range combatant. But he has a nack for his survival, and for those around him, using his ingenuity. When not in uniform, he is easy going. Not the quietest, but certainly not the loudest.

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Post by Games » Mon Jun 03, 2002 1:56 pm

Name: Auron
Weight: 200
Hair: Black
eyes: Brown
birthplace: Earth, London
Age: 24

History: Auron was brought up by his father after his mother died in a shuttle accident.
For awile he travelled with his dad learning about cultures and the technology accompanied with each race.
He entered academy at the earliest time and decided to become a Marine. His love for
different technology and the marines got him through the Academy he is also a good shooter
when it comes to using weapons such as Phase rifles. He can also use explosive weapons well.

Personality: Cartainly someone who is up for any challenge. When he is off duty he likes
to travel around and see new places and even learn cultures.
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My Bio

Post by Deltaomegastar » Sat Nov 16, 2002 5:46 pm

Name: Zeke -----
Nickname: Las Vegas Dealer
Race: Vulcan
Height: About 6'3''
Weight: --- Heavy
Hair: Unknown, Always Wearing A Head Covering
Eyes: Hazel Green
Birthplace: Classified
Age: Old Enough

History: being brought up with the Vulcan disciplines, to fast and to quickly, he obtained a knack for disregarding his elders training, thus setting himself up to become an outcast. Being banished from Vulcan, he found a suitable Klingon training partner, and learned Klingon fighting techniques, combined with his knowledge, he decided to go and make a living for himself in the humans “marine corps.” It couldn’t be that difficult since he got the best of Klingon and Vulcan aptitudes, it shouldn’t be that hard. It then took him about 6 earth months to get into the academy, always being rejected on his account of being disrespectful to his “superiors.” Which would deter any other cadet, then under mysterious circumstances, he was allowed into the academy, and excelled through all the courses with no problems. Through his early career, he had many problems with his CO’s. Yet, besides that, every mission he has been assigned, it has been done with out flaw. Then slowly climbing through the ranks, and gaining command of his own squad, there has been a few cases, one or two soldiers have been injured, out of his entire career.
personality: disrespectful to commanding officers, very intelligent and exceptional strategist, besides his attitude to commanders, he can get along great, and can deal cards, faster than you can believe, being good at long range weapons, he prefers the Klingon Bat`leth, showing exceptional skills.
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Mack McGuire
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New guy, been around the block, wanting to try a new group

Post by Mack McGuire » Tue Jan 28, 2003 9:17 am

Name: Mack McGuire
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair: Blond
eyes: Blue
birthplace: New Berlin, the Moon
Age: 20
Star fleet rank: Corporal
History: Mack grew up in a household where his father was a former Marine corp Master Sergeant. His mother was a house wife. All his life Mack was split between his mother's wishes for him to join Star Fleet, and his father's war stories. Ultimately by the time he was sixteen he decided to join the Marine Corp. He spent endless hours after his school studies learning to use weapons similar to what the Marine Corp used. He also spent a great amount of time learned hand to hand fighting. While he wasn't acceptional he could more than handle himself in the occasional bar fight. At the age of 18 Mack joined the Marine Corp and went through his basic trainning and schooling. Spending his first year aboard a starship that would make frequent patrols near the Cardassian Neutral zone. One fatefull day the warp core went into overload suddenly and unexspectedly. Many of the crew were killed in the explosion due to malfuntions in the safety procedures on the ship and inadequate time to evacuate the ship.

Personality: Mack is generally a well rounded person. He's hardened by many combat situations. But is also very soft spoken and quiet person when off duty. He makes aquantences easy, but picks his friends wisely. He treats everyone their due respect and takes nothing for granted. Hoping someday to be able to tell his father of his own exploits. His only real desire is to be a Marine worth all the stories and hype they've been given.


Post by Guest » Sat Feb 15, 2003 3:22 pm

Name: Hannibal Rossland
Height: 6'2
Weight: 225 lbs.
Hair: Dark Black
eyes: Marine Blue
birthplace: Las Vegas, Nevada
Age: 20
Star fleet rank: Star Fleet Cadet Seargeant
History: Hannibal is a fighter, has a quick temper, and never takes alot of mess from people, thats the way he was since he was just a baby. Hannibal was abandoned, and as an orphan, nobody wanted to adopt poor Hannibal, but now with Star Fleet, he has a new chance.

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