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The Quest

Post by Lake2 » Sat Jun 15, 2002 9:52 am

Leiron was wounded still. The others were worried that he would not make it. They had boarded a large river boat, and Leiron had paid much of his gold to ensure that they were the only passengers. The were floating down the Osca river, and on their left to the east was the lands of the nomads. To their right, the west, was the land of the elves. They were an island.
"Marcus...I see things..."
Tturbol and the other Cessorans had remained with their leader. Yeiul spoke for the first time since the battle.
"Leiron, it could be the poison. Drink some water."
The four knights had crowded around Leiron, their cloaks forming a wall. Each was on a knee, and wore a look of dismay. Marcus was nearby, and spoke soothingly.
"It is poison, but Brenna's healing was effective. Leiron, I must know what you see."
He strained against his weakness, moving himself to a hand and knee, almost reaching the same position as his comrades, but then putting his head in his hand.
"I see a dragon, not the same one....he is trapped. Orcs, other monsters...surround him. But they can not come in to finish him. He is afraid, but not of death. Of imprisonment..."
It was again Yeiul who spoke, "You know how it feels?"
Marcus looked in astonishment at the mere human before him, "Leiron, what does he look like?"
"He is green, and blue. The larger scales start green but grow to sharp blue points. He is thinking of the elves..he's...Tireas. I think you must know him. I think he lives near your lands..."
Leiron gave his description through the night, though all were tired from their battle only a few hours ago, most listened intently while they licked their wounds. Very soon the quest would be given direction. But first, there had to be a way to remove the poison from Leiron. Even if it seemed useful now, it would prove destructive later.
The river boat touched shore, and Brenna went out in search of the proper herbs and plants. She also needed a sort of weed that lay under the water. She needed someone to look for it...even if the threat of a Dessned attacking in the water was becoming greater by the moment. Leiron needed help.

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Post by Games » Sat Jun 15, 2002 4:19 pm

Kavu had to press on he knew that he had to find Leiron but more importantly Marcus. He got on his horse and rode out of town, he was still getting used to these heavy robes that he was wearing. He travelled alongside a river. He was going to get a ride on a boat but it had already gone.
He set off to go along the river untill he cought up with the boat and then try to do something crazy like leap onto the boat from the shoreline. He kept going and going until he spotted the boat.

He got his horse to galop so it became parallel to the boat. He didn't want to risk swimming to that boat so he stayed on the shore riding his horse.
He didn't dare say a word to anyone on that boat since he didn't want to get on the wrong side of anyone.

As the day went by Kavu continued to follow that boat and eventually he and the rest of the people in the boat came to a stop where Leiron was helped off of the boat.

Kavu just sat there and watched them help him.
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Post by Hunter2299 » Mon Jun 17, 2002 12:08 pm

Marcus was not tired in the sense that his physical form was weary, it was the weight of ages of knowledge weighing down upon him that wearied his soul. After Leiron’s first description of the dragon he left his side to ponder the clues lain before him. The dark one and his power, the great dragons of the land, and the return of the Orcs from the distant land the Dwarfs had banished them too, and the troubling knowledge that by now the nomads should know of their presence and have made their own felt. These things he pondered standing on the prow of the vessel as it traveled on the dark river.

Not long after their small vessel pulled ashore, so Brenna could leave and gain stock of medicinal herbs to aide Leiron’s recovery. Many of the company stood guard on the shore in case of attack leaving Marcus virtually alone to speak to Leiron. Young Lord earlier you had asked of me what I knew of the dark one, now I will tell you what little I do. The Dark one is a creature of evil, he cloaks himself in an unnatural flame and a visage not his own, his truth is in the shadows of what we can see. He is powerful in arts arcane and martial but lacks the temper and patience to truly know their full strengths. He walks alone as well, there are none who would stand beside him of their own will. These things I can tell you and also of his corruption of once mighty Altem and the Downfall of it’s peoples. However, you grow weary again I see. Rest now for when you are whole again we must make great haste.

With that, he left the tiny ship to the land, and sought out the one who had followed their Course from the riverside. He approached the Dark Camp from which Kavu watched the company as if a part of the night to be sure that he had been correct of his suspicions. Then when he knew he was right he stepped out of the darkness in front of Kavu as if he had simply arrived. Young one go join the rest of the company it is foreordained you do so. Also in case you wondered the gate is ready for you. With those words, he handed Kavu the missing piece of the manacle and once more disappeared in the darkness. In passing into the night he said find your first companion in yourself, others will follow.
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Post by AmbKoshASG » Mon Jul 01, 2002 12:38 pm

"Yes," Tireas nodded. "I am acquainted with the dragon you describe. He is of the mountains, as is my family. House Laelan has always been on good terms with the dragon, Kressnar. We pay monthly tribute to him, for his benevolence toward the Elven Clans of the mountains. We are still thankful that he drove the Orcish Hordes from our lands millenia ago... scattering their masses across the world." He paused, in thought. "If Kressnar is in any trouble, the Elves will surely find out soon, if they don't know already. This is around the time of the month that some of us go to his lair to pay tribute." Crosses his arms behind his back. "You don't think they're in trouble too, do you?"
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Post by Jaffo » Tue Jul 02, 2002 10:29 am

Jaffo, as had been the norm so far on the quest, stood apart from the others on the shore as the old one named Marcus and the elf (whose name never quite rolled off the tongue with the same magical lilt as when it was spoken by another elf) spoke at some length with Leiron about Balash knows what. Thankful to be away from his hometown, he had relaxed noticeably since leaving the area once so familiar to him. There had been several narrow escapes in the town, evading people he knew. Glimpses of his father did little to bolster his confidence in leaving the town alive. Most of the town would say that he owed them much, though the thief vowed never to validate a single claim or debt laid upon him.

With a deft jump and a half-flip Jaffo moved from the ground up into the lower branches of one of the trees on the shoreline. Crouching down to keep his balance in the slight wind coming off the water, he rolled his eyes in disdain at his fellow travelers. “Whole lot of them are like floundering fish. I may be no better in such a situation but at least I have the sense to gather my gains and run when need be,” he muttered under his breath. Having gotten away from the party back at the port, he had just managed to get out a message to several of the contacts employed by the Guild. It wouldn’t be long before the rumors were confirmed. Guild relations had broken down rapidly of late, and things had fallen back upon secretive foot messengers. Many of the Thieve’s Council were arguing for the use of magic to boost Guild communications but so far their had been no promises that the magickers wouldn’t interfere. Most of the Guild resorted to the use of minor magicks, spells and equipment that helped in Guild activities, but few tampered with the larger magicks. The last time something like that had been tried on a large scale, it nearly destroyed the Guild. The magick-born and magick practicing nobility didn’t look favorably upon the idea of organized crime getting their hands on dangerous spells, although smuggling certain items for the magickers was still a staple for the Guild.

Picking at a shred of bark peeling off the branch underneath him, the thief wondered just then what all the talk was about below. The thought of all the magickers around him was little enough comfort, but at the mention of dragons Jaffo truly questioned the reasons behind the Guild choosing him for this mission. Still, he had his orders...and like it or not, they would have to be performed at any cost. Even himself. If his father had heard something like that, he would have said he could at last be proud of his son. If his mother had heard something like that, she would have wept for the potential loss of a son she had never wanted anything to do with. Jaffo snorted at the thought of both. The risk was worth the potential reward. It was as simple as that.

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Next round

Post by Lake » Fri Jul 26, 2002 5:21 pm

The next round is posted in the topic, "The Great City"
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