The Great City

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The Great City

Post by Lake » Sat Jun 15, 2002 9:30 am

OOC: Okay everybody. Time to bring in your secondary characters. First things first, E-mail me with your character proposal, and once I approve, post. These characters will be characters set in the great city of Estrelle. Remember Estrelle is the largest city in the world, and is where all of the excitement takes place. Check the website for information,
A better description however will follow with my post right here. This message string will remain open, and there will be no limit to your posts here. Post whenever you feel like it. However, I will post regularly at about the same time as I post in the other string that I started for the quest. Any questions refer to the string I started called, Getting Started.
Earl Tainer Evilionis had nothing to fear from the activities in the north that he had been hearing of. The high king's son and heir Imek had sent messenger birds to many of the important men and women of the city of Estrelle, warning them. But for Evilionis there was little worry. No army could get beyond the provinces border patrols, even if they did, the southern army would march into the city and bolster it's defenses. Then of course, the remaining armies would march in to protect the villages, and to perhaps flank the enemy. He had already increased patrols, and finished the training of the newest batch of constables. He stood up and dusted his emerald studded falcon brooch and marched out of the constable headquarters into the great square. In front of him was the heart of his homeland. Limoli park with it's great drooping branch trees, and the six bridges that crossed the great Osca river at it's widest point. A constructive magnificence the center of the city had been. The river and it's many off shoots had been walled and tamed. It had become a system of water road ways, with big oar boats pushing up the river toward the northern outskirts, and little ones turning off into the smaller passages to take it's passengers to places within the rest of the city.

To his right were the great gates of the holy council's great headquarters. It's hanging gardens and gold lined pillars gave tribute to the power that the holy council still weilded.
Across the nearest bridge was the Moliar, where the leaders of the human lands sent their representatives to stay. There were people about, engaged in conversation. Probably spreading rumors and myths of the events that were taking place.

He turned of course on his left heel and headed to the left of his great Constable headquarters and walked down the main road, passing the lilliomen academny, and the trade guild headquarters. Then across the river out of the corner of his eye was the great tower of Eulather. It had taken only twenty five years to build, as there was little to be done. It was simply a two hundred foot high gray stone tower that came to a point. And yet some how, perhaps it was the structure, but one seemed to get a feeling of awe when they passed the tower. Of course around it, the stone walls of the high king's winter home was being constructed, and already there was a host of Cessoran guards. They were a sight to see themselves, as they contrasted with the darker complected, and dark haired Estrellens who dominated the landscape. There were peoples from everywhere, but few Cessorans had lived here. There were of course, two of the high king's children, Osejph and Leilyn. But they had a trace of Estrellen in them, from their mother's side. Even fair Leilyn had a tint to her, and her hair was a compromise between the dark haired Estrellen and light blond Cessoran.

Tainer typically liked to stick to the roads, and as he passed he was greeted by people here and there. He was not popular among the city folk, except for those he passed on his way to his tavern, and to those whom shared drinks with him. He waved to Unni, an Altem who had moved to Estrelle to take up trading, but ended up a street cleaner.

He had strayed out of the center of the city, but all of Estrelle remained lit until the earliest hour of the morning. It was a nocturnal city, all of the most important and exciting things happened at night, and there were always people out. No one woke early in Estrelle but the guards.
For Tainer though, it was his night to cool off.

He entered the "Watering Hole", his favorite tavern, and was greeted by a few of his off duty constables, and a host of respectable city folk. But there were no rich folk to be found here, the Earl tended to steer clear of them. These were well fed but yet simple folk, who lived to live. They respected him. While many thought of him as a "tight collared ornery gentlemen", the people here knew him truly.

For hours he drank and had a good time with his old friends, until the first light was peeking over the land and blinking off of the water ways. He decided to take an oar boat back to his quarters and started off toward one. As he staggered though, he was suddenly aware of someone approaching him fast from his left. After years of training, he had learned to cut through the drunken haze and brandish himself against a foe. He wielded his sword with slightly less than normal precision, and a hooded woman stopped.

"Earl Evilionis! Tainer! Stop it's me, Leilyn." Of course it was, her voice was easy enough to distinguish. "Leilyn," He grabbed his head as if he could squeeze the drunkeness out of it. "What are you doing here by yourself?"
"Looking for you."
"What emver...ahem..what for", his words slurred out and he put his sword to the ground to hold himself up.
"You could you let yourself come to this in days like these"
Tainer was occasionally a loud drunk, "What are you mworried about!? NO bodies gonna...attack Tainer Evilionis!" A hasty swing of his sword, "I'll taketheira head dcleand of his shoulders!
Most were afraid to cross Tainer, as he had a look about him that made people unsure. He was not large or small, and did not apear particularly built like many of the more known sword fighters but he wore an expression that , made many people dislike him at first. On top of that somehow, those who had spiked his temper or attacked him found themselves floating in the river. He of course, was only partially aware of his own disposition. Leilyn however, was well aware, and had little trouble handling him. She stepped forward and slapped him.

She knew the side of him that the holy council had come to trust, and she did not know it, but she had become somewhat infatuated by him. "I need your help! Wake up! Have you not heard? Yoravac is burning, and yesterday my brother Leiron met a strange host in the field!"
"Ye..yesteday. What? How would you know already? I think youv'e bumped your head.."
"Nevermind, a stranger informed me. But I believe him, I think he has a power."
"Pssh...wizards.." He began laughing uncontrollably.
"sorry...Leilyn..what do you want from me?"
"Just...ugh..." He had stumbled forward, bounced off of her and fallen.
"Sorry...I'm too drunk.."
"Don't worry...I'll take you home. Again"

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Post by Games » Sun Jun 30, 2002 9:15 am

Auron sighed "of all the things i do why is it me who gets sent to Estrelle." He stoppped for a moment to look at the city. "I'm sure he has his reasons" he looked the city again and then rode into the city. He headed straight for the the centre of the city. He was heading to his favourite Inn which was called "The Black Horse Inn,"
He got off his horse and put it in the stable which was around the back of the Inn. He then walked into the Inn. As he walked in he saw some old faces that he knew from along time ago. One of his old friends was Epson a knight in the city. "hey! Auron over here" shouted Epson. "What d'ya want Epson i thought you were off to go and rid the land of evil." Auron replied and sat down next to Epson.
Epson drank his beer and said "rid the land of evil? naa i did go on the adventure but i didn't get to far" Auron started to relax "heh, well i've been sent here on orders" Epson looked confused " again? man what is it with him doesn't he appreciate what you do, hell you've killed more assasins then anyone and some how you seem to be good at finding trouble as well."
"If the high king says i have to be here, then i have to be here thats all there is to it." Auron was looking angry and Epson got up to get more beer. Epson returned with a load of mugs full of beer. Epson sat down " this is what you need to calm your nerves, it's the best remedy."
Auron picked up one of the mugs and took a swig of the beer. "thanks Epson, you know what i think i could get on well here."
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Post by Hunter2299 » Mon Jul 01, 2002 9:58 pm

Thor looked up from his mug of beer to see what all the commotion was. Earl Tainer, as usual, was already quite drunk and was now claiming he could out drink anyone. Well such were the norm for members of that young and quick lived race of men. Then Tainer made the mistake of stateing that he could out drink even a Dwarf! This was a challenge that Thor could not pass upon. The wager was set, drink till one or the other passes out and the loser get's the bill. The beverage of choice ended up being Thor's own brand, and after all it didn't hurt to make a little profit on the side did it?

The Challenge lasted for several hours and several Kegs of Brew were consumed till finally Tainer's constitution failed him and he fell to the floor asleep like a babe. Thor thought to himself "serves him right for makeing a damn fool claim like that!" and left the Inn. He waited outside for long hours more to see that his old friends message had been recieved and delivered. Finally the drunken Earl staggered out and was intercepted by Leilyn who indeed had recieved the message. Thor proceeded back to his not so humble aboad outside the city well hidden in the earth to contemplate what the next move in the game would be.
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stumbles and shakes

Post by Lake » Tue Jul 02, 2002 3:29 pm

OOC: This part of the plot is getting ahead of the for those of you involved with this one...please only post once.

Tainer was normally a functional animal the morning after drinking heavily. In fact his body had become almost immune to the suffering he was now going through. On top of not being familiar with his over lighted surroundings, he was completely unfamiliar with them. Disturbing as that was, his sword, clothes and weapons were well within reach. There was an intriguing steam lifting from a nearbye Porcelin tub. Around it were freshening soaps and skin ointments. More importantly a pitcher of water, and a mixed tonic.
His eyes skipped off the tonic and he gave it no further thought, of course he would not drink that. In fact, he decided after a few moments to avoid the water as well. But he trusted the bath water. A third redundancy would be overkill on an overpaid work horse like himself. He was good at his job sure, but that was not enough to justify assassination. Or at least he thought so.
Sure enough, the bath water was quite soothing. Right up to the point when three young maidens strutted in. They were about his age, even younger perhaps.
He was already younger than most of the men in his men. He was only a year past twenty. But he was raised from his birth by his mentors for his tasks. He was adopted by the general of the East, raised by the general and his family. They had known that the young orphan's best hope for lordship was to be given the charge of the lands greatest city. It was they who had pushed at the high king's council to give the man who holds the position the lordly title of Earl.
"Where am I?"
"The green brook hall" The Green Brook hall is where the high king's chief advisor held court with advisors from other kingdoms. It's sole purpose was to oversee trade and to represent citizens of their kingdoms in the courts at Estrelle. Of course, the high king had entrusted his daughter Leilyn with the task of representing him here. His son Osejph then swore to protect her, but he had disappeared.
As for Tainer, his predicament could only be the work of Leilyn, so he drank the water set out for him.
"Where is the lady?"
At that moment she strode in as if she was simply waiting for his thoughts to turn upon her image. She graced, yet punified the beauty of the green brook. Her gown of red was laced with emerald. It was not gaudy like most of the gowns that Tainer had grown up with. Her light brown hair was let loose, contradicting the trend of the north, but fitting in well among Estrelle women of all class. Tainer of course, was speechless.
"Don't be shy now Earl, it is not like you."
The three maidens giggled.
"Lady, perhaps I could speak to you a moment alone? I seem to...need enlightening." He waited for her to put him out of his misery, but she rather enjoyed forcing his embarrasment further to the edge.
"My lady, I seem to pertains to the events last night," His strategy of stalling painfully failed, she was too patient...
"My lady I forgot everything." A look of expectance, washed with frustration and flavored with desperacy was all he got for what seemed an eternity.
"Leave us."
After the maidens scurried out, Leilyn reminded Tainer of the events from the night before. He vaguely remembered being terrified for someone, or of something. But his memory of the dwarf who had drank him silly, was blotted. He did remember what preceeded the contest however, and shook his head.
"Leilyn. I am sorry. But you need not fear my incompetance does not exist. I will gather my most trusted constables, we will set up a headquarters. If need be, your escape will be assured."
"Not all those close to you are your friends Earl."
"Of course not. I said those I trusted, not those close to me. As for those close who I do not trust....I trust your heart will not show them pity"
He jumped out of the tub and made way for his clothes, but the lady clicked her tongue with displeasure. He turned to see her smiling, and pointing to the bath. "You need not rush out that quickly Earl." then, with surprise, she was blunt. "You smell horrible. I have sent your clothes from last night to be washed. You can come back to get them. I had those brought here for you. Bath, change, arm yourself, and THEN return to your duties." She smiled and turned her back with the Earl grinning to himself,and thinking how much he left it when she flashed such attitude, and then she spoke again..."and I thought you were a gentlemen."
"Well my lady, you told me not to be shy."
The door shut and he got on with his day. Imagining that there was no such thing as the Duke of Echtoric. The Altem Lord who had the luck of being the first to court lady Leilyn.
There was no talk of a union yet, but with old age and death nearing, the high king was certain to provide his only daughter with the protection of a powerful merchant and military leader such as the great Duke Ishhka of Echtoric. Of course, Tainer felt that he was capable enough in his own right. But he was not sure that Leilyn's brother Osejph would agree. The way to the high king's approval was through Leiron. Tainer would show Leiron that he was worthy of the prince's twin sister.

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Post by Games » Tue Jul 02, 2002 8:12 pm

Auron walked out of the Inn, he knew that as one of the high kings royal gaurds he had a duty to do. Epson followed Auron "where are you going at a time like this" Epson paused for a moment annd then shook his head"no..Auron this is not the time for that. It's to late to go looking for assasins." Auron got up on his horse "Epson what a perfect time to go looking for assasins. Either you're coming with me or you go back inside and get drunk."
"Alright Auron but just assasins i don't want any trouble tonight"Epson got on his horse. Auron turned and looked at Epson "thats all it will be just assasins"
They rode down a street "i have an idea" Auron said "why don't we look for the most important person in this city" Epson looked at Auron "why would we do that..first we go looking for assasins and now we're looking for important people, what are you thinking." Auron gave a deadly look "if there are important people then there will be assasins.I'm only trying to think in the best interests of both of us."
They continued to ride towards here the rich lived. There they saw many rich people. "what about the green brook hall?" Epson said."What about it" said Auron."well that is a place where important people might go"Epson replied. Auron looked around and paused for a moment "alright lets go there then but you better be right i would hate to be dragged there because you want something."
So Auron and Epson headed there. They saw many great things but Auron had always been held in awe when he saw this place. "look it's only a building ok Auron, there nothing special about it." Epson got off his horse. He looked up at Auron " are you going inside or will you just stare at the building all day?" Auron turned and looked down at Epson "you seem to be eager to get inside, is there a reason why." Auron got off his horse. "Auron if you're after an assasin i suggest you hurry and get inside"

"I agree with you" said Auron "lets go inside". Auron and Epson walked into the building.
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Post by Lake » Thu Jul 04, 2002 10:13 am

Many leagues away in the posessed and tortured city of Yorovac, the dark one, Saba-Reul had only just discovered the loss of what he had gone to the Altem kingdom's greatest city to find. Books, memoirs, notes, kept by one of the wisest of human sages in one of human kinds greatest collections of knowledge. It had been taken. It had disappeared.
To Saba Reul, it was impossible to consider that the strange rider, although strange, could have penetrated his defenses and taken them. No, only the master sage in the city of Estrelle could have accomplished such a task. Never the less, the dark one was not about to make any mistakes. He had been thorough to this point, and he would continue in such a manner. Closing his eyes, he began speaking to the barren earth around him. The ground began to quiver, but only slightly.

First there was only one hole, then there were three. Then, the whole of Yoravac seemed to rip itself open in the center. Out from the holes poured that same red light that engulfed Saba-Reul himself, and with it, a hideous army crawled out.

Like ants and scorpions crossed in an unnatural breeding, they had pincers on two long arms, and of course jaws. Worse yet, like a scorpion they had a poison whip. Theyr'e beedy eyes, and long antennas waved about like that of an ants, and they moved too, as if they thought each movement out. Suddenly, each of them flashed an orange glow from their eyes, and at once they moved south west. There speed was amazing, and their size...

As tall as a man, as wide as two carriages, with powerful legs. They sped away and out of sight as fast as the fastest horses. They were directed of courses, to swarm and destroy the city of Estrelle, preserving only buildings which did not stand in the way, or might house what the dark lord searched for.

When they had gone, Yorovac was silent for a moment. But no living human would have recognized it as the city of that name. Yorovac was gone to all humans. Humans, he hated them. They crawled in the dirt, plucking the earth and cutting it. They swarmed, writhing about in their stink. They contaminated. They built structures, like the warts on their skin. Yes, they were truly undeserving of life. Life, what purposeless vile concoction that was. It diseased the face of the world. And how dare these humans treat him like the plague that they themselves were. To stand in HIS way!?
"FILTH...MELT AWAY TO NOTHING, GO TO EMPITINESS WHERE YOU BELONG!!" and with the finish of this sentence his voice cracked open a hole in the ground, and this time the ground was shaken with more than just a quiver this time.

He carried himself to the air to watch his work. Lava, molten rock, what better way to cleanse the earth, than with the earth itself. The lava destroyed everything as it gurgled out into a giant lake. Some of it exploded through the ground and into the air. Saba-Reul would not move, he welcomed it with open arms. He relished it, and hoped it would help cure the plague that had taken hold on him.

And when it was done, his hatred was not quenched, it had only grown. Under hish helm his face strained with it, and glowing tears of frustrating hatred dripped for a moment and then burned away. He would not destroy the whole of the world in this way, it would not sooth him. He would inflict pain, and damage, until finally he was at peace. Then, he would rip the wolrd out of existence, along with himself, as a final blow to the plague that was human life.

The lava pulled away into the ground, and the ground sutured itself shut. All that was left, was charred and barren rock for leagues around. Above, the dark one was in a momentary lull, as he watched his fierce legion race to the great city. An army of humans stood between them and the city, but they would be surprised, and swept away. The battle for the city should do much to amuse him, he thought. And he remained where he was, to watch from afar. At least, for the time being.

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Southward passage

Post by Lake » Fri Jul 26, 2002 5:18 pm

OOC: This is what is going on. We are headed the great city of Estrelle by way of the river Osca. A north to south journey that is riddled with legend, and a lot of other boats. So privacy is important to our group.
For more information on what is going on, read in The Great City topic. I'll be posting there as well.

The plague had worn off some, but he was still weak. The sun was peaking over the trees and casting a spiny shadow over their boat. Other boats, feeling safe with the new light, were on the move again.

The dark poison that had been in him for nearly two days now, was finally gone. So Leiron decided it was time to unveil himself to the light. Picking up his sword, and cloaking himself once more, he marched out of the hold and onto the river boat's deck.

Several of the others were out, and all were speechless. Though, not all of them had turned to look, assuming that the opening door was simply the sound of Marcus returning to check on the prince.

The group looked back and forth, debating upon who would speak first. It appeared that Leiron would be first, and then, his parted mouth, poised for speech, simply froze as if he were a dotard. His eyes were gazing out above the trees though, and so, one by one they looked. Naaza had looked first. When he did, he saw right away what Leiron was staring at.

They had reached a river post. A village that specialized in the refitting and repairing of boats. It was a pretty big village, as it was at the halfway point of the journey south. It was of course, under Madrillion authority. But garrisoned by men who's meals were paid by the high king.

This of course, was not of interest. What was of interest, was the flock of messenger birds that had exploded forth from the watch tower. They went out in all directions, some flying together and then slowly speeding apart, and some were still together. Something epic had to have happened, for the entire flock to be released at once....they had to find out what it was.

"take us to the port.....quickly!" He walked swiftly to Brenna and Tireas. "The people here share a religion close to yours. But I can't use you, we must assume that the wrong people know you are my travelling partners. No...hmm...I can't send Naaza either, what with his blue hair."
He looked to the newcomer, Kavu. He had heard of him but not yet met him, or he did not remember due to the poison.
"Kavu, we have not met. I am Leiron. I have a favor to ask you. The people here do not know you, so the local people will not talk to you. But the men of the garrison will be panicked, and slow of wit. You might find one who will tell you all."
He then looked over to Jaffo, he was propped up lazily on the side of the boat, skinning a fruit with a knife. Leiron held back a grin. "Jaffo, the people here will trust you or hate you. If these people are not keen on your habits, go and talk to them. See what you might find. If they know you, don't risk it. Both of you, please be careful. The rest of us are...well..too high profile."

He then stopped and looked to Marcus. "I don't suppose you are already aware of something?"
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Death Wish

Post by Lake » Sat Jul 27, 2002 8:10 am

OOC: Okay, we will post our secondary characters in the same string I guess, since I posted the Quest posting in the wrong folder. Just make sure you distinguish them.

The sun had been setting when he last saw her. He had burst out of her chambers, as he had many times before. His attempts at being strong, hiding his feelings, always failed him. The struggle to control his emotion, left a unique expression on his face that his closest Captain's had come to know. If he could only be born of true nobility. How could she admit to having the same feelings, and not become filled with frustration and rage as he often did? Because she was stronger than him? He didn't know, but somewhere inside of him, he welcomed the enemy that was closing in on his gates. His captains knew it.

They had walked with him and sat near him while they talked to the men and put them into position, sometimes speaking as they knew he would, if he could. They stood by him as he talked with the general of the south, as the southern army marched into the city.

They knew his mind, and his temper. His father's and brothers' army had been wiped out in the east by an army of creatures known only long ago in legends to humans. Claws and tails like a scorpion, but otherwise, very spiderlike. They had scales and tough skin though, unlike the insects they resembled. They were dangerous alone. Terrifying as an army. And they approached the greatest of all human cities.

Tainer was atop the east ramparts, looking out at the morning sky. He had not slept yet, only dreamed. There was a sliver of golden orange where the sun burned away the darkness. He could feel his chief captain approaching behind him, but refused to turn.
"I saw the messenger bird. How far now?", the captain froze as Tainer spoke. It was the tone of voice that meant it was time to speak only of business.
"They will be here before the sun becomes whole"
"How many?"
"I spoke to the master sage. He was looking through the bird's eye, and said that he could not count quickly enough. He stopped at a score of a hundred. He guesses thrice that."
"How many men now guard our walls?"
"We awoke the reserve guards. The army called upon any who can and will fight. All counted we are close to 15,000 on the walls. People all over the city are up in arms."
"The mightiest city of them all. No human army or navy could throw us down."
"The dredges are finding it difficult to pull the river gate into place"
"The general sends a messege to you, that he is placing the ships of war to guard the entrance."
"That fool. They'll be sunk, and after doing only little damage to the enemies host. The men that are not killed by the creatures, or the delta sharks, will have shed their armor and most weapons in order to reach the shore and will be no use."
"Oh but he's planned ahead sire. The brilliant general has left it to the constables to guard the south entrance."
"We'll be butchered without help....."
"I have men Calling for fighters throughout the city."
"Have all who may fight meet us in the city center. Once gathered, get all bowmen in high positions around the river gate. Clear the main east west roads. Once the army realizes they need to speed to our aid, they will use those roads. We will try to hold the beasts at the southernmost road, so that when the army does come, they will be able to focus their best columns on one front."
"Can we hold that long earl?"
"We have no choice."
"Tainer..." It was only during moments alone that his friends called him Tainer.
"Maltivo" and he always responded by using their name right back."
"You have that look.."
"Which one?"
"The one where you speed into death's arms."
"No one should fear death today."
"No one should wish for it either Tainer."
To that the big Captain, Maltivo Ritivisionis,got only silence from the Earl, so he spoke one last time before storming down from the rampart behind Tainer. "I don't understand how youv'e lived this long."
"Perhaps it is time to pay my debt to the reaper?"
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Post by Hunter2299 » Tue Jul 30, 2002 10:19 am

Marcus mounted his steed and bolted from the ship as soon as it had landed, moving as if the wind itself were chasing him. The trip to Estrelle would be a fast one but he feared nowhere near fast enough. Deep in his underground home outside Estrelle Thor was hard at work sealing the vault in which his charges lay. A blue glow filled the chamber though no torches or lanterns were lit and a palpable energy filled the air as he cast the spell that would seal the vault from all intruders. Marcus ride was nearly complete, finally the walls of Estrelle and it's soon to be besieged defenders were in sight.

Thor finished the seal on the chamber which held his charges "how long have you been there Ancient?" "Long enough" replied the tall figure from the shadows "Has the work been completed?" Thor turned and smiled as he spoke "Of course I would'na have stopped if it wasn't, have you talked to the Human's Master Mage yet?" "No" the figure in the dark replied as it left. Thor nodded to himself and wondered what horror his old friend was out to halt this time, and then the thundering came in the distance through the earth. Thor grimaced, he knew that sound, a sound he heard long ago when the Orcs had brought their allies to aid them in their assault on his people. As he donned his war gear and grabbed his tools, he cursed silently at fate that he could not have lived without seeing times such as these again.

Marcus walked the streets of Estrelle pondering how he could best aide in the city's defense, his constant companion Malachi rested silently on his shoulder watching the crowds with keen interest ready to alert and defend his friend. The streets were still crowded with people despite the oncoming tide of evil. This worried Marcus, so many people here disregarding the imminent danger just to go shopping, maybe he was wrong to try to save them. No, he must not doubt the path ahead, it may look bleak now but the future was the goal not the present. He moved forward with reaffirmed purpose as he felt the ground begin to tremble. Meanwhile Thor had found Tainer on the ramparts and offered his services in the arming of the cities guardians against the oncoming horde, his offer was quickly accepted and he began work on enchanting the weapons of the city in earnest.

High atop the Mage Guild's tower the Master Mage of Estrelle brooded, contemplating the city's fate. A great font of light flashed into existence in the shadows, a tall man clad in gleaming purest white robes, and armor that seemed to be the source of the light stepped forth. Thusly the man who had just appeared spoke "The darkness is upon you, have you prepared as you should have?" The Master Mage nodded an indication that he had not and the being light spoke again "You must do so now with great zeal or this bastion of hope is lost. Set your people to work enhancing the city's weapons and making new ones." With that said a pair of great wings of light spread forth from the figure of light and it disappeared.

Marcus mounted his steed and left the city to begin a confrontation he had hoped to avoid till much later and sped towards the oncoming hoard, Malachi took to wing and cried out for he knew the battle would begin soon. Deep in the bowls of the Forges of the Mage Guild of Estrelle Thor stopped his work then looked up and smiled, battle would soon be joined he wished to be there when it was but knew he could not. Marcus made fast for the armies of the Empire to hurry them in their speedy relief of the city; fire flew from the hooves of his mount as he sped league after league
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Kavu entered the city. He had no idea where he was, all he wanted to do was just sit and read the books he had. He wondered the street meeting people on the way. He saw poor people, rich and middle class people.

He foound himself in what appeared to be the centre or the city. There was a massive library to the left of him, and some what of a beggars lane to the right of him. He went left into the library and saw thousands of books. He went up to the desk and perred over "excuse me, do you have any books about summons or anything to do with the people who could summon?"
A head popped up "whats that you say, summons. Hmmm thats a strange question for such a person as yourself. Why do you want to know?" The person behind the desk was a small creature about the same size as a dwark but greeney/brown. He hat crinkled ears as well and a sarcastic attitude.
"I want to read about them" Kavu paused"It's for studying" he said. The person behind the desk looked closer at him his big eyes peering into Kavu's eyes "you know, if i didn't know you better i'd say you were lieing. But since i don't know you i'll have to beleive you. Follow me." The creature led Kavu to a reading table, the creature ran off then came back with a book in his hands. "Here you go little one

Kavu looked surprised "is that it, just one book?" The creature looked annoyed "We have just about every book in the land, but when it comes to summoners we have nothing but some myths and some facts which are contained in the book as you will read. Buuuuuuuut if you have any book you want to give us then i'm sure we'd be happy to have them."

Kavu said no and opened the book and started to read it.

(OOC: my secondary characters post will come later when i have something to write for him)
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With a sigh Jaffo returned knife to sheath and took a bite from the green apple where he had managed to skin it so far, before tossing the remainder of it over his shoulder. The wasted apple splashed softly into the swift currents of the Osca river before being swept under the surface, which was still aglow with the fiery pinks and oranges of the rising sun.

Grinning a bit oddly, the thief relished the sour tang of the apple mixed with the faint traces of poison that had coated the blade he was using to skin the apple. Most thieves tended towards building their immunities to poisons up, Jaffo included. not only was it adequate protection should a fellow Guilded thief decide to poison or attack one of their own, but it also more than compensated for any accidents that popped up during the procurement and creation processes of the Guild's various poisons. The two poisons that mixed in Jaffo's bloodstream were from his own private recipes, ones he guarded carefully. The first poison quicked bloodflow and impaired senses, while the second was designed to slow reaction times of both muscle and nerve. In Jaffo's well-prepared body both poisons resulted in just a small flush of adrenaline.

With a courtier's tact and an acrobat's grace he flourished a quick bow to Leiron before acknowledging the request. "High profile is a vicious understatement, Princeling, but I'll see what I can do nonetheless." Heaving a sigh, he made his way across the deck of the ship and leapt for the passing rigging line of a nearby boat. Landing in a half-crouch, he regained his composure only shortly before the captain o fthe boat he'd landed on set about chasing after him with a drawn saber. Darting between crates and scrambling up a railing, Jaffo paused to ask something of one of the ladies standing close to the cabin. Though the words did not carry back easily to Leiron and his party, the thief's low and purring tones left little to the imagination. Gasping sharply, the lady reached up to slap Jaffo but struck only air as he leapt back. The thief managed to look rather smug, intending to land on the boat's railing, just before his foot caught a little low and sent him flailing over the side and into a pile of nets on the dock.

After several frantic moments of thrashing and kicking, Jaffo freed himself. The gangly thief grumbled to himself and set about trying to blend in with the disembarking passengers and incoming shipping inspectors. "I'll have to keep a sharp eye out here," Jaffo though as he entered the inner area of the port town, "The constables damned well know me here, but I'm not going to let some drunkard in a constable's uniform that reeks of salt cod wreck a chance for shore leave." A glance upwards at the haphazard rows of signs hanging over the buildings on this street confirmed he was in the right place. A small tavern that was really the safehouse in town for Guild thieves would provide the perfect environment for obtaining news.

"Still seems like a bizarre request to me. A flock of birds sets his Highness flailing about? Something tells me that poison he took ill with affected his brains more than his constitution."

To those not in the guild, and some lesser magickers, thief-signs were nearly impossible to differentiate from the normal scuffs and stratchings that accumulated during an object's life. To a thief in the Guild, of the right rank at any rate, the pattern of crosshatching on the underside of the tavern's sign meant that within those walls a thief could find most of the services the Guild provided. Namely a fencer, a community of smugglers who often doubled as messengers, and a trafficker in official Guild equipment. More, and perhaps most, importantly there were quite a few thieves who had been on the roads and rivers lately that would know something about recent events. After a quick chat with one of the old-timers outside, Jaffo ducked inside and shouldered some space clear at the bar.

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