Round 4(The stakes are named)

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Round 4(The stakes are named)

Post by Lake » Tue May 07, 2002 10:09 pm

It had only been half a days ride, and no one spoke except for the occasional murmur from one of the Cessoran companions. Leiron rode in front, in his travelling armor. His horse, Ethar, after so long a ride seemed yet poised for a hard chase. All the riders were encloaked in typical travelers cloaks. But underneath, each was well armed. Next to Leiron rode Ollsmoth, who like Leiron was unlike most of his Cessoran bretheren with dark hair and eyes. Behind them rode Naaza and Jaffo, each of them silently wondering how it was that they came to be on this windy desolate road. They had done nothing but observe Leiron and his four friends. Leiron had said little, but twice he had halted the line in order to look at the ground. Then the others had gathered in a circle around him and they all stared at the ground and pointed off in the horizons, and inhaled the wind deeply. Once, Ollsmoth picked up his head as though he had heard something. But when Leiron inquired he only shook his head. Behind Jaffo and Naaza, rode Yeiul and Illikaer, each leading a strong pack horse. Yeiul seemed even quieter than the others, only breaking his silence enough to laugh at Illikaer's constant but subtle joking. Somewhere near, but unseen, the oldest knight Tturbol was scouting the flanks. It seemed Leiron was leading this small troop toward the great river, where without their knowledge, Tireas and Brenna were being guided by the Fates to meet them.

Far away to the east, leagues upon leagues, smoke was billowing into the sky. A great city was burning, and a powerful kingdom of the east was now kingless. His capital burned around him, his army slain before him. Those dukes, lords, and knights who once had sworn allegiance to him, now stood at his gates. All the power and wealth of the Altem dukes would now be unleashed to create chaos. His messenger birds had scattered by the hundreds, with hopes that only one would survive to spread word of his failure to the other kings. As he released his last dove into the air and turned, the king felt his heart stop cold....he wrenched himself around to see this unfathomable assailant....and there before him stood a black armored knight. Engulfed in hypnotic red flame, and in his last moments, he knew only the sound of a thousand deep ringing bells, that on top of their bellowing, screeched in a pitch previously unheard by a man.
Beyond his boundaries, the other kingdoms milled about as sheep. Awaiting the black knight. But he must wait. For these human armies are but human, and the spears of their enemies may strike them down. Only a single sun had set since the black knight had unknowingly allowed the second wielder to survive. He sat upon the throne of the ruined king, and at a whisper, the flames burning Yorovac created an envelope around his new domain.
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The old myths

Post by Games » Fri May 10, 2002 5:15 pm

Kavu headed out of the sea town and started to go north east as he was walking he came across a hamlet and decided to go into the Inn there. " Excuseme sir could you tell me how to ge to here or where roughly is the direction it is in." Kavu asked whenhe walked to the bar and tapped on the bartender's back. " Let me just go nd have a look for ya" the bartender took the map and placed it on several positions on his map. " Looks like what you have here isan old map " the bartender said. " Yes well it would be about 10 years old at least i suppose is there any reference on your map where it could be or might have been."
The bartender said " well there is a place on my map the seems to go well with the bit you have but i doubt you'll find anything there it was..." just as he was about to speak another voice from the corner of them room shouted " It was destroyed maybe?"
Kavu turned around " what do you know of it sir you have not even seen the map let alone placed it in a comprison with one of your own." the old man sat back " you're right but then the map didn't really change untill that night when the summoners destroyed the town and the bit on the map with 'em." Kavu walked to the old man and sat down opposite him. " Tell me more " said kavu as if he had just been told of a fighting technique that Ryu had been talking to him about " the old man looked up " You ever heard of the Summoners Refuge lad?" Kavu shook his head " no i haven't what is it? " The man took the piece of map that Kavu had. " There that was where summoners refuge was but that was what everyone called it, it's real name was Larcona." Kavu looked as if he didn't know what to say " this place Larcona is there any records of what actually happened or is this tale that the summoners destroying their own town based on eyewitness accounts." said Kavu as he was being so inquisitive. " Actual records show that they destroyed the town themselves even the survivors said that."

Now at this point Kavu was going to lose his temper and tell the old man everything because the way they said it happened and the way Kavu remembered it was completely different. " what were the event leading up to the destruction of the town and that coast surrounding it?" The old man tapped his staff on the ground " The Summoners had a disput over who should lead the village it would be like a mayor election ony this turned out into a war that was to contained to be stable and destroyed everything around that area some were for Kahn the son of Veshmir the late leader at that time others were for Kindredgemor who challanged the old ways and argued that it was time someone fresh, someone new became leader, someone who could make descisions without his family heritage affecting him. Kindredgemor even proposed that the leadership was passed from one familt to another every 3 years so that other ideas could be brought in.
Both sides argued and fought and eventually they summoned their mystical creatures and eventually destroyed themselves and well as you can sede there the coast with it." Kavu got up " what of the survivors what did they do?" he asked before he left. " they gave up their power and decided to settle down in the Alchemy school in the city of Fairbanks you'll find it if you head south east for about 3 days maybe 5 if you stop over night and make time for rest." Kavu walked to the Inn door and said to the old man " thank you for your assistance you have been most informative." And then kavu headed out of the village and decided to head to Fairbanks to find these ex-summoners.

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Brenna's Quest - Round 4

Post by ASGVicky » Sun May 12, 2002 10:21 pm

Looking around the small port town Brenna felt the ebb and flow of the crowd of people but felt something that floated just underneath the surface of the town. People were watching her and Tireas as if they had never seen a stranger before. There was something unnerving about it.

"Tireas, come let's retire to the inn at the end of the street. It appears to be called Swanmanes. I don't feel exactly welcomed out here," Brenna drifted off down the street in the direction of the inn. The smell of the water and the smell of the scented smoke filled the air but it didn't make things more pleasant.

One woman walking down the street looked up and literally stepped into the wall in a surprised manner when she looked at Brenna. She put her hand to her mouth and bit on the hand and tried to control the look in her eyes. It was a haunted look and that of some terror. Brenna nodded and tried to find Tireas in the crowd. Somehow she has lost him.
Shrugging she went to the inn and entered looking around.

Sitting down in a small booth near the front of the inn she glanced around trying to figure out what was going on. The innkeeper came to the booth and offered her some refreshment before she asked. Quickly Brenna sputtered, "I didn't order anything."

"But this is your favorite...", he sputtered. He quaked slightly as if Brenna had struck him.

"Have you heard of Lieron? He is supposed to be here and I am looking for him," As Brenna said that two constables and the woman from the street came into the Swanmanes.

"There she is. She's the one. She is the cutpurse from the wharf. What is she doing up here where decent folk live unless she were planning more purse snatching? I demand you do something." The woman practically shrieked. Brenna looked around trying to see who the woman was talking about. It suddenly dawned on her that the woman meant her.

"But I am here to meet someone," Brenna spoke in a calm voice.

The constables moved forward toward Brenna. The innkeeper looked up and said quickly, "I gave her the drink and hoped I would keep her here long enough..." he stammered. The constables nodded and pulled Brenna from the seat.

"Wait! I don't understand." Brenna felt herself being pulled out of the inn against her will and not understanding what was going on. "What are you doing? I need to find someone. I was waiting for them." Brenna kept protesting.

Brenna was being dragged down the street when she saw ahead the group and knew they were there for her. "Let me go. I have to go to them." Brenna began to yell that this was all a terrible mistake. One of the men picked her up since she wasn't big enough to cause much more then a fuss. Brenna saw the two men on the horses speaking but she couldn't hear them.

Illikaer spoke, "Lord...I don't think it would be wise to give ourselves away. We were to be hidden."

Leiron turned, "It is early in the quest...none of these will know where we go. elf has not been in our lands for many years," he spoke to Illiaker quietly.

"Release her now.." Leiron yelled to the constables as he pulls down his hood.

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Post by Hunter2299 » Mon May 13, 2002 11:21 am

He watched from his high perch the fall of Altem’s People, the delay caused by a rash knight had kept him from slowing the Dark Ones advance. The winds of fate had blown dark that day and no Wisdom or Magic could have foreseen so small an error as foul timing causing so great a catastrophe. He sighed and Nudged his Steed on, the great White Fire Mare carried him off towards the capital city of Altem. From a League away the Fires could be seen burning, left unchecked they would certainly have leveled the city, but they did not dance right to be the flames of Nature. The fires soared and bent as if to form a mighty Cathedral of Flames flush in the oranges and reds of autumns blaze. He bowed his head low and turned his mount away spurring it on once more to make great haste.

He rode on for many Leagues until he came to the border of Cessor. There he came upon a swarm of the foulest of dark Sorceries creations, Orcs. The foul creatures were destroying a village, ex-sanguineating it’s people to sacrifice the Life blood to their fowl new Dark God. Nothing could be done to help these people but more lives could be saved. Marcus Spoke to Malachi and the great eagle immediately took wing towards Leiron to warn him of the threat. At the same time Malachi leapt to the air, Marcus changed his steed’s course to bring a piece of history to one of the last of a dieing race.

He arrived at the Tavern as Kavu was speaking to the Keeper. He listened from the door and knew that this was the one. He walked up to the Bar and pulled two items from his pouch, the first a great book with a Dragon guarding a gate on it's cover, the second a guilded manacle ornately wrought in a pattern of complex knot work with the single symbol of a Spirit Gate raised on it. He set these down in front of Kavu and then spoke. The Gifts I give to you, will help you to know your past and your present, and they may guide you to your future. Go to the North to the land of Cessor, search for a man named Leiron there. One final thing, I will be watching and when you are ready I will be there to aide you, and with that, Marcus left the bar and mounted his steed once more. He rode swiftly now the time was fast slipping away for the gathering of allies.
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Lost Heritage

Post by AmbKoshASG » Mon May 13, 2002 3:41 pm

"Tireas, come let's retire to the inn at the end of the street. It appears to be called Swanmanes. I don't feel exactly welcomed out here"

Tireas had heard Brenna's words on some subconscious level, but they meant nothing to him at the immediate moment. His mind was much too busy focusing on the exciting new experience of dwelling amongst Humans. He'd never even seen a Human close-up before, and now they were all around him and all looking at him. He remembered himself, and pulled his hat on, to hide his pointed ears and walked over to stare at one of the small Human children.

"This is part of my heritage." Tireas mused, smiling to himself. "And part of my life." He turned around, to speak to Brenna. "I've never-..." He noticed, all of a sudden, that Brenna was no longer at his side. He stood and looked around quickly, but she was nowhere to be seen. It was then, that he processed what she had said just a few moments earlier. "The Inn!" He rushed past the Humans, only now noticing that they were looking at him strangely.

As he arrived at the doors of the Inn, he saw Brenna being dragged out, obviously against her will.
"Hey, what's going on here?" And with that, Tireas was unceremoniously brushed aside by one of the large men. He fell to the ground, but rose with a frown, brushing himself off. He followed after Brenna and her captors. "Hey! What are you doing with-..."

"Release her now.." He heard from one of the Human strangers. He looked to the Human with a raised brow and tilted his head. This Human was doubtless different from the others. He carried himself with more poise... more like an Elf, than the bumbling peasants he'd passed in the streets before. He stepped over to this Human and looked between Leiron and Brenna, wondering if they were somehow acquainted. He stood at the Human's side facing Brenna's captors and turned his head to Leiron. "I am Tireas of House Laelan and, at least for the moment, I am at your service."

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Post by Jaffo » Wed May 22, 2002 12:44 pm

It hadn’t taken long in the saddle for Jaffo to decide he hated riding horseback. His thin, agile frame could adjust well to the jars and shocks that occurred underneath him, but the horse rarely gave more than the flick of an ear in response to the thief’s exaggerated attempts at guiding the steed. Having mucked stalls and picked hooves on more than one occasion as a necessary means of working off debts or sentences, Jaffo actually felt rather amiable towards horses. Though he never rode, he at least felt some sense of familiarity and comfort around the animals. This horse, however, might as well have had horns, scales, and a forked tongue for all the tantrums it displayed. The gray gelding had the characteristic attributes of the Cessorian breeds: deep chest and a strong, broad muzzle accustomed to long, hard rides. By all practical means the gelding was magnificently well-trained and suited for bearing armor clad riders for days on end...perhaps therein lies the problem, Jaffo thought. This horse knows I’m a thief just as surely as it must know I’m no rider. Feeling a twinge of anxiety, he worked his feet deeper into the stirrups, hoping to prevent against getting bucked off should the horse’s dignity establish itself in more violent ways.

Releasing a long breath, Jaffo turned his focus away from the horse and glanced around the riding party as they all wound up a path towards a rather nondescript town. The journey had been entirely uneventful and exceedingly uncomfortable so far. A thief surrounded by knights in the middle of the wild...Jaffo firmly believed he couldn’t be at anymore of a disadvantage. He hadn’t spoken to anyone, especially Nazaa, for the entire trip. Nor did he care to start. He felt on edge enough around the armed warriors, but the magicker made his skin crawl even though he tried to keep his distance as much as possible. Tapping a thumb against the reins in irritation, Jaffo came to his senses when his steed shuffled to the left quickly and made a loud snort of annoyance. "Demon horse!", he thought as loudly as possible. Moving his eyes slowly over to his right, he once again cast a surreptitious glance at the magicker called Nazaa. And as had become routine by now, after countless other attempts to steal a look at the strange man, Jaffo found Nazaa staring straight at him with the same disquieting smile that never seemed to disappear. It carried a sense of restrained amusement and...something else that made the thief grimace. Averting his eyes back towards the buildings just within the town’s perimeter, Jaffo realized what that look reminded him of. "Makes me feel like he knows my secrets, or can read what’s floating around in my head...", he thought with a bitter tone. A brief moment of reflection on that possibility was all it took to make him shudder.

Once again moving his thoughts and eyes elsewhere, Jaffo admired the craftsmanship of the blades he’d stolen not too long ago. Despite it leading to him being wound up in this mess, he thought they were worth it. He had had to alter his sheaths slightly to accommodate the strange designs, but he enjoyed the new setup much more than any of his previous weaponry. The long thin dagger, suitable for quick jabs, was fixed to a sheath over his chest, with the pommel pointed down towards his left hip. The positioning made for a perfect, smooth movement in drawing it free. The other dagger had a curious curve to it, though slight, and curved to a wicked point; it was held in a sheath just behind his right hip, where his arm would have the most ease in drawing out the curved blade.. Overall it was much sturdier than its companion, and it had remained cumbersome for some time until Jaffo had discovered he was holding it entirely wrong. The weapon was meant to be held opposite of the more traditional grip, with the pommel close to the thumb and forefinger, and the length of the blade curving back and away from the elbow. Its tactical reach was shorter than the stiletto, though the blade itself was longer. It was to both of these weapons that his hands flew, when he saw the commotion ahead of them. He didn’t even register that the horses had stopped, until Leiron had bellowed a command to the constables of the town who seemed to be harassing a woman.

His eyes widened in shock, and his stomach did an impressive acrobatic maneuver that Jaffo would’ve remembered to try some day had it not almost emptied the travel rations he had had earlier. This town... Gods, why did Leiron have to pick this town? Hunching over slightly in the saddle he did his best to hide his face and look entirely unlike the former leatherworker’s apprentice that had abandoned his father, and the entire town, three winters ago. With a growing knot of discomfort in his stomach, Jaffo thought, "A mouthful of silver says that daft magicker is smiling at me right now, probably knowing full well what I did here..." He decided not to risk looking over at Nazaa, just in case he was right.

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