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Tuesday, July 16th, 2024

Welcome to the Alliance Simulation Group


No Active Simulations
-ASG is effectively dissolved; there are no plans to reactivate any simulations. This website and the logboards, however, will remain available to anyone passing through.

Visit the ASG Log Boards!
- Check out the logboards from time to time and catch up with some of the crew!

Who We Are...

ASG Horizon was the last remaining online presence for the Alliance Simulation Group. Although the ASG is currently inactive and effectively dissolved, this site remains. We are now a historical library and a place where old members sometimes drop by.

ASG Xerx had a website dedicated to a restart of the ASG. You may also visit the old Alliance Simulation Group IRC division. This site is still maintained by ASG Seth.

A note from ASG Seth

News and Stuff...

 USS Commador Sim Logs
-I've posted some of my USS Commador sim logs under the Databanks section. I think this is probably the best section to put historical stuff. Will anyone read this? Maybe. I never really got around to posting more of my archives, but these logs are just a small sample. ~Seth (RAdm, ASG, USS Commador, retired) July 13, 2019

An update? In 2017? Yes!
-Lest you think this site is unmaintained, it's not! I fixed all the broken internal links I could find due to PHP practices changing over the years and this site being written so very long ago now. The nice thing about being self-hosted is that we're still here and maybe someone from the golden days will stop by for a trip through the past. I might even work on the logboards, which unfortuantely had to have registration disabled due to spammers.

A note from ASG Seth
-Things pretty much slowly fizzled out, people left for other groups, and factions broke off to form new groups. I still have all of my email archives, staff lists, and a whole crapload of other ASG related information on my computer. I'd like to find some old copies of the website (and sim profile pages). I think this is the first update I've made to the site in literally years... this thing just keeps going along on autopilot. But anyway, I will probably keep this thing going as long as I'm around.

Xerx has his ASG restart site, which seems to have more traffic than here, but other than that, there doesn't seem to be anything left of the huge group that was the ASG back when I remember it. I actually didn't join the ASG first; I joined a group that was merged into the ASG called the UFA. I hear it was even bigger than what I remember before my group merged. I am proud that I was part of the Golden Age of simming (and the ASG) back in the late 90's early 2000's all they way from cadet up to DCinC and later as an advisor. I was also the last acting CinC/DCinC of ASG-AOL who was faced with the sad duty of turning off the lights. All good things must come to an end. (It is flattering to be recognized in a history of simming archive copy.)

My hope is that this website will remain as a beacon of the great Alliance Simulation Group long after the presence the ASG had before has faded away. Anyway, I keep promising I'll put some of the archival stuff up that I still have. I will. Really!

~Seth (RAdm, ASG, USS Commador, retired)

For the moment...